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This is a sequel to The Dueling Games (If there are any spelling mistakes, or if something doesn't make sense, send me a message immediately!) (Just so you know, in this story, they use UDE promo of The Seal of Orichalcos. Except for chapter 5) Dartz needs employees, so he gathers up the Dazzlings who have been dueling to stay off the streets. He has also sealed off Twilight's portal to Equestria, so she's stuck here with Sci-Twi and the others. Twilight, Rainbow and Sunset are chosen to wield the three Legendary Dragons, but will they be enough to stop this plague of evil? (There are a few twists and turns throughout the story, so be prepared.) Next story is The Grand Championship.

Chapters (14)
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I really enjoyed this story. It seemed pretty fun and a good crossover. I like some of the casting you made for who played whom from the show. Some of the only criticism I can really give is it seems like sometimes the characters use the words "dang", "darn", or "shoot" too often or otherwise it seems a little too silly for some characters. Since you have a T rating you could probably afford to put in a few more swear words in if you wanted it to seem more realistic.
One other thing that might not mean to much, the official rules for the Seal of Orichalcos is that once it is activated its user cannot use fusion, synchro, or xyz monsters. This is not necessarily a plot hole though since you could change the card to fit your story though, it is just something I know about it.
Overall, pretty fun story and I think I give it overall an 8/10. Good job.

Sorry, I didn't explain. In this story, they're using the (UDE promo) version of the seal. Pardon me, I should have put that sooner. I'll do it now. Anyway, thanks for the comment. You rock.

U know, I found the fact that along this amazing, long journey. . Fluttershy and Applejack never did duel to be interesting. .

I mean, I can never picture Flutters in a card duel and as an AJ fan, I really didn't look forward for her turn to duel... luckily, you DIDN'T make her duel.. :pinkiehappy:

Great story!! You earned a follower and a like

7106939 Thanks a lot. I totally see your point.

I thought one of the girls had taken the shard from discord when he lost.

7121760 At the end of chapter 1, Sci-Twi did.

7125349 so couldn't she had just broken the seal like how aria did the chapter with flash in it? But this is amazing this is the first one I read where it's Yugioh it's really will written keep up the good work.

A story based on my favorite arc in Yu-Gi-Oh, this is gonna be awesome but you might wanna take another look at Chaos Emperor Dragon's original attack points again, it only have 3,000 not 3,500

Oh boy, this is getting interesting

7342491 I'm glad, hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

7336160 seal increases atk by 500 remember?

7345265 It's base attack is 3,000, he accidently wrote it's base attack as 3,500

Talk about your come from behind victory. I haven't gotten a chance to read all your Yugi-oh series yet but I'll definitely being checking them all out. I really enjoy the way you've meshed the two shows together.

The battle of Atlantis begins again

Hey, here's an idea what if Twilight met Dartz before like Atem Kind of like this:

"We've met befoe Ms. Sparkle, and it was you who gave me hope that the great best would rise again!" Dartz announced.

Twilight was shocked, "I what? What does that evil creature of yours have to do with me?"

Twilight was heading to meet her friends in Sugar Cube Corner to discuss her strategy to win the Fall Formal when suddenly she bumped into an older gentleman.

"I'm sorry sir," the gentleman said nothing and seemed momentarily frozen.

"Think nothing of it, " he said and with that Twilight went on her way and as she did the gentlemen smiled.

"I could sense the power within you, and I knew that if I could capture your energy, it would awaken the great Leviathan. However, there was already someone trying to take over, and quite frankly she was in my way! By the time you had defeated Sunset Shimmer, you were soon back in your world, so I knew I had to wait. Then, of course, the sirens threatened this world, however by the time they were defeated your power had grown, so I decided the time was not right. However, I did seize the opportunity and gained three new subordinates and I knew each of the would help me fight the legendary dragons! By the time I had my new minions, however, you were already gone so my wait contiued. However, I always knew my chance would come and sure enough, it did, when a foolish young lady merged herself with a magical force that was far beyond anything she could command. At last, you returned, and I knew that my time had come." Dartz grinned. "The moment you returned to this world Ms. Sparkle you ensured that the battle of Atlantis would repeat and my divine creature would rise again!"

“Here goes,” said Twilight. “I summon Charioteer of Prophecy and I’ll attack your face down monster!”

Hmmmn, very aggressive start. Of course after seeing the other duels it's no wonder she wants to finish this quickly. However that may be her undoing.

Sonata gets hammered by Hermos.

“The purchases were a complete success. Congratulations master, Canterlot High School and Crystal Prep Academy officially belong to you.”

Oh shit just got real.

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