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A former state alchemist looking to undo the past may have inadvertently lost his future when he come in possession of what he thinks is a chimera. Warning: OC-centric

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I was actually looking for a crossover of full metal alchemist a hour ago, is this the destiny...?

FMA fic huh... I LOVE FMA CROSSOVERS! They embody loyalty, and not once do they ask for something! Oh brave FMA crossovers how we salute thee!

You get a like from me. :3

Yeah, this was fun for a while but you expect this to be believable?
That this abusive little guttersnipe actually got such a huge drop on Mustang and became Fuehrer?

I call bullshit.
Complete and utter shenanigans.

And no, I'm not saying the FMA characters are infallible.
Far from it, they've had their fuckups.
But this...this child is decades away from playing the game at an even keel with Mustang and the others.

Wasn't this on FanFiction.Net? It hasn't been updated in like forever. Will it be updated here?


I can't promise anything but I'll try to post another chapter over the next few weeks.

Oh man, this story is here now? SWEET! :pinkiehappy:


Trying to be a helpful reviewer (Did I spell that right?).

Because the summaries (<-- :twilightangry2:) in this site are allowed to be longer than fanfiction.com, I think it would be better if the summary here were to be better written and longer. (This is coming from the guy/girl/tuna who's not sure of his/her/it's own spelling) :twilightsheepish:

Actually, the law of conservation of mass doesn't technically apply to matter, rather, mass, as matter can theoretically be created with energy, though an absurd amount of energy.

Yeah, what this guy said. Except his description of the character left out petty, incompetent, naive, violent/rash, and unsubtle.

Warning: do not read the following rant. I only put it there because I wanted to get it out.

For one, he's obviously a completely incompetent moron {(a) not declaring his sentience in front of someone who seemed to be a sympathetic figure (b) "hurr durr, there's more to being a state alchemist than alchemy." No there isn't, you dumb[redacted], it's called state ALCHEMIST, not state over-glorified jock. How did he get in without decent alchemy, when he shouldn't have even been able to learn it in the first place? (c) Ponies are stupid seriously. Not one of them speaks out against an economy in which a cherry can be sold for 2 units of currency at the lowest, and can be sold into the double digits, yet pies only cost 5, and a bag of the stuff is enough to buy an ancient evil artefact that would risk the seller execution. Furthermore, they have an irrational fear of nature, and base their lives around superstition, etc etc}, also meaning that there's no way he should have been able to learn alchemy in the first place, due to a combination of ignorance, stupidity, and attitude {Seriously. I'd assume by only by now would he grasp the concept of there being 100s of elements, rather than just the traditional 4, and these ponies seem like moronic sticklers to stupid traditions, i.e. no magic winter wrap-up. Alchemy is serious business, and I highly doubt some wannabe brat could even begin to understand it, being too immersed in "magic" to understand any of it. Alchemy requires an innate understanding of chemistry, something it takes normal people multiple life times to do- It's. Not. Magic. You can't just use an array and expect it to work. And how the hell did he learn magnetic alchemy? State alchemists tend to encode their notes. In fact, how did he pull of the bullet hole thing either? The philosopher's stone gives more power, not more knowledge. And that's another [redacted] goddam thing!!! How the [redacted] did he learn about how to make 1? All info was destroyed and the amount of people that still know can be counted on one hand, none of which would divulge the information under any circumstances. Bullshit.} And how did he manage to usurp Mustang too? He would've been killed long ago, especially if he tried threatening the president. And why would a newspaper in a military-controlled state publish a story speaking out against Mustang, who is a 2-time recent war hero, unlike this other guy and his pathetic and petty, and by all means incompetent but with plot armour imposter. The military would've stop that publish, had it even been made, except it wouldn't have. And Mustang would just fight back, with more influence and media, as well as use the help of rival companies. And why the [redacted] would that [redacted] even get promoted? For one, he did nothing to deserve it, since being reinstated, and he didn't even belong in that sector. All he does is act all cool, meaning that even if he did get promoted, he shouldn't be put in such a position where his personality would interfere with work. Any royal guard training he might have had does him no good, since they're all incompetent buffoons that have their problems get solved by a group of friends from a backwater town, while they stand and act useless, just like Celestia. And speaking of Celestia, she is in no position to criticize anyone. Humans are still fighting each other, and are scum. But you know what? Ponies, despite their small population, are stealing buffalo territory for resources. And even though the humans fight, they know what they're doing is wrong, but they have to do it, for what they stand for. Ponies have not changed bad habits over 1000 years either- King Sombra enslaved his subjects, and ponies enslave other races. But nothing seems wrong about the current practice, because it only matters when it's done onto ponies. Furthermore, no offer of surrender was given to the changelings, they were just killed immediately, because ponies only see them as monsters. And they are so xenophobic that they run away screaming from their equivalent of a black person! This conceited and prejudiced view on species hierarchy disgusts me. Celestia is a hypocritical, conceited [redacted]. And I just love how she's criticizing a meritocratic system when her own country is run by an aristocratic system. And how she says it's bad for the government to monitor its citizens when her negligence has resulted in constant disaster, i.e evil artefacts being sold from a pawn shop. Again, Celestia is a hypocritical, conceited [redacted]. And why hasn't Sinclair just told the truth yet? Seriously, the more he lives his little fantasy life, the more people die.

