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Rainbow Dash has been noticing that Thunderlane has been acting odd lately.
So when he vanishes, she goes to investigate.

When it turns out that Cloudchaser has noticed Bulk has been acting similarly, the two attempt to figure out what their boyfriends are up to.

and then they wish they didn't.

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So the short version.
During part of The Ballad of Rainbow Dash and Time Turner: Give a little love, Rarity offhandedly mentions the dress that Dash is modeling was commissioned by Flitter, as Thunderlane (Flitter's coltfriend in that story) has a thing for Pastel Sweet Lolita.

Somehow, Punzil504's train of thought went from Flitter dressing up in lolita fashion for Thunderlane to Bulk Biceps dressing up in lolita fashion for Thunderlane.
Naturally, the idea was too goofy/stupid/silly/ridiculous to pass up, and...here we are.

Well, that is one train of thought I find very unusual, very entertaining though.:rainbowlaugh:

Polomare only knows how to steal somepony else's style. They need to try some Coco. :pinkiehappy:

Too bad Big Mac's tea party was in a different AU, otherwise this could have become a Doritos Super Bowl commercial.

:eeyup: I've been rather bored with tea lately.

Bulk: Indubitably.

Thunderlane: Quite right. There's never any lemon, and the only box of Celestia's Seasonings we have is left over from Hearth's Warming, so it's peppermint.

:eeyup: One simply cannot have peppermint in midsummer.

Bulk: How gauche.

Thunderlane: Indeed.

I guess with Thunderlane it runs in the family... After all, his brother looks much better than he should in a filly scout uniform:

Bulk has shown he is okay with dresses.

What just happened... :derpyderp1:

:rainbowderp:So, Bulk and Thunder like to ... Well, it is mostly mares in Equestria (or so it seems), so I suppose it was only a matter of time. :facehoof: At least Mac doesn't indulge. :eeyup:

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I have no real interest in doing so.

Wow, Rainbow Dash and Cloudchaser are such jerks in this.

OMG! LOLzzz! THAT WAS PRICELESS!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: I am laughing so hard right now!!!

Bulk, you are no RuPaul....:rainbowhuh:


No, but he is Divine...


is it a good WTF or a bad WTF?

5578629 Meh, more of a: when I read it some fuses blew in my brain processing it.

That's definitely a good laugh.

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