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Finding out she and Applejack might be related was the worst day of Pinkie Pie's life.

What is it with these contests?

Dear ApplePie contest judges: You said you wanted an ApplePie story? Maybe even an authentic one? There's this MLP:FiM episode called "Pinkie Apple Pie."
:raritycry: :raritydespair:
Depending on how you look at it, maybe the episode is a little bit tragic...or maybe a whole lot.

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Poor Pinkie. As they are both girls, they wouldn't have to deal with the main reason why incest is wrong-deformed children.

Ah yes, cotton candy flavoured tears, my favourite flavour, nothing compares.

And even that isn't a concern past the level of first cousins. As an enforced taboo it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Strong forelegs encircled Pinkie from behind. They were orange, muscular, and oh so beautiful. "This is wrong," Pinkie said. "How can this be wrong?"

aww, they really are so orange, muscular, and beautiful! :pinkiesad2:

"Maybe if we just pretend forever that we don't know. Pretend our eyes are as bad as Goldie Delicious' eyes. Pretend we couldn't read that smudgy print on the family tree, the part Goldie couldn't quite see."

and oof, i quite like the flavor of this with the consecutive "pretend"s. quite the tragic reïnterpretation of that scene

Applejack remarked, "You know that's a pretty big lie. When we didn't just right off tell everypony we could read it, and what it really said...we're tellin' a pretty big lie already. Even if it ain't the kind of lie that's about SAYIN' somethin', it's one big whopper of a lie anyway. What they call a lie of omission."

and oof, of course Honest Applejack couldn't live with such a thing

Pinkie keened softly. "Do you think we could've stopped at just a few foals?"

ooh, i learned today that "keen" can also be a verb. and yes, they are both so family-minded aren't they :(

"Would it really have been worse?" Pinkie whined. "Would it really? Because if we hadn't found out, we could have had years and years together. Sure, someday it might have all come crashing down. But at least we would've had the time before then. Or maybe we could have gone on forever, our whole lives, without finding out."

oh hey, it's a theme that comes up in my own writing a lot! that happiness is still precious even if it's contingent and temporary

Applejack sighed. "No use cryin' over spilt applesauce. The pony I love is the pony who warn't willin' to keep her eyes closed to the truth, an' live in some kinda fool's paradise."

aww, these are good Applejack countryisms, really love "live in some kinda fool's paradise"

You've seen our family reunions, how big they are. If Apples ever started findin' our courtin' partners at our reunions...no way an' nohow.

yeah, and with all the emphasis they put on being one big family growing up, it makes sense the taboo would be even stronger for them

Pinkie turned around in Applejack's forelegs, facing her lover. "I want to be with you forever and ever. I want a wedding, and a honeymoon, and..." She bawled.

i would bawl too, this is very sad :(

"You feel so good. And I know you love me. You're so full of love, Jackie. You've got enough love for everypony who needs it, even me."

and i am blown away by how amazing this section is. how it wraps up everything that they are losing in one big bundle of sorrow, and the powerful bittersweetness of this final declaration of love before the end.

i can feel their love for each other in these words, so clearly and genuinely that it makes me unable to imagine "Pinkie Apple Pie" unfolding the way it did, even though that episode's events are necessary for this bittersweet tragedy, which is sort of a referential paradox. but really, wow! what a beautiful, tragic romance. their chemistry is exactly what i imagine when imagining that warm and tender ApplePie that overwhelmed me with emotion in the contest post.

i know that the whole point of this fic is to put in front and center an aspect of the canon i'd rather minimize, and make the best case for why ApplePie wouldn't work. but in making that maximally tragic, it also showed exactly why the ApplePie chemistry works wonderfully, and that is just beautiful. it is ironic that this is one of my favorite shipfics i've ever read, but also is one of the fics that have caused me the most pain. please, write more stories with this amount of chemistry for my shipping contests!

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