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"[FoME] manages the impossible combination of being an actual legitimate nerd while staying unabashedly pleasant." —Aragón


This story is a sequel to Sugarless Gumption

Even after the capital-letter-earning fiasco that was the Sugarless Incident, Twilight just can't get the question out of her mind. Given Sunset's magical metabolism, what other culinary conjurations are made possible by harnessing Equestrian magic?

Pinkie's happy to help her find out. Her other friends just wish they knew about it ahead of time.

Note: No characters were fused in the making of this story.
Cover art by Baron Engel, used with permission.

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The mania seeming to drain out of Twilight. She looked down at her fingers as she fidgeted with them. "I mean… yes? In her own words, she’s partially my insatiable curiosity." She managed to look up, trying for a scowl and getting a pout. "I’m not giving that up."

I'm still sad I haven't seen an eqg/persona crossover that uses this. Mythrilmoth's is a lot more character transplanting than blending.

Silly me, I put it on tracking before checking to make sure the "Incomplete" status wasn't a mistake. Mostly because I was hoping for a legitimate study in what I just got finished calling Diane Lokisdottir. I like seeing a Twilight who can actually science worth a damn and Fauna knows I can't get that from canon...

H-Twilight broke the stalemate with a snicker. "That was such a Mom moment."

P-Twilight covered her face with a wing. "I know."

I have to say, that's a pretty clever way to differentiate between the two Twilights. For that, this story earns a bonus point.

When she looked up from the wonderfully regular and crisp human-world pages—laser printers were definitely near the top of her list of technology to bring to Equestria—she saw her counterpart chewing her bangs in a terribly familiar display. "It's alright, my little pony." Twilight hesitated for a moment before deciding to think about channeling Celestia later, when she could have a nice, long, comforting breakdown about it. "You're performing an incredibly kind and thoughtful act, and I am one hundred percent in favor of it. Though if it runs long, I will have to ask you to return home. I don't want you declared missing persons on the other side of the mirror."

HA! She said it!]:twilightsmile:

Both presenters nodded. "That's right!" said Twilight. "The proof is in the pudding!"

So I’m looking forward to reading this. But...but... but the capital letter earning Fiasco isnt actually capitalized!

Ahem. And now, on with the show!

"That's not a choice so much as a medical necessity right now." The unicorn turned to the alicorn. "No, P-Twilight, we're just here to help a friend."

I mean I'm partial to Sparky and Twinkie myself, but you know.

P-Twilight snuffed out the new bit of angry teal


"So did I!" said Pinkie.

You'd be surprised how common of a problem this is.

Both presenters nodded. "That's right!" said Twilight. "The proof is in the pudding!"

You come into my house. Give me an interesting story. Create some curious worldbuilding. Lead me on with cool ideas. And then... and then... and...


-GM, master of puns.

You villain! :pinkiegasp:

Seriously, though, this was a fun read. It really works as a story on its own!

Oh darnit!

I know better than to trust that disclaimer though.

Your stories of magical dimensional schenanigans are the best. And you’re very good at getting the characters bouncing off each other.

The idea of Sunset having a largely magical microbiome, though, made me think of Calvin and Hobbes...

"Poor Flash. He kept looking back and forth between the two of you. I'm still not sure if he understood what was going on." Pinkie grinned. "Though I did hear he was late for his next class—"

To steal a line from Brawny Buck . . . Oh, God, the implications!

Nope, her magic is teal and was leaking because she's not used to having the appendage it was leaking from.

Indignant beatscoffing filled the room. . . .

That is my new favorite word, now.
Also, I need to read through the ENTIRE story before posting comments with quoted lines. :rainbowlaugh:

You truly are a mad genius, you know that? :twilightsmile:

Oh, you. :rainbowlaugh: I should be mad, but I can't be mad when your stories make me smile so much.

Technically, Twilight's magic is more of a bright raspberry hue. The teal is indicative of Midnight Sparkle's magic.

Since their cooking, shouldn't that he PIEology?

Somebody recheck Spring Breakdown for this. I'd do it myself but my computer won't play in-browser videos at the moment.

