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Luna has been the keeper of dreams well before her banishment, and after a thousand years of absence and unchecked nightmares, she makes a vow to herself to continue helping ponies to the best of her abilities.

But, unfortunately for her, somepony doesn't take kindly to dreams being so rudely rooted around in, changing this and that all willy nilly with no regard for anypony else's hard work.

This somepony thinks it's time that Princess Luna be brought in for a little chat.

featured 6/4/2019

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When I read Weavy's words, KalicaTV's voice played in my head! XD

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

It is unclear of what weavy is, but since she makes dreams and her skill is not just limited to ponies, she herself should not be one. Other than that it was a wonderful story.

She's a YouTuber with that accent and a nice voice (although the cute accent might have something to do with it). Click here for her channel. I highly reccommend checking her out! 👍🏻

she’s not. just looks like one cause luna’s the one looking at her.

“Hm?” the mare blinked, before her eyes flashed with understanding. “Oh, pony. Right, I almost forgot about that bit.”

im not as familiar with scottish stuff as this story would lead one to believe, ha, but when looking up phrases/accents, i ran into a channel called WeeScottishLass, where i got a few things. i'll have to look at KalicaTV though c:

She reads funny stories from various subreddits.

looking up some scottish actresses, it's a tie between two ladies.

Weavy is meant to sound a tiny bit older and mature, so if we went that way i'd go with Michelle Gomez.
but she's also very kind and gentle sounding, so that would go well with Rose Leslie.

either way just thicken both of their accents a bit. can't decide r/n

ah hav'ta say, Lass, ye put in a brah effort, bu' ye din'ne capture th' accent in th' bes' way, ye ken? there be mor'n a few ways a' writn' the brogue, an' still convey wh'y yer sayin'...as ye c'n clearly see, tis neh so impossible...

The title had me expecting... something else.


I think I've been playing too much Spyro.

Very nice. I like it. I think her voice would be like a scottish grandma on the younger side of the grandma scale. Old voice, but clear, (at least as clear as scottish accents go.)

A lovely story this, I quite enjoyed reading it. As to Weavy, I'd say she appears as she would if she were whatever she is conversing with. So Luna sees a pony who looks like who Weavy is; whereas, say, some human would meet another human who appeared as the best human analogue for her nature.

'tis simple, no?

Just because Luna perceived her as one doesn't mean she isn't something else. Likely every being who encounters her sees he as a different species. Or if they have a specific deal deity they see her as that. Equestria has no gods and Luna is the closest to a dream goddess they have, but she wouldn't very well see her self.

Yeah just as I expected very good

thanks so much ☺

I love dreamweaver she's,so funny

This was great! I loved it! :heart:

im so so glad 💙 i really worked hard on her to make her likable and funny

thank you c: glad you liked the story

Why not? Celestia and Luna are Ponies, and they raise and lower the Sun and Moon. I think that's pretty important for more than just Ponies. And before Celestia and Luna did it, Unicorns controlled the Sun and Moon. And Unicorns are Ponies.

So I don't get why you think that a Pony can't control an fundamental part of the World, because they already do. And as far as we know, they always have.

i get what you mean, ponies have a ridiculously huge role in the events of the planet they live on, considering there are other sentient races living on it. but, to be clear, Weavy only looks like a pony because Luna was the one who was looking at her. if she'd been visited by a griffon or a dragon, she'd look like them. I think Mister can see what she "really" looks like, but he's not talking.

if she were in charge of something more "worldly", like weather or oceans, sure! why not a pony? they do a lot of stuff. i get what you mean c:

This is absolutely delightful. Nicely done!:yay:

You did well. Loved it. Sometimes a calm and gentle story is exactly what the Doctor ordered.

im all for very easy-going stories, writing or reading. thank you for the compliments c:

This needs a sequel were Luna visits the dreamweaver again. Other than that 10/10 great story.

it probably will get one, but i don't know when, not too long though.

10/10 Would dream again

It's always great to see a good story about my favorite MLP character, and you did an awesome job here. This is going in my favorites.