As a fan of FMA, and more recently MLP, I came across your fiction and decided to give it a read.

First of all, I find it rather easy to see how Pegasai could be considered a chimera, especially in the FMA universe where, let's face it, we've see a lot of messed up stuff go down and how things can be combined into other things. So, it was interesting to see the how.

Secondly, you capture the pure essence of Armstrong, and being that he's my third favorite character from the show, is always a good thing (although, I doubt that anyone who's watched the show could get his character wrong). So kudos there.

Not much to say other than you've got an interesting beginning, and I look forward to reading the rest of this story when I get the chance.


Yo, just wanted to reply to some of these.

This question of Mustang's competency and Wind Racer's incompetency was brought up. This came up before on ff.net. Wind Racer's alchemy skills are sub-par compared to Sinclair even before his encounter with Truth. However what he lacks in alchemy he makes up in charisma and leadership. If I didn't do a good job showing these attributes, I apologize. I would argue that the story implies he had those traits otherwise Wind Racer wouldn't have been able to win over both General Stryker and Hemtt. There's no rule that says the fuehrer has to be a good state alchemist or even a state alchemist (Grumman and Bradley are not alchemists). He only needs to lead and to win over the trust of his men. Also, Mustang was underestimating Wind Racer. He got complacent and thought he had no more major internal threats to deal with. Wind Racer caught Mustang off-guard. Otherwise, Roy would have put a stop to Wind Racer a long time ago.

Next is the question about alchemy skills. Wind Racer is someone who couldn't become a state alchemist at his current skill level. But then again, I doubt Father Cornello could either and he was making chimeras with his cheap imitation Philosopher's Stone and Wind Racer is better than Father Cornello and with a superior Philosopher's Stone (how he came by them will be covered later)

My ranking of alchemy skills are:

Anyone who's paid Truth's toll for knowledge (Ed, Al, Izumi Curtis, Roy Mustang, Sinclair) > April Ferguson > Sinclair before paying Truth's toll > Wind Racer > Father Cornello

I believe the Philosopher's Stone may actually impart knowledge of alchemy. Otherwise Father Cornello wouldn't be able to use it. Then again, I could be short-changing Father Cornello. But then again, Scar, an Ishvalan monk, could use his bother's brand of alchemy without formal training.

The next issue is Wind Racer getting away with publishing Roy's private letters. Had Wind Racer tried this on Fuehrer Bradley, yes, he and his reporter friend would have been executed. But restrictions on free speech was lifted under Fuehrer Grumman, and Mustang continued Grumman's policy.

