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After Sweetie Belle sees a description in a magazine of all the opportunities in Japan in the year 1996, the CMC decide to embark on a cross-Pacific flight from San Francisco to Tokyo. 35,000 feet. 500 MPH. 12 hours. 3 hyperactive wonderful little fillies...what could possibly go wrong?

Set in totallynotabrony's Battleships Are Magic Universe.

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DELTA = Don't Even Let Them Aboard! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Well, this won't end poorly. Faving.

Fun fact, otherwise known as a bug, I'm not following you, yet this popped up as a notification for me. Sigh, time to call the mods. And since I probably won't be going back to Blue Angel (it's almost as terrifying as FO:E), congrats on the absurdly long story over there.


2151895 Aww, I'd been wondering what happened to you :unsuresweetie: (the story has lightened considerably in the past few chapters, with plenty of Dash/Volare antics driving Twilight nuts XD )
And if you've got Blue Angel fave'd, I marked the blog post to send notifications to those watching that story, since the post also had info on that story as well, so maybe that's it? :twilightsheepish:
Hope you like this one, though (it's considerably more light-hearted than Blue Angel) :rainbowwild:

2151895 It's not "absurdly long". It is an awesome story of good length to keep me in my enjoyment zone for a good long time! :pinkiehappy:

This looks like it'll be fun.

Well, they hit the shore of the right ocean, just the wrong side. That's... something? :scootangel:

Ok... sensing scenes of destruction and chaos coming soon! And a LOT of humans in need of therapy :facehoof:

awsome! it would be cool if sinse they are in 1995 they go see the cast from full house. the show ended in 1993 but i would expect if they were a real family they would all still live there. pleas continue!:pinkiesmile:

But shouldn't they be flying Northwest Airlines back in the 1990s?

2152523 That was the original plan, but Northwest didn't fly out of San Fran, nor did they have any planes that did Trans-Pacific flights without a stopover in Alaska or Hawaii back then :twilightsheepish:

2153001 That's a bit of a surprise, given Northwest's strength in the Orient travel market. The oldest Northwest time table I have on my computer is from 2007, at which point they did have a nonstop flight from SFO to NRT.

many laughs (and explosions) are to be had, the whole part about the soldier talking in a bad tone of familiarity about the CMC proves this

oh and I forgot, they're completely alone on purpose :rainbowderp:

I suspect some insurance company to get rich very soon :twilightsheepish:

2153206 Mhm, but I'm talking about 1996 (least ways I couldn't find any solid info on them, so meh) :twilightsheepish:

Scootaloo thrashed against Applebloom's hooves, shouting and using language that would make a Wonderbolt blush and Twilight Sparkle to cave in Rainbow Dash's head if she found out where the filly had learned that from.

I cracked up SO HARD reading this!

wait, i know it is for the story, but why exactly didn't they just go back and change the location to japan instead of taking a 12 hour flight?:rainbowhuh:

2158420 Because that particular portal was Entrance Only
They'd have to locate another Exit Portal in a weird city and then circle back around and risk being caught by the soldier that recognized them at the original portal. Plus the CMC aren't exactly the best long-term thinking ponies :twilightsheepish: (and there wouldn't be a story if that happened) :rainbowwild:

Meanwhile, somewhere back in Equestria, Discord felt a disturbance in The Force...

I assume that the CMC's will be visiting Atlanta at some point. You know that city that's more than just a Delta hub.

Maybe it was some sort of potato?

oh my god, I am crying from laughing so hard at this :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

the rest of the chapter didn't disappoint either :twilightsmile:

Oh my god! They killed Rarity! Those bastards! :rainbowlaugh:

volare: yes scootaloo, let the hate flow through you... :rainbowlaugh:

watkins. james watkins is james bond refrence. potato is portal and when sweete belle says uhh pass? thats a full house refrence. in an episode michelle and stephenie go on the wrong plane to auckland new zeland and thats what she says. was that by accident or because i wanted you to?:rainbowhuh:

Ah, just as awesome as I thought it would be. I feel so sorry for everyone there, CMC included, you ALWAYS run out of stuff to do within the first two and a half hours on those long flights.

The FBI is going to trace the destruction of Tokyo back to that surfer dude for suggesting planes to the CMC!:ajsleepy:

As a virtual pilot, I can only imagine the horrors if they somehow manage to get inside the cockpit of that 767...

Because we're Delta airlines, and life is a a f***ing nightmare!


"Hey, Ah got an idea!"

Um, I believe you misspelled "Hey, let's destroy the plane!"

OMG. They are going to be in so much trouble...

4547962 LOL nice :rainbowlaugh:
Gawd...I should finish this darn thing :twilightsheepish:


Seventy-three weeks... it's due dude!

4698308 No kidding. :pinkiesick: I'll find some time soon. Promise :twilightsheepish:

I hope Applejack knows she's liable to be sued for assault for shoving the soldier against the wall...

Because we're Delta Airlines! AND LIFE IS A F*CKING NIGHTMARE~!:yay:

Expect fairly frequent updates compared to Blue Angel!

One update after three years compared to no update after two. I'm not sure whether to call that a success.

I was worried that this story was just going to be cute fluffy hijinks without any real substance, but this is definitely better than that.

7552055 I hate to make a lame excuse, but shit (aka graduation, 2 new jobs, 2 relationships, new living place, and travel) happens :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for hanging with me, though!
And glad you still like it :pinkiehappy:

Chapter three was actually the first I saw of this story. Also, you wouldn't be the first to have life get in the way of creative hobbies, but it is uncommon to see people come back after such a gap.

7556651 Very true. I never truly left, it just got put on the back burner for a bit :twilightsheepish:
But now I'm back! :eeyup:


7556979 You better be - that's one motherfeathering cliffhanger you got there. XD

7556979 Thanks for the update. I'm excited to see that you're back at it.

jeez how many months has it been? glad i didnt read this until now, why would you leave people on such a cliffhanger?

7723347 Sorry
My professional career has really taken off since summer ended and has been eating a lot of my time :twilightsheepish:


eh it happens, no biggie

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