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Wait, am I now just the one who wrote Mortem? 'Cause I think I'm okay with that.


During one of Twilight's visits to her friends through the mirror, she is confronted with information that leads her to question more about the differences between the two dimensions.

This, characteristically, begins to get out of hand when Twilight decides she must get to the bottom of it. And to be fair, how can she let it slide when Pinkie has done something that doesn’t make any sense for her? She must know how Pinkie can possibly have a boyfriend in that dimension.

Proofread by the wonderful Soren Mercer

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Wow. Twilight was really a jerk here.

Is Sunset trolling or gunning for a Twins Threesome? :trollestia:

But yes, Twilight could've handled all of that better. But then this fic wouldn't be as amusing.

meh not really as good as I throught though it was a cleaver way of bringing more into the world though I think there should be more diffrences between those two worlds plus would've been more funny if this version of pinkie pie wasn't gay, because it could've opened so many more ways of comedy,imagining Twilight trying to convincing only to realise it wasn't if they break into the room seeing the couple going wild. But i understand it's your story, so it's whatever the hell you want it to be, so I won't thumb down, it which I wouldn't anyway but I won't give it a like, since it had wasted potential for more comedy and just played it a little too safe. Beside I also find the idea, of all the mane six/ Seven (With starlight) being gay kind of annoying why i love the fix where rainbow goes, "But im not gay damn it!" Hillarious. So the fix i rate it 5/10

“Huh?” Sunset gave her a confused look. “I thought your actions just now were because sexuality stays the same through dimensions.”

Twilight’s face went pale. “They do.”

“Well, I have it on pretty good authority that the Twilight here is gay.” Sunset shot her an almost proud grin. “Very gay.”

“Oh… Oh Celestia.”

This entire exchange saved the fic, in my opinion. Princess Twilight was being...I wouldn't say "bigoted", in fact I'm not quite sure what the right word is beyond "inappropriate", but what I do know is that she was pursuing her own goal-in this case figuring out why Pinkie has a boyfriend-blindly based on her own assumptions without even considering any other possibility that, you know, human Pinkie might be straight, in the process nearly and outright alienating her human friends. I mean, there's no reason to even assume sexuality would be the same-while the individuals are similar to one another, they're not even the same damn species, and don't even get me started on the culture and technology. Frankly, Princess Twilight was very much in the wrong most of the fic- entertaingly wrong but still wrong- and it feels karmic to see her well proven wrong.

I mean, hell, according to Twilight, neither Pinkie nor her boyfriend seemed entirely at ease or comfortable around one another...based on one fucking glance. She has no idea why this might be-they could just be at an awkward beginning in their relationship, maybe Pinkie farted, or maybe he noticed the strange girls watching them as he walked up and commented on it. Point is, she has no idea why they're being a little awkward, and automatically assumes Pinkie is repressed and he's secretly gay...despite literally no substantial evidence for this.

I'll be frank-if you had gone the way I thought you were and had Twilight be right and Pinkie was just repressed in her sexuality, I would have dropped the entire fic and moved onto more interesting ones. But, you pulled through in a relatively interesting way, and I'm actually glad I read this.

Also, I really want to see Fluttershy and Pinkie's conversation if it's going the way that I think it's going-namely Pinkie is definitely straight and Fluttershy tries to give her the coming out of the closet talk only for Pinkie to convince her she likes men. The awkwardness would be amazing.

Sci Twi and Sunset are dating. Whoop whoop.

D48 #6 · Jul 27th, 2016 · · 2 ·

...Twilight, you're a fucking moron...as usual. :rainbowlaugh:

In all seriousness, this was a funny fic and the similarities between universes makes a lot of sense even if Twilight handled it terribly as usual. The explosion with Star Hunter and his response was hilarious, and that ending was perfect. The only little hiccup I had was some cringing at Twilight's stupidity, but that has been a core element of her character since the show started (even if a lot of people like to ignore it these days) so that is a point in this story's favor, not a strike against it.

Let's call the other Twilight Sci-Twi.

Um, how would sexuality stay the same? I mean, the human and pony versions are very similar to each other, but would their sexuality sincerely stay the same no matter what

She just sat in the Cafe—sitting opposite her Pink friend

Don't capitalize words that aren't proper nouns or the first word in a sentence. Neither "cafe" nor "pink" should be capitalized here.

“It’s difficult to explain,” Applejack joined in.

AJ would be more apt to use "tough" or "hard", not "difficult".

Pinkie’s new ‘boyfriend’, as in male human she’s in a relationship with,

The Mojo Jojoism isn't necessary. Pretty sure everyone knows what a boyfriend is, and injecting that into Twilight's thought pattern doesn't come across as natural, it comes across as goofy. And not in a good way.

“Wait, is boy and man the same as a colt or mare?” she said with the optimistic idea she may have just got that words of this dimension mixed up.

You mean other than the part where those words exist in Equestria? And the part where Twilight's heard those words before in the context of boyfriends in the EG world in any case?

“What’s going on guys?” Sunset Shimmer had returned with everyone's drinks and this dimension’s Twilight, or human Twilight as they refer to her.

Again with the Mojo Jojoisms.

The only problem being that Twilight had no idea if she was out, or even to grips with her sexuality in this world. Meaning, if she said the wrong thing, Twilight could unintentionally cause the easily panicked girl to, well, panic.

Some people need a swear jar. You need a comma jar.

I don't think Twilight's social graces are anywhere close to as bad as you've made them in this story. :unsuresweetie: I seriously doubt she'd fail to just say this to her friends:

"Oh, I'm just surprised is all! Because the Pinkie Pie back home is, well, gay."

Awkward, yes, but it's more of a reasonable Twilight Sparkle reaction than THIS.

“Sorry, I forget some of the people words sometimes.”

Right, because that was such a huge problem Twilight had in the movies...all of once.

You kinda lost me at the bathroom scene, honestly. Your premise is good, but your execution needs work.

Something I was going to point out...um...

Is anyone in this fic BISEXUAL? Because that rather...kills the conflict. (Still loved it, was just 'fridge logic'. Hit me when I went to get a snack afterwards.)

This was an entertaining read, but I don't think I'll add this to my favorites.

to Pinkie pie—something


It’s definitely less excepting in 


Brain just pops don't it?😁

Oh my god.

This is all I could've asked for.

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