Finally, there is the issue are ponies being unable to use alchemy from a lack of scientific knowledge. I'm sorry, but that goes against canon. They have party balloons filled with helium. That imply they have the means of tapping underground deposits of helium (produced by radioactive decay) and extracting it from the other deposits of gases like natural gas. They certainly understand electricity. They have hydroelectric dams. They have steam engines, which means they have an understanding of thermodynamics. They have photography and film. They're not that ignorant when it comes to science.

As for the pony economy, well...I won't try to defend that. :facehoof:


What did we say about reading my immature text-block?

I predict that I will have a total of 5 hours of sleep over the next year waiting for the new chapter. :derpytongue2:

and thus begins another year long wait for an update

Damned cliffhanger...
I really want to read the next chapter now.

yeah first comment boo yeah by the way YOU SUCK FOR THE CLIFF HANGER:flutterrage:

Wow, this is still being update? I though you stop writing and given up all hope. This just surprise me. (In a VERY VERY nice way)

Holy smokes, I we would have the mandatory year of waiting before seeing another chapter. Thanks for the speedy work!

OMG OMG OMG HOLY F:yay:CKING SHIT! ANOTHER UPDATE!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

HOLEEEY SHEEET AN UPDATE!!! This was a good chap, a really good chap and im definatly looking foward to an update. How many chaps are left though cause im curious


I can't give a number but it's over the halfway point.

will it be another months long span until the next update?

"The guard escorted Sinclair inside Shining Armor’s office. Plaques and framed medals alternated with pictures of him, his wife, Twilight Sparkle"

I KNEW it! Shining Armor married Twilight! :twilightsheepish:


I apologize. That should have read: "Plaques and framed medals alternated with pictures of him, his wife, and Twilight Sparkle"

I literally just got done with my chem homework when I started this chapter...and I read the practice exam problems at the the top... An ROFLed at the stuff he his teaching Wind Racer. It's the little stuff that matters.

Comment posted by CrossoverManiac deleted Jan 26th, 2014

Holy shit, you're on this site?

If I'd have known that I'd have favorited this much sooner. Excellent story my good sir and I hope to see more soon.

Didn't expect this to update again. Celestia's actions seem rather OOC here.


I sincerely apologize for making everyone wait so long. However, I do believe I'll have an easier time writing the next chapter and getting that out sooner. As for OOC Celestia, I do admit that to a certain extent. However she isn't above keeping her subjects in the dark. Outright lying is pushing it but not by much, at least IMHO.

I believe Violet is referring to her harshness after being called out for lying. I felt it was a touch OoC, but not enough to disrupt anything.

That said, excellent story good sir, and I'm glad to see it return. I look forward to the next chapter immensely.

How will Yoki fuck this up today? Stay tuned for the exciting reveal!

I almost forgot about this story. It's a good thing you came back on, damn fine story

I feel like Yoki could parlay the fact that apparently everyone goes to him when they want to muscle some info out of someone into being some kind of information broker.

But that would require him to be competent.

Love this series!

However, I noticed a ton of missing words.

Have Fun Writing!

I'm like Pinkie Pie from the episode "Wonderbolt Academy" constantly checking my mailbox for the update notification.

Why U No Update?! :pinkiesad2:

I like this but the hinting of the humanity is terrible and everything about it is terrible kinda bothers me. Don't get me wrong, it's a nitpick, I just hope Celestia doesn't constantly think everything about humanity is terrible and evil and all about war.

5189822 here's the thing, the one committing the atrocities is one of Celestina's own. It's not a story about how bad humanity is, it's about learning humility. Douglas isn't a bad person, he just has PTSD. If you read Fullmetal Alchemist, every state alchemist came out of that war messed up. And it was all for a lie. Some took what they learned and tryed to live on to atone, others suffered and went mad, more accepted it and move on, and few wanted in for power. Humanity is diverse, the fualts of a few bad men shouldn't skew ones' view of it as a whole. Though this lesson has been done more then a few times.

I have hope that the author will post again someday. :pinkiesad2:

Has the author left FiM, and is this story dead?

Kinda, he may comes back though. It happened before.

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