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This is an alternate continuity from DrakeyC's Duelists of the Autumn Crown. Please support the original creator!

I will no longer be personally adding my own content to the anthology. Anyone else can still freely send their material for proofreading and publishing.

After the end of the Autumn Crown tournament at Canterlot High, life returns to normal, as the newly reconnected friends; Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Pinkie Pie along with the redemption seeking Sunset Shimmer go about rebuilding the shattered camaraderie of the student body. In the best way they know how:

It's time to duel!


With permission from DrakeyC, I present to you Duelists of Canterlot High. Unlike my main story on FimFiction; this is an anthology series, with a twist: Anyone can contribute to this story!

Note; as I had contacted DrakeyC for permission to use his continuity; the continuity between this and Duelists of the Friendship Cup will most likely be non-existent.

P.S. Due to getting so enthused, I decided to revoke the chapter amount for a single anthology story.

- Submitted stories must be in continuity with Duelists of the Autumn Crown (I recommend reading Duelists of the Autumn Crown before considering submitting a story)
- Submitted stories must star the Main 7
- OCs are permitted, so long as they do not take center stage
- Cards used in the story must all be from the official Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card game (no anime-only and/or self-made cards)
- In terms of continuity only Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Extra Deck monsters are permitted
- To submit stories; link them to me via messaging, preferably in doc format for easier proofreading and marking

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 80 )

Loved Duelists of The Autumn and really digging the idea of a slice of anthology set in the universe as not only is it just a good idea, you also have a really good start here. One question though, when you say we submit stories to you, do mean we write the entire story ourselves and send it or do we just send you the a summary and let you fill in the gaps so that all the chapters can, relatively, fit together?

Overall, people write it themselves, after which I will go over them and see if they make the cut, i.e. see if the spelling is up to par, that it follows the rules I've set, and of course, typos. Essentially I will be the editor for the story. Though as a model, I will be submitting a chapter myself soon (complete with a corny anime title, which will earn a lot of praise on my end from contributors as well).

I gotcha, I got a handful of ideas going through my held but I'll wait until you post the example chapter before I pursue any of them (though of course I might end up hitting a wall on them since I've never tried to write something as complex as a Duel before so we'll see what happens) :pinkiehappy:

Upcoming chapter:

Light up the Night!
Ultra Athletes vs. Ancient Gears!

I'll keep an eye on this story...but it might be a bit hard for anyone to write for Sunset. I guess you would have to study all all the cards Twilight used.

Wow. Only have the prologue so far and I've been what's felt like bombarded with follows and favorites over this! I'm happy to know that people have taken interest, and as such I will try to get my first contributing story finished, though given my propensity to become overeager, it's going to be a long two-parter. :twilightsmile:

It did not seem likely, as Rainbow’s brows furrowed in defiance, “Alright. Recess, soccer field. Bring your A-game…”

Didn't think high school had recess :rainbowhuh:. Didn't when I was in it. Oh well 🤷. Either way, hope Rainbow does good.

Notice in the profile that stories now no longer have limited chapter lengths.

Comment posted by Night-Quill deleted Dec 1st, 2018

I want to apologize for constantly flip-flopping on part 2 of my one-shot. I took another look at it and I felt it was going too one-sided for a Yu-Gi-Oh anime inspired duel. I'm going to rework part 2 and make it flow more dramatically as I felt things were getting too ass-pull-ish in part 3.

That was an interesting chapter I have to say. I am looking forward to seeing the duel.

Due to constant rewrites with part two of Light up the Night, it's being split further as compensation for you readers for having to put up with my fumbling. :derpytongue2:

It's taking forever to write up part 3 because Dash's deck is just too good! :twilightangry2:

*sigh* Wrote myself into a corner yet again. I'm redoing the entire duel segment, AGAIN, so when I finally finish this one-shot, I'm taking down current part 2. Just a heads-up.

This seems relatively good. Though if we're writing this are Pendulum Decks allowed? Also I might consider writing one with how this is.

Only Fusions, Synchros and Xyzs are allowed. See, this is also a sort-of midquel to Duelists of the Friendship Cup, where it's established that in this world Pendulums don't exist yet, save for Sunset Shimmer who is the only one using them so far.

However, since this take place before Duelists of the Friendship Cup, Sunset at this point doesn't have her pendulum deck, being stuck to using Twilight's deck from Duelists of the Autumn Crown, though I personally feel that in this story she would gradually awaken what would become her deck in the sequel.

Okay I just thought I would ask. I was considering an Odd-Eyes user for one of them to go up against. Anyways like the story.

After reading this, I really wanna see one of the Mane Six go up to Shark Stroke and beat him in a duel, specifically Applejack since she's the family woman.

Was there a reprint to Jar of Greed? Because I'm pretty sure it only let's you draw 1 card

Well I do have a future story planned where there's a tag-team tournament where I plan on having one of the three sibling pairs dueling Sharp Stroke and another pro-grade duelist. Guess that's one vote for Applejack and Apple Bloom.

Well, okay. But just note that if going by DrakeyC's continuity, CHS don't use those extensively, barring Derpy with her Junk deck.

Sure. Just note that the character was ineligible for the Autumn Crown tournament if s/he is a CHS student. For further information just check out DrakeyC's Duelists stories.

Predator Plants eh? Interesting choice for AJ, and it makes sense for her to keep up with Crystal Prep. Nice

*sigh* Makes you wish they didn't still censor the names, either that or since kanji can fit a LOT of words into a tiny space as opposed to a Germanic language. :twilightsheepish:

Looks like this story takes place between Autumn Crown and Friendship Cup to explain where Applejack got her new deck betting that the cards shes going to get will be the Venom Dragons.

Also Green Legend Applejack? As in a reference to Green Legend Ran, an anime where the villains steal nearly all the water on earth and then begin turning the surviving humans into plants? Kind of fitting considering the whole Predaplant thing

Also pretty fitting given the character in ARC-V who debuted Predaplants into the franchise proper.

As the person heading this anthology; I'm super excited waiting for the duel. :pinkiehappy:

Man amazing triple-part chapter to get this going! Approve of how the Harmony Spirit has now resonated with their corresponding entity following the the eventa of the original story.

Question do you know how long sunsets cards where blank?

Because I have an idea between sunset and Ember or Flash.

That's... actually a bit hard to pin down. I know Twilight's/Sunset's deck had changed into the Harmony Guardians in the epilogue of Duelists of the Autumn Crown, but it's never specified how long the time skip had been. I'm guessing it had been some time though. In the sequel it's established it'd been three months, though Sunset had seemingly had the Harmony Guardians at least for a little while.

There's also the question of what Sunset's cards are like. I haven't had the heart to ask DrakeyC, as despite permission, he seems a bit aloof and dismissive.

OK that gives me an idea do you member the original series. After the end of battle city Joey was. Getting his red eyes back. What about a dule where twilight see how sunset has change. Cause in the end of the others ones story her cards are still blank.

Good duel. Predaplant vs Shaddoll.

I'm more ok here with how the duel turned out than with the original. Here it is at least established that this is her first time using this deck meaning she is more likely to not remember how all of her cards work. At the same time it doesn't feel so one sided as control of the field shifts slightly

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