• Published 16th Feb 2019
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Equestria Girls: Duel Monsters - Night-Quill

Twilight Sparkle's crown, the Element of Magic, has been stolen. She must now pursue the wayward Sunset Shimmer into a new world. A world where a dark magic lurks beneath the notice of its inhabitants, within a most peculiar game unlike any other...

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Duel #11: Madolche Madness

So far so good, Twilight, even to her own amazement, was able to score a rather straightforward victory against Applejack, her disk having recorded a total of five turns (yet another convenient function of this seemingly multi-purpose apparatus). Her previous understanding of card games, stemming largely from the odd times she’d seen Shining Armor dabble in Hocus-Pocus as a colt, was put largely into question with the seemingly insane amount of luck she’d experienced so far in three consecutive duels.

Logically it’d make sense that everything would stem to the luck of the draw: A deck of forty or so cards, a fixed number of each (her having had to make do with whatever Sunset had placed in it previously, which seemed to still function just fine). But now, having gone seemingly above a plain novice to at least a recognized duelist among the CHS student body in only a day…

I sense something is troubling you, Twilight,” the psionic echo of Priestess sung inside her mind, the spirit appearing in her projection form beside Twilight, formally grasping her tome underneath an arm, seeming to stare Twilight directly in the eyes.

Twilight surreptitiously turned her eyes towards the spirit, taking a quick glance at the applauding crowd, accompanied by more bellows of encouragement from the odd student, “It’s not so much troubling as it is just… I guess confounding would be the best choice of words.

We might have a moment, seeing as the pink one seems to be lost in one of her congratulatory rants…” echoed Priestess, casting an amused glance at Pinkie, who was putting a lot of emphasis on the notion of the word ‘three’.

It just baffles me how well my luck’s held out so far. I mean my brother used to play something similar as a colt, but whenever I saw it, he’d never had this insane level of luck as me…

Priestess formed an ever-mysterious smile on her lips as she listened, “Luck you say?

Twilight raised a brow at Priestess, on the verge of questioning her further, when her psionic focus was interrupted by Pinkie having raised her volume.

“And with that hint of So will the next duelist come on down for the fin-a-le?!” she yelled, launching a fist to the air with great gusto.

The bleachers fell almost as silent as during Pinkie’s previous poor choice of puns, discounting an off cough or a sniff amidst the students. All eyes had diverted towards Pinkie who’d quite literally looked to have frozen in her pose.

“Should we…?” Rarity spoke up from her spot on the bleachers.

“Give her a moment,” said Maud, remaining outwardly unmoved.

It was beginning to get awkward when some students were beginning to eye their phones or watches, one even going as far as looking at an antique pocket watch.

“Oh, wait…” Pinkie finally showed signs of genuine motion again, “That’s me! Ohmigosh! For a moment that could have been awkward!” she exclaimed, a snorting laugh escaping her lips.

In her ever chipper traipse, Pinkie hopped over to her backpack beside Fluttershy, unzipping it to fish out her very pink and magenta duel disk. She looked between the device in one hand, her megaphone in the other, as if having a dilemma over the two, when she tossed the latter to Fluttershy.

“Here Fluttershy; you do commentary!”

Fluttershy fidgeted with trying to catch the megaphone, inadvertently managing to finally catch it by its grip. “W-what?!” she exclaimed, further reeling when her voice boomed out of the horn.

“Yea, just like that,” remarked Pinkie before proceeding to skip to her place on the field.

Fluttershy, refusing to stand up to the potential sight of hundreds of student eyeing her raised the device to her mouth, eyes darting one way and another nervously. “Uh… Yay?”

Twilight’s nostalgia urged her to smile from endearment at Fluttershy, before turning her attention to her last opponent of the ‘boss rush’. Pinkie proceeded to reach into her head fluff, extracting her deck, somehow still in one neat stack, which she fastened onto its port on the duel disk. The device then activated, its brighter pink tray segments sliding forward, combining, and sliding along her arm.

Priestess, what do you mean by what you just said?” Twilight tried reaching out mentally, hoping her guide to this world could hear her.

