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This group is for you guys out there, who thinks Pinkie Pie is Best Pony in MLP! I'll really appreciate if you, Pinkie Pie fans join here! :pinkiehappy: Element Of Laughter everyone!

Feel free to put your Pinkie stories on the folders if you do then here have a cupcake! Also, just make sure you put your stories in the right folder.

Da Rulez!

Rule #1: If your story is full of Clop/Sex make sure to put it in the NSFW Folder.

Rule #2: Try to treat users in this group nicely / Don't be rude to other users, because Pinkie wouldn't be proud about that.

Rule #3: Its okay to put threads, I don't mind actually.

Rule#4: Feel free to add some Pinkie stories here too!

Have A FUN Time!

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Pinkie Pie is one of my favorite ponies in FiM!

408545 U mind describing yourself? If so, go to the newest thread that I posted. And, yes, PINKIE PIE IS BEST PONEH!! :pinkiegasp: And if you know people here who like pinkie pls invite them! :pinkiesmile:

408538 Idk how to begin conversations ):<....... PINKIE IS BEST PONEH? :pinkiehappy:

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