Back not long after the first EqG movie, I started (and only started) a fanfic that used Sunset Satan as Sunset's Shadow a la Persona 4, but that was basically the only scene I had come up with for it (though I did make a list of the main characters' personae, including Spike's Pupsona, Fafnir).

Pinkie so missed putting on her Hawking Troll Face.

As for Twilight.

PUDDING. :pinkiecrazy:

Being magical, did Pinkie use,

Caster Sugar? :derpytongue2:

I always do a double-take any time I see Baron’s art used somewhere! :pinkiegasp:

especially after the intimidation lessons Luna had insisted on last Nightmare Night

I approve. She is an excellent teacher.

H-Twilight broke the stalemate with a snicker. "That was such a Mom moment."

P-Twilight covered her face with a wing. "I know."

"I have to tell her about this. She'd love to meet you, you know."

Amusing on so many levels. Twilight being her own mom/turning into her mother (who is also named Twilight), general adorableness, and "Why can't you be more like that other you, the Princess?"

Twilight hesitated for a moment before deciding to think about channeling Celestia later, when she could have a nice, long, comforting breakdown about it.

And now she can worry about becoming her other mother!

"Ugh. Yes." Dash threw up her arms. "It's not even math! It's just memorizing a bunch of rules about triangles I'm never going to use again.

Ah. I remember the days when math was just numbers with the occasional letter and odd squiggle. Those were the days...

Oh freaking dangit! You got me with the feghoot! And I didn't even really see it coming this time.

Why do you do this to us, FoME

And why do we let you


Good work!

So without reading story 1 you dont understand a word eh? the description is too cryptic for me stoopid person

"Say it!"
"You're a Jungian expression of the aspects of my personality that I either repress or ignore because they contradict my self-image!"
"... Why did you have to be such a nerd?"

Thanks for pointing out that I forgot to mark the story Complete. And yes, scientifically literate Twilight is best Twilight. The human certainly comes closer than Miss "That thing I literally just observed isn't scientifically possible." Also, nice Pony POV reference.

And yeah, Sleipnir may well have a twin sister. Half as many legs, but she makes up for it in other ways. (Igneous doesn't like to talk about what he did before he settled down on the rock farm.)

Sure it is! It's just that the capitalized thing is the Sugarless Incident.

And yes, interdimensional shenanigans are best shenanigans.


I mean I'm partial to Sparky and Twinkie myself, but you know.

I remain convinced that this is how a pair of different-species Twilights would settle the matter of disambiguation without any outside input. Clean, efficient, and it lets them both keep the first name.


No, Midnight. I'm pretty sure Zeal is Rainbow Dash's dark side.

You'd be surprised how common of a problem this is.

I can only imagine how the Emporium handles it.

You come into my house. Give me an interesting story. Create some curious worldbuilding. Lead me on with cool ideas. And then... and then... and...

I mean, it's my story. You came into my house.

But yeah, the rest of that reaction is entirely fair. :trollestia:

Glad to hear it! While it does play into ideas from the previous story, I wanted to make sure it didn't feel like a second chapter that got published separately.

Why should I settle for shipteasing just one Twilight?

Also, "beatscoffing" is clearly the best way to describe indignant Rarity noises.


That's the plan! :pinkiehappy:

No, Pieology is a more general field that also covers Maudonomics, Marbleitics, and Limestone Dynamics.


Being magical, did Pinkie use,

Caster Sugar? :pinkiecrazy:

I am unreasonably tempted to say yes. However, the crystals needed to be a certain size for the experiment to work.

Given the subject matter, I couldn't think of a more perfect cover image.

They say every woman is doomed to become her mother. Twilight is doomed twice over in that regard. And Twilight Velvet seems like the exact sort of person who would react to Midnight Sparkle by saying "Honey, you've got a little evil there. Let me get that for you," moistened tissue in hand.

The question is not why you allow it.

The question is who will stop me.

There are a few allusions to the prequel, but it's not a strictly necessary read. (It's also under five thousand words in its own right, so it's not like it'll take your whole weekend.)


The question is who will stop me.


Fan, would you care to step outside?


No, seriously, I think you deserve a nice peaceful walk and some fresh air after that, you've definitely earned it.:pinkiehappy:

(Sorry, just reminded me of that moment, not sure why.)

