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    The Battleships Universe involves human/pony interactions through the use of interdimensional portals.

    Stories listed in reasonably chronological order - Timeline here

    1. Battleships are Magic  (war/drama)

    2.Connection  (drama)

    3.The Truth  (crime/drama)

    4.Wings of Gold  (war/drama)

    5.Pinkie's First Christmas on Earth (comedy)

    6.Stupid Human Tricks (crime/comedy)

    7.The Cutie Mark Crusaders Get Lost in North Carolina  (comedy)

    8.Fluttershy Visits Spetsnaz  (comedy)

    9.Ponyville-class (drama)

    10. The Letter (drama)

    11.Lawers, Guns, and Money (comedy/bromance)

    12.Dogfight! (action/comedy)

    13.The Covert Mare Corps (comedy/drama)

    14.As the Sun Rises, So Do We (drama)

    15.The Start of Something New (comedy)

    16-19 Sail Canvas Quadrilogy (comedy/drama)

    Somewhat related side story: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Fly Delta Airlines (comedy) - written by V-pony

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