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Less Monstrosities, More Marshmallows · 7:09pm May 25th, 2020

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The ponies get considerably longer and pointier the more I like them. My ideal horse looks like a broom with a knife glued to it.

There was like, a narrative reason for Rarity to wear her old beatnik look? But then I deleted that joke from the draft and I went, what if I just keep her like this. Who's gonna call the police. Fucking love the beatnik look.

Aragon, why? :facehoof:
And by why I mean why didn't you do this in prose? I'm sure you'd be able to make it even more hilarious.
The drawings are cute though. And made me laugh :rainbowlaugh:

...fucking Europeans.

This was utterly majestic.

Aragon, you just made my day better.

this was extremely good

Of course you kept it, I hear you have a fetish* for Rarity. :duck:

"Everything we do reeks of anxiety, Adderall, and sexual frustration."

Something something bronies bleh bleh

:rainbowlaugh: This is amazing on every single level. Especially the Scott Pilgrim-esque intro cards.

I paused Avatar to read this.

Aragon, you mad genius, you.

I don't know why, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the author of this comic might be European.

Just a hunch.

Sarcasm aside, this was a fun read!

I died laughing, thank you xD

Majin Syeekoh

i was once a teenager too

the nostalgia of blood draining is real

Wanderer D

European humor. Now, that's nostalgic.

love it

the continuous introductions of more characters leading up to that ending really made this for me

extremely long human pony fluttershy is adorable

This was great!

Hmmm, Giraffe Blood

Sci Twi was great to ground out the sheer madness happening.


This is amazing. I wish you had a Patreon so I could use tragic economic circumstances to force you to make more of these.

but i approve

I enjoy this greatly even though my understanding is lacking

...I don't know what I expected.

"The most dangerous pony you know." Keep telling yourself that, Shimmy.

Ah, decent strangers giving up their blood so that teenagers can get some respite.

Equestria truly was built on utopian ideals.

This makes me wish we could like/fav these posts

This might just be your best comic yet, I have to say.

True, it would make a good short-story. And then Aragorn could get more of those 'likes' people are conditioned to want.




Comedy is different for comics and for fanfiction, I feel -- or at least the comedy I like. In this case, part of the humor comes from the juxtaposition of what is being said and who's saying it; Rarity explaining they fixed the house crisis by beating the living snot out of Rainbow Dash is funny in itself? But it's also funny because, I mean, it's Rarity saying it.

Thing is, that juxtaposition walks a fine line. In prose, all you have to assure the reader that the character who's speaking is indeed Rarity is the very words she says -- you have to keep her in character, you have to keep her voice right and believable, so the effect is achieved. With comics, though, you have the pictures assuring the reader that indeed it is Rarity who's talking, so you can be a bit wilder.

So tl;dr: with comics you have much more freedom, because most of the things that would feel out of character in a story don't trigger the same response. The jokes I used in this comic, and the little plot it has, would absolutely fucking suck in a short story. It would be completely fucking unreadable, and obnoxious, and I'd hate it.

If I wrote this as a comic it's for a reason, trust me.

Author Interviewer

We solved the housing crisis by beating the snot out of Rainbow Dash.

Would be my favorite line except there's


And that is somehow insanely hilarious.

Im a big fan of this

I'm not sure what this was, but I loved every moment of it.

I'm pretty sure that Spain and Wallachia are nowhere near each other, but I don't feel like looking it up and the point is that they at least don't literally overlap. Of course, the second time didn't make much sense either and not making sense is sort of the whole point of the comic so...

These are honestly so good, I can't even. I hope quarantine is treating you all okay!

I love that last "The author is European" disclaimer.


How do I upvote and favorite a blog post

Oh my god, Aragon you bastard*. I loved every panel of this, and my love only grew stronger as it continued.

Please keep making these, I beg of you 😂:heart:

(*) NOTE: the author of this comment cares not about technicalities

I'm in tears I was laughing so hard, thank you.


Why is there no like/favourite button on blogs?!

Ok, I laughed. And beatnik Rarity is a good touch.

So much yes.


There is not enough yesness in the word ‘yes’ to describe how yes I am about all of this.

Your pic goes perfectly with your comment

Fair enough.

Still hilarious tho' :rainbowlaugh:

Ok yeah. This is hilarious.

I know you're in highschool

.. I just thought you hadn't managed to graduate

I thought this was a pretty high bar to beat, but it was beaten hard*

*Don't go there, I'm not european.

The "we've run out of suspects" gets me every time :rainbowlaugh:

If there were no Aragon, we'd have to invent him. Really, if I had been shown this without knowing the author's name, I would have guessed it. :twilightsmile:

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