First, I'm even more annoyed because I suspected something was up, but let my guard down.


"Happy to help. And be sure to tell me how it goes. Just..." The princess fought to keep herself from looking at Pinkie. "Try not to go overboard?"

"After last time?" Pinkie said from astride P-Twilight. "Come on, Puhtwilight, you know us better than that."

Yes. Which is why she felt the need to give the warning. Because she knows how obsessive a Twilight Sparkle can get, and how much difficult Pinkie Pies have finding the limit.

Third, doesn't that mean that any results would be temporary and require consistent re-use or else have the capability lost? Doesn't that mean that Sci-Twi and Pinkie would be the equivalent of drug pushers? First taste is free, but you gotta pay for the follow up. Don't want to suddenly fail that big chemistry exam you've been working toward because you couldn't get your snack cup.
(Actually, this sounds like it could be pretty funny. Especially if someone points out the similarities to Twilight, leading to her freaking out)

Fourth... uhm... hold on. I got so caught up in the last one, I forgot...

Oh yeah.

If this is "Introduction to Applied Pinkieology," does that mean there's going to be an "Advanced Applied Pinkieology?"

Hah! :D

Amazing joke. But did that mean that the knowledge was stored in the spell and transferred by eating it, or was it just enhancing cognition to enable her to access what she'd already learned? So many awesome applications, either way.

Language lozenges. Biology bon bons. History hazelnut clusters... If it requires rote memorisation, off load it to a sweet that simply drops the knowledge into your brain. You'd still need to use it to get full effect, but all the time could be spent practicing it, rather than forcing it into your skull.

'Midnight Sparkle doing menal drudge work'! That's the most enjoyable idea I've come across since Oversaturated, where Twilight stops her nightmare of Midnidght in mid rant because she didn't have time for it right then.


It seems that the knowledge is in the food, given the last line?

This was really excellent. Delightful multi-Twilight interactions, thoroughly intriguing ideas about Midnight Sparkle, fun Rarijack, and your usual line in really excellent incidental comic lines, such as AJ's and Rarity's weaponised eyebrows, P-Twilight's nice long comforting breakdown, and Fluttershy's grin learned from a cat. All topped off with a solid groaner of a punchline. Great work, sir!

The Twin Twilights here remind me too much of the Twins from the Shining.

Come eat with us...

Come eat with us...

Any chance this could become a continuing series of one-shots? P-p-p-please :pinkiehappy:

Cocoa beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more erudite.

A nice follow up to the previous story and some really great lines too but when I reached the end, I was waiting for the other shoes to drop. It's a clean little ending but I actually expected something to go wrong... in fact the whole chapter feels like there is something waiting to go wrong and at the end we are left hanging. Is there a next chapter planned for this?

And poor Flash. He need to find someone or Twilight and him need some alone time. Maybe in a next story.

Author Interviewer

Fucking shit




I will now never not use this pronunciation for this naming schema.

Incoherent screaming in the distance

While most of the girls took a few moments to translate from Twilish, Applejack said, "Hang on. You used bothPinkies for this? Which one's standin' next to you?"

"I fail to see how that's relevant," Twilight scoffed.

"And you lost track," Sunset said knowingly.

"And I lost track."

"So did I!" said Pinkie.

This is where I die.

Oh hey that's my artwork? Windshear is my fan name on FIMFiction.

:twilightoops: Oh. Well. This is awkward. If you'd like me to use a different image, just say the word. My apologies for not asking permission first.

It's not a problem. Can you just in the description say 'art by Baron Engel' ? Yeah technically my signature in the piece, but that would tidy things up. That's all. If you want here's a link to it on Deviant Art https://www.deviantart.com/baron-engel/art/Pinkie-Sparkle-815945544

Will do. The source is already included on the art, but I'll include a link in the textual artist credit as well. Thank you very much; the piece was too perfect to not use for this story.

If there's other work of mine that you'd like to use with your work let me know and we'll take it from there.

Are there any other stories that take place in this universe you've built?

Pffff hahaha erm I woulda just said to dash it helps her to calculate the correct angle and force nessicary to score a curved goal also I can sooooo imagine celestia and Luna going no magic food to improve your scores

"Sleep is for the weak!" they chorused.


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