Twilight; I understand your comfort in physical laws and logic, but in regards to duel monsters, there’s more than just mere luck of the draw involved, you-

“Hey, Twilight; are you as nervou-cited as I am?” asked Pinkie, once again cutting off the psionic conversation.

“Uh, no I… Wait, what did you say?” asked Twilight when a certain word uttered by the pink party girls catching her attention.

“Are you as nervou-cited as I am?” Pinkie asked in parroting herself.

“That; that word in the middle,” said Twilight holding up a finger.

“Nervou-cited?” Pinkie giggled, “Just came up with that. You know, when you’re nervous and excited at the same time? Like you’re nervous, which is like a bad thing, but you’re excited, which is more a good thing, and since we’re about the throw down as opponents, so kinda like enemies, but at the same time we have like super respect for one another, and no matter who wins we’re still gonna be like the best of friends, but at the same time it’s gonna be super intense…”

Twilight had to fight the urge of going cross-eyed from Pinkie Pie’s tendency for sporadic introspective rants, another constant across dimensions it seemed when it came to the causal anomaly that was Pinkamena Diane Pie.

“And how I’m clearly the quirky one of the bunch to Fluttershy being the shy introvert, Applejack the tough girl with the heart of gold, Rarity the pretty one with a matching beautiful personality and I guess maybe somewhere down the line Rainbow Dash might or might not be the sixth ranger to this group of ours… Where was I going with this?”

Twilight shook her head with a sputter, regaining her focus, “I believe we were about to ‘throw down’…?” she asked with an awkward grin.

“Oh! Right…” and with that Pinkie slid a hand over her face, to which her eyes seemed to narrow and her lips took on a pronounced pout, before proceeding to press the ‘start’ icon on her disk, which Twilight followed suit. “DJ, hit my music!”

After the rattle of cards being shuffled, the virtual coin revolved on the screen before landing in Pinkie’s favor.

Pinkie Pie Life Points: 4000

Twilight Sparkle Life Points: 4000

Duel start!

Turn 1: Pinkie Pie (Hand: 5)

“Here we go!” cheered Pinkie, “I special summon ‘Madolche Petingcessoeur’ from my hand!”

Now there was a familiar sight; the small blonde doll in the pink dress with ruffles imitating whipped cream emerged onto the field, doing a pirouette before bowing happily. (Level 4 1400/1400

“When this little sweetie, pun intended, is special summoned, she lets me special summon a ‘Madolche’ from my hand or deck, but its level goes down by one,” Pinkie swiped a finger across her duel disk screen, her eyes darting back and forth in the rivulet of images until she pressed a finger back down. Her deck shuffled and slid forth a card which she slapped to her tray, “Bring on the pudding… with ‘Madolche Puddingcess’!”

Another monster Twilight remembered from the duel against Snips and Snails; the older, more refined looking princess doll in the creamy yellow frilled, pudding-themes dress and silver tiara. She delicately held at the folds of her dress and curtseyed. (Level 5 -> 4, 1000/1000 -> 1800/1800)

“When I’ve no monsters in my graveyard, Puddingcess gains a whopping 800 extra attack and defense to boot!”

“Twilight, didn’t she do that Xyz thing with those two?” whispered Spike down from the ground.

“She did, and I believe she will again…”

“And with my delectable dames, again, pun intended, I Overla-ay!” Pinkie called with a dramatic upward point as the Overlay nebula emerged onto the field, Petingcessoeur and Puddingcess’ forms becoming wafting forms of energy before spiraling into the nebula.

“Two patrons of sweet happiness, combine your power and call on the advisor of the world of delights.”

“Xyz Summon! The honorary Rank 4; ‘Madolche Teacher Glassoufle~!’”

