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It turns out, the changeling invasion of Canterlot was very...improvised.

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Based on me bringing up an idea on the Fimfic discord of how Chrysalis probably made up the invasion as she went and everyone in the chat getting on board with the idea.

This was pretty cool, liked and followed.

This gonna be frontpaged soo fast

That explains so much...


This is probably completely true given the level of competency we've seen from Chrysalis.

While this was definitely a hilarious start, I have to point out a continuity error (since it's my only criticism):
Twinkleshine, Lyra, and Minuette weren't sent to the caves until after Twilight arrived.

...Actually, that might not be an error, since nothing would stop her from going down and having them come back up for a while.



Don't worry, I took that into account. Gonna be mentioned in the next chapter.

Alright then.
Can't wait to see it

Ha, I knew the concept was pure gold, but to see it in practise?


This is absurd in a good way

Its sad but there are not many good explanations how that went so wrong if she really had been planning it out from the beginning. With the clear gaps in information she had, either she made it up as she went along[What this fanfic is about] or she was fed false Intel[an idea I used in a roleplay]. Like seriously, near the top of the lists of things she should know about Cadance before impersonating her, should have been what her relationships with the family of the groom was like.

At the very least she should have known if they were negative or positive. Like WOW, she botched that badly.

And she really should have looked at how Equestria fended off previous threats before invading. It was clearly luck, not planning, that prevented the mane six from using the elements of harmony. Otherwise she would have been MUCH more careful about how she handled twilight when she imprisoned her.

9118738 And let's not forget: she rules a race of mindlessly-obedient (except for Thorax) SHAPE-SHIFTERS WITH MIND-CONTROL POWERS!!

And what's more, from all we can tell, the ponies didn't even know they existed!

So what does she do? She infiltrates all by herself with zero support troops (who should have been hidden all around the city and castle as ponies they'd abducted) and then has her legions wait OUTSIDE while a shield is put up which, had she not miraculously gained ALL DA POWAH from Shining (something that even surprised Chrysalis, clearly meaning she hadn't planned for it), would have resulted in Celestia splattering her charred remains all over the wedding hall.
Chrysalis is the worst tactical military planner since George McClellan.

Interesting chapter, but I noticed something odd. The first disguise Chrysalis dons is for a pony called Mirror Helm, but at one point, that pony's called Mirror Break.

Cadence chuckled. "Oh, Mirror Break, I needed that laugh. 'What'? Like we haven't known each other since high school."


The fact of the matter is that everything that went right with her "plan" was pure luck.


I thought that was just some sort of child nickname. The kind that friends share and are said affectionately, even if they have an embarrassing origin story to them. Like he tried to impress some mare and ended up hurting his head or something.

Yes, mistakes were made. Just ask that mirror over there.

Least she has a positive outlook.

So, Chryssy's dumb "plan" worked because ponies are even dumber, until she grabbed the idiot ball at the end?

Ladies and Gentlemen

We made it

its fun when your dumb plans almost work cause the victim is even dumber, love it

"Did you make dresses in advance on the offchance I'd ask you all to be bridesmaids?"

Rarity remained stone-faced. "Yes."

You know...in case of bridesmaid emergency. :rainbowlaugh:

Actually, I quite like this, because her ad-libbing the whole thing reasonably accounts for the many holes in Chrysalis's plans, yet still lets her keep a decent share of her dastardly villainess and doesn't make her look like a total idiot. Just an overly ambitious queen that's not so good at planning ahead, but is still pretty good at improv, and that helps to make up some of the difference. :ajsmug:

We'll this looks like it's going to be a fun ride. Can't wait to see what happens next

how whants to play bumb potato ( hot potato )

chrysalis lost the game of dumb potato

I have lost my soul, my sanity, my mind, and part of a finger.
But this?
This, this might bring back my shattered mind.
Because it's

Honestly... this kind of thing is what I consider canon at this point.

he was going to go meet her sister at a bridge between two towers

his sister

This was great, and I 100% believe it is exactly what happened, complete with Rarity having bridesmaid dresses prepared and Spike just vaguely sassing Chrysalis in the time he was waiting.

