• Published 9th Jan 2014
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A Story With a Lack of 'E' - NarwhalUnicorn

This is a lipogram. It will contain no 'E', apart from that symbol said prior and what was drawn upon in titling this story. I will not touch that symbol in this writing at all, nor will I allow it to subsist. Thank you.

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...A Story With a Lack of E! (No! Don't say it!)
By NarwhalUnicorn


A sunlit bistro surrounds Raindrop, a pony who sits in front of a warm cappuccino, which was an award for assisting a pal with his daily work out. Raindrop blissfully gulps down said gratuitous gift, which Raindrop had warmly said prior, "This isn't obligatory, Starburst."

"You must obtain this drink; it is only what I find worthy of you, following your civil and cordial aid throughout today's path of my physical training. I insist." A stallion with a gold coat had said.

"If you insist, Star, but I must say, it was my satisfaction that I had today as I was supporting your training. I will, though, graciously allow you to gift yours truly with such a high-quality drink. Thank you." Raindrop had said.

Now, Raindrop and Starburst play a part in fun, but light, chatting. This chatting is sporadically split copiously as a contact of Raindrop's finds it socially up to standard to cut short Raindrop and Starburst's discussion with his own opinions and annoying information. Raindrop and Starburst, not happy with that pony, quit brunching and walk away from Town Plaza. Raindrop, whilst complaining about that folk's annoying outbursts thoroughly, spots an amiably happy pony Raindrop knows much about and talks with habitually.

"Hi, Raindrop!" shouts said pony, flapping his wings and soaring towards his gracious buddy with joy. His light gray, almost baby cyan, hair is in a fashionably stylish mohawk, and his dark gray wings stop flying as his body slowly drifts towards ground.

"How do you do? Do you want to hang out with us today?" asks an additional pony who follows his companion's actions.

"Hi, Thundy. I am doing satisfactorily on this brilliant morning, Milky Way." Raindrop says to a pony with a pallid coat and curly dark hair.

"Would you find it amusing to go bowling right around now? Milky and I own an auxiliary pass and nopony to grant it to. If you may own an opportunity to go to this occasion, us stallions would amiably allow you to charm us with your company." Thundy says.

"I do own an opportunity to accompany you two today to a bowling match. Thus, would you two follow yours truly to my cloud habitat so I can pick up my bowling ball and sports clothing? I would notably worship you if you did said favor." Raindrop says.

Sounds of flapping wings and Raindrop's wind trails signify Thundy and Milky Way to follow Raindrop to a cloud habitat that is not in far proximity from Town Plaza. Starburst awaits invitation, only to find no such award.

Upon landing on a cloud road, Raindrop quickly sprints indoors and swiftly absconds with a bowling ball and sports shirt.

"Now, shall I bowl with you two kind stallions?" asks Raindrop, pointing towards a bowling building just blocks away.

"You shall," says Milky Way. As his companions fly towards said bowling building, Milky follows suit, right along with Thundy, his rival, and Raindrop, his award.

Raindrop, Milky Way, and Thundy soon join a mass of bowling aficionados at Bowly's Bowling Building, and start a match in that grand art of bowling.


From a bar stand in a background sits two odious girls, staring through binoculars at Raindrop with suspicion and disgust. Flitt' and Cloud' had lost curiosity and fun in bowling, so opportunity struck for spying on Raindrop.

"Why, and how, can Raindrop woo all stallions in this quaint town? Raindrop allows no stallion nor colt for what is still a part of us amazingly stunning girls! Us girls must gain a unity and form an annihilation of Raindrop, a lady who ruins our odds in obtaining a chap to adoringly think about us!" shouts Cloud, a poor lady, in horror.

"I concur, us girls must do away with Raindrop!" roars Flitt', an additional lady.

And so, by compulsory and disgust, that pair plans to ruin and triumph past Raindrop without any pity, nor compassion. If a vigor pony asks why must such a plan must subsist, that pair of twins plan to rationally allow that thought with a simply valid justification, "It is, obviously, survival of that who can subsist as vicious."


"This was an amazing match, Raindrop!" Thundy honors.

"Oh, why thank you, Thundy. I am a good rival in bowling, no?" Raindrop says.

"Good? Is good a word suitably satisfactory to classify Raindrop's skill? No way, no how! Raindrop is an outstanding rival, I must say so. To think of you as 'good' is an awfully harmful amplification! I insist your skill is astounding!" Milky Way smooth talks.

"Thank you both, I insist it is of warm convivial for all this worship to yours truly. Thank you a lot." Raindrop says with a bow.

A loud boom drifts through Bowly's Bowling Building, and a wall forms a small gap, just in virtual vicinity of Raindrop. Raindrop shouts in horror and runs away, but it is to no avail, for a cannon shoots two balls, and liquid, known as H2O, soaks Raindrop from hoof to hair.

Two grinning shadows walk into Bowly's Bowling Building with intimidating H2O cannons.

"Cloud' and I hunt for two stallions that accompany you today. Allow us custody of your stallions, Raindrop, or you will go through many H2O attacks. It is your pick." Flitt' says with antagonism.

"No." Raindrop daringly shouts.

"Oh, you want to go about this in a hard way, no? If you insist..." says Cloud with hostility and an odious look of sin.

"ATTACK!!!" shouts both Flitt' and Cloud in unison as H2O balloons launch into air towards Raindrop, Thundy, and Milky Way. Cloud's big array of cannons (mostly Toys 'R Us products) blast many H2O cannonballs with much vigor.

"Uh oh..." Raindrop says, gulping in horror.

Now what would a gallant group of pals do in a situation similar to this?



Author's Note:

...This came from my brain.



"The" is hard to avoid, and is a word I now analysis with hostility, along with 'he', 'she', 'her', and many other ostracized pronouns.

Oh, thesaurus, how I adore you.

Written for TLSpark's Blind Writing Challenge. After a few sentences of writing, I decided to make this a lipogram, so voila! I didn't, however, plan the ending or anything like that.

Also, don't bombard me with complaints about the failed usage of 19th century language. XD