Man, am I gonna miss her when she and Celestia retire. (shakes fist at Hasbro's writing team)

I kind of want to read one about Weavy dealing with nightmare moon won verse nothing like a reminder to be kind to dreams and minding your manners

This was good. Kinda interesting to see Luna flustered in her demesne like that. I wasn't really prepared for Dreamweaver to be an immortal, I thought she was just another pony, maybe one that took up the slack that that Luna left. You know every generation one would be born until Luna returned after a thousand years and was freed from NMM. Anyhow, I'd be interested in the sequel if and when, because this one was entertaining.

Favorited for Luna and the auld Scottish lass.

Hmm, saw the part in the author's note about other universe's dream realms... I wonder how an interaction between Weavy and Tantabus Mk. II from this series of stories would go? :derpytongue2:

ive read those, and loved them. if i really studied and got Tantabus Mk. II‘s personality down, i could see a jokey, non-canon crossover one shot. but i don’t know when it’d get done, ha

Luna should do as she always has done so sorry but dislike. I like w\Weavy but Luna is the dream keeper

Luna is the dream keeper, i just made a pony mythology explanation of where dreams come from?? Weavy doesn’t protect ponies or talk to them in their dreams?

dislike if you want, i guess, but seems like an odd reason?

True, Weavy could be perceived as any creature depending on the eye of the beholder.

The Fic Small Scale has a bit about the difference between Dragon and Pony mythology. In the presented Dragon Myth it's Bahamut not Celestia who raises the sun. Of course the reality turns out to be Bahamut CAN raise the sun and used to do it, then needed to nap, taught the unicorns how then Celestia was born and took over and he never saw reason to reclaim the responsibility. Also includes the implication Bahamut is a terrible flirt and Celestia is his primary target.

I eat my own dreams. (Alondro is a demon... no one disputes this...)

I always liked the more mythological asspects of Equestria so this is a nice little bit of lore building. I wonder what the "Dreaming hirearchy" exactly is?:derpyderp2:

like who's Weavy's boss? don't imagine she has one, she's a busy worker who does what she does because she's never done anything else. And i don't think anybody's below her either, she's a one-person workshop.

So does she Pre-date Luna?

i might go into more detail in the sequel, but yes.

my reason is the Weavy should have GONE OUT TO MEET LUNA AS HER PARTNER IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

her partner in what? they don't do the same job. the only reason they even interacted is because Weavy noticed Luna dreamwalking and the only reason she called her to her realm is because she thought she was wrecking the weaved nightmares on purpose. neither of them is above the other, or looking down on the other. luna keeps the dreams, weavy makes the dreams

luna was already insecure about sharing power with celestia before she became nightmare moon. should weavy have approached her then and asked "hey, i know ponies already don't appreciate you raising the moon and ruling the night and i know you have an important job keeping dreams, but want to share it with me?" that might not have gone over well. then she was gone for a thousand years, and this story takes place not too long after she'd returned. when should she have "gone out to meet luna as her partner in the first place!!!"??

As the Dreamweaver Weavy should meet with dreamwalkers to warn them about messing with others dreams. Luna as the Dream keeper is Weavy's main warden but she hasn't tried to establish any contact till now meaning Weavy is ignoring Luna as her second in command

luna is not her second in command. or her warden. or anything. they don't have anything to do with one another, and there is no hierarchy here.

she ignored her because the only time luna pops into the dream realm she's busy doing her job. she got her attention by chance on a slow night. the whole point of this story is that thisis the meeting to talk to her about what she's been doing. Weavy was patient, and she put up with the snags for whatever reason until now. THIS was the "okay, now I've got to talk to her" moment. it wasn't a big enough deal to do anything until now.

it's not established in this universe if there's been other dreamwalkers besides luna, and even if there were most dreamwalkers don't have the alicorn-level power to change things like luna. the only reason she noticed her was because she was messing up the weavings. nobody else has done this before.

“And Upper Crust!” she smiled. “Why, that’s certainly a lot of foals running around her estate. I think she might have some news for Jet Set. Or…perhaps just wishful thinking.”

Is that a Motherly Scootaloo reference?

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