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Super Trampoline

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Oh man, classic Super Trampoline, walking a mile down the hill to eat a giant Chipotle burrito, going to Albertson's to acquire cheap vodka, Rockstar energy drink, strawberry lemonade, and grenadine to make himself a mixed drink, then walking a bit over a mile back up the hill, and dashing off this story about Big Mac, Owlowiscious, Sci Twi, Kludgetown, and Maretonia in the hour before the Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest deadline!

EDIT: See the story title for an update. Pinkie Pie and Verko end up having major roles in the story as well.

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Comments ( 17 )

You're such a degenerate, Tramp. :ajsmug:

This is not a good story title.

This is not a good story description.

This is not a good chapter title.

I understand you're trying to be zany and random, but doing this with your title and description is neither funny nor interesting. It's like you're shouting, "I don't care the slightest bit about the crap I write and publish". This has to discourage potential readers from clicking through. Why would I read something by an author who doesn't even care enough to describe what they wrote?

Oof. You’re not wrong.

I only criticize out of love. :heart:

10121004 If you'd bothered to skim the drivel he'd written, you would understand that he doesn't care the slightest bit about the crap he writes and publishes. :twilightsmile:

Is this actually Incomplete, or is the relevant tag just you giving as little of a crap as everything else about the story says you do?

oh shoot, my bad! Thank you for pointing that out!


Seriously, hit me up when you're available for a collab. After 6 PM or during weekends. (Though I'll be out of town this coming Sunday and Monday visiting family.)

Also, agreed on the storytelling potential of Klugetown. It's nice to have a canon Mos Eisley to work with.

Wrapping up a Writeoff entry which needs to be done by 8 AM tomorrow. Try me any other time this week.

Hah, what a story. Sometimes I prefer to read comments rather than read online assignments https://au.edubirdie.com/buy-assignment-online and other writing contests. Maybe comments could be a great idea for a new contest.

You might have been late for the contest but for me you already won

This is a great story. I think it attracts people because they're like, "What the heck is that?" and get drawn into the randomness of the story. But that's just what I think. You could be right, instead or too.

Thanks for the kind words!

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