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If I call you a mudpony, ain't nuthin' to it, my little pony made me do it


Zephyr has a flawless plan: sell a fake air conditioner, hide inside until everypony is asleep, and steal their stuff, after all, 'tis better to receive than give, right?

Made in an hour or so on a whim, co authored with riskybingo I guess

This would be less confusing is Zephyr Breeze had a character tag but all in due time.

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You need to work on your paragraphing.

7314631 I wrote it on notepad and did my best to transfer it, if I put more time in it the format woulda been better


also my co author took the downvote a bit too harshly, but I'm just going to tell you straight up I'm not responsible for his actions

This feels a bit rushed but I like it

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