9118975 Well, it's actually because it was in the script.

As was her losing to the Deus Ex Love Nuke, which was not and shall never be given any explanation whatsoever.

*the depraved centenarian serial killer and movie critic, Mr. Plinkett, sees something lying in the ground in one scene of the Wedding episode* What's that? Is that the script?! :trollestia:


*the depraved centenarian serial killer and movie critic, Mr. Plinkett, sees something lying in the ground in one scene of the Wedding episode* What's that? Is that the script?! :trollestia:

Of course it is.
Haven't you ever heard?
"Once the Enemy is engaged, the First Casualty is ALWAYS the Plan! :trollestia:"

This fic got featured? It actually sucked balls... It was just "A Canterlot Wedding" Chrysalis POV edition. And not an interesting one either.

Chrysalis seems to be in character....

It's not even funny... 80 percent of the jokes are copypasta from canon episode.

I really could watch "A Canterlot Wedding" again instead of reading this fic.

I mean this barely doesn't count as plagiarism in my book.

I'm out.

An interesting concept,
But it was mostly the episode “A Canterlot Wedding” copied
But it also so mudda f*cking funny because it’s so awkward.
Holy sh*t, it’s f*cking killing me.
I want one with Starlight creating the village, and Trixie being a d*ck controlling Ponyville.
That would be great.

Team Chrysalis blasting off agaaaaiiin!!!

This could... actually almost fit into canon?

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Regardless, this was amazing to read.

Disclaimer: I only write detailed corrections for stories that I actually like and want to see improved. If I don't like a story, I won't bother listing corrections for it. With that said,

I'm sorry to be pedantic, but what Chrysalis actually says is "I was hoping for something with more beading and a longer train." Was there a reason you changed it to “I was hoping for more beading and longer train.”?

Rarity then says "Oh, yes, of course." (versus “Yes! Of course!”)

"She stopped when she saw unicorn looking at her with a very serious face" Perhaps you meant "when she saw the white unicorn"?

"I saw her put a spell on my brother that made her eyes go all" ... Wrong pronoun. It should be "his eyes". Note: I'm referencing the transcript: https://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Transcripts/A_Canterlot_Wedding_-_Part_1

"Chrysalis become cocky" should be "Chrysalis became cocky"

Just a minor point, but Chrysalis says "What?" before "How did you escape my bridesmaids?" Not sure if you want to add this in.

"It was time to show these ponies what they were truly against." You're missing an "up" between "truly" and "against".

You wrote "...keep them for ever even reaching us!" but it's "keep them from ever even reaching us!"

In conclusion, I think I just might adopt this perspective into my headcanon. I especially like how you included Thorax and Pharynx in the story.

Twilight continued her verbal onslaught. “She’s been horrible to my friends, she’s obviously done something to her bridesmaids, and if that wasn’t enough, I saw her put a spell on my brother that made her* eyes go all…”


Other than that, this is very amusing!

Plot-contrived success followed by plot-contrived Deus Ex defeat.

I like the changelings and "This Day Aria".. but the plot of the episodes themselves was really sloppy.

Bad choices snowballing to success. Perfect planning.
I think the inhuman(?) scream from Twinkleshine got the biggest laugh from me.

Twinkleshine said nothing, just pointing at her with an open mouth, making a scream Chrysalis didn't know ponies could make.

Oh, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, you are a classic (and an appropriate reference for a Changeling invasion).

That was it! She’d force Twilight’s hooves. Make her play her cards early, and ruin her reputation. All she needed was something to push her over the edge…
That was on purpose? That was actually clever, if risky, then.

She’d had to sit through Celestia’s insufferable speech about love and ponies and friendship, and then choke through an “I do” when Celestia asked her if she took Shining Armor to be her bride.

That's not quite what Celestia asked, but I understand if you don't understand these strange pony rituals, Chrysalis.

This fic is bad. Just that. Nobody actually hurt me.

Well if they want to try to hurt me they had better shut down the site or the show. That'd go a long way to doing that.

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So, Chrysalis is a complete idiot, and only got as far as she did because of dumb luck.
That actually makes this terrible episode way better.

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