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The Delirium

I've always enjoyed reading other great fan fictions and I've always had great ideas for ones of my own. Now I write to share those ides with every other fan of mlp,


Tired of not getting the respect he deserves from his friends on the weather team, Thunderlane snaps and quits. After they try to get him back and fail, Thunderlane decides to leave Ponyville in the middle of the night. He moves to Cloudsdale, where a certain griffon catches his eye. Thunderlane changes his appearance and starts his new life, while his friends try to track him down in order to apologize.

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This seems like a great story. Just keep on having updates. I would like to see how this story progresses.


Nice chapter. All Thunderlane needs is a job, a new hair cut, and then the new girlfriend. As for suggestions for places to search for Thunderlane, I say Manehatten, Canterlot, Las Pegasus, maybe even Applelosa. Just some idea. Good job having Thunderlane and Soarin being Childhood buddies. Will that be common knowledge or not?

It's funny and ironic that the other characters refer to Thunderlane as a friend, when the only reason they're looking for him is to serve their own self-interest. :scootangel: Then I again question the type of job where a cut in pay could applicable when said job doesn't give you the necessary equipment to do the work. Thunderlane's reaction should've been to speak with Rainbow's boss, there's always someone above someone else.

It's not a bad story by any means, a little better character motivation and some less emo Thunderlane woulda been better.

Nice job with this story. I can't wait for the next chapter. What we needs is for Soarin to support Thunderlan's look and then for Rainbow to freak out when they can't find Thunderlane.

Nice chapter. I say go with Trottingham and go and purse Thunderlane. Those are my picks. Good luck. I hope everything goes well with writing the next chapter.

I like the idea of these odd jobs. Good luck with the next chapter. I like how Gilda is starting to stare at Thunderlane.

Hash, but she deserved water to her face. Good luck writing the next chapter. I can't wait to read how the others learn about Thunderlane in Cloudsdale.

What was the prank?

Go Thunderlane. Get some beak action. Great chapter as usual.

Worth an upvote...simply for an interesting idea and decent writing;
things that would help; is to smooth things out, and add detail. LOTS. and LOTS of detail. Overall a good story, just could use some polish! :pinkiehappy:

More!!! This is awesome :rainbowkiss: !!!!

Yeah. As Pinkie would say. Worst Apology Ever. I think Thunderlane needs some Gilda Candy right now.

"Why would he be there!?" Rainbow demanded. "There is absolutely no reason why he would be in Cloudsdale!"
"Except for the fact that he used to live there." Cloudchaser stated. "And the fact that he's best friends with Soarin, who lives there. Also, it's the only city he could get to from Ponyville in under a day. It's probably the first place we should of looked."

I love it.

Wow. That is sad that this is happening to him. Great chapter. I can't wait for the next one.

Wow. GIlda, though that guester was sweet, Let Thunderlane have a say. If not that is really mean to both him and yourself. Great chapter by the way.

Idiot. Why didn't you talk with her!!!! You could have worked this out. Man. I don't know what is going to happen next. Great chapter.

Beat that Bit**'s arse! Good job Gilda!

'After a strong claw to the face, knocking Blossomforth over, she reacts fast enough to buck Gilda away. Gilda launches herself again, but Blossomforth dodges. Oh wait! It seems Gilda's not finished as she leaps back with a spear to the chest! "That's a wrestling move ponies keep up."
Gilda is on top of Blossomforth knocking her with haymakers "No Applejack, no hay was harmed in the making of this scene"
Blossomforth resorts biting, "pshh, coward" as Gilda is stunned momentarily, Blossomforth goes for the vase and smashes it onto Gilda! Blossomforth gets in a few hits, but Gilda regains her senses and wrestles around the floor as Thunderlane gawks like a Scootaloo with her head cut off. "That's a joke my little ponies, a joke." Gilda grabs a glass shard and plans to take an eye, but Blossomforth knocks the object out of her claws, launching it straight at Thunderlane. They help Thunderlane, thus concluding another epic battle in pony history. Place your bet folks, who won?'
My money's on Gilda

The last sentence took away 70% of the emotional value in this chapter

Payback's a bitch, Blossom

Please make more. Also some kind of payback on the other pegasi who seem to not care for him.

Oh come on!! Pony up you twit, Thunderlane! You got a good thing going now, don't blow it.

I hope you eventually come back to this, and I really hope that you show there are consequences to actions and sometimes the grass really is greener.

Quand Rainbow Dash a dit que Thundy n'avait pas eu toute la reconnaissance, j'ai cru qu'ils allaient baiser.

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