Emerging into the field came another doll-like humanoid. A female with a contrastingly overall green color scheme, which included her hair tied into two buns at the back of her head and the formal, yet humble green dress with a blue necktie. The most unusual trait of her was the skirt starting from her waist looked akin to a bisected cake, with lighter green ruffles going down the middle. In her hands she held a pointer, and she was wearing a pair of round spectacles, possibly indicating some form of royal instructor or the like. She bowed humbly in place. (Rank 4, 1800/2500)

“Aaand that’s it; end my turn. Come at me bro!” Pinkie exclaimed with a thump on her chest, which only resulted in her obstructions jiggling, which Twilight found strangely unsettling. I mean, sistah!” she repeated in correction, thumping again, hence another jiggle.

(Hand: 4)

Twilight chuckled awkwardly before proceeding with her turn.

Turn 2: Twilight Sparkle (Hand: 5)

Twilight drew the first card. It wasn’t as favorable as last time, having only two Spellbooks this time around, second of which she just drew and four monsters. At first her previous thoughts on luck were true, seeing that two of her monsters could not be summoned as she had no sacrifice. To her relief, the picture of a familiar teal-haired, brown-robed sorceress almost had her sighing.

Oh thank Celestia, I thought I almost jinxed myself… Her mouth lined, remembering how as a mare slash woman of science, she did not give credence to the notion of jinxes… Although, that was something Zecora had not agreed with her on, during their recent time of training together. She shook her head, focusing back to the duel, sliding a card from her hand to her tray.

“I summon ‘Temperance of Prophecy’ in attack mode,” Twilight slapped the card on her tray.

The brown-robed, connected chalices wielding sorceress emerged onto the field. (Level 3, 1000/1000)

“I then active ‘Spellbook of Secrets’, and I use it to add ‘Spellbook of Power’ into my hand,” Twilight took the selected card. “Since I played a ‘Spellbook’ card, I can sacrifice Temperance to special summon a level five or above light or dark attribute spellcaster from my deck.”

Temperance held aloft her chalices, one spewing its curtain of thick white smoke, the other the dark purplish smoke, which covered Temperance’s form entirely.

“I special summon ‘High Priestess of Prophecy’ in attack mode!”

A white gloved hand emerged, swiping away the smoke, revealing Priestess, bearing her opened emerald tome over a fore arm, crossing her legs in a graceful forward step. (Level 7, 2500/2100)

With her ace in the hole immediately on the field, she wasn’t going to waste this opportunity, “I activate Priestess’ effect, by banishing Spellbook of Secrets from my graveyard, I destroy your facedown card. Lexicon Designator!”

Priestess’ tome levitated off her arm as she positioned her hands into the correct gesture, her ethereal voice murmuring her incantations. Pinkie’s facedown burst into ashes in a flash of green flames, followed with a yelp from Pinkie.

“Toasty~!” she exclaimed.

“Quite,” Twilight chuckled. “I then activate ‘Spellbook of Power’, increasing Priestess' attack by a thousand for the rest of the turn. More than enough to take out Glassoufle.”

Priestess tome lit from a light emerald to a radiant orange, opening its seemingly infinite pages before her. She reached out with her hands, coalescing the power within into the familiar orb of power between her hands, keeping it contained between gnarled fingers. With a grunt, Priestess (ATK: 3500) launched the orb towards the defending Glassoufle (DEF: 2500), who let loose a high-pitched yelp upon impact, resulting in a loud explosion.

Pinkie’s life points remained untouched due to being in defense position. Twilight, however, felt safer for depriving Pinkie of field presence, not wishing to face more of her stronger monsters, especially during her current predicament.

“Whenever a monster affected by Spellbook of Power destroys a monster in battle, I add a 'Spellbook' to my hand,” Twilight added and followed through. “I place one card facedown and end my turn.”

(Hand: 4)

Turn 3: Pinkie Pie (Hand: 4)

“Yosh! Watashi no tān. Dorō!” Pinkie exclaimed as she swiped a card from the top of her deck in a dramatic fashion.

Twilight raised a brow at Pinkie’s sudden change of language. While she was far an expert on the subject, from what she could understand, it sounded similar to that of eastern Equestrian areas.

“Uh, Pinkie… No offense, but maybe stick to a language I understand?” Twilight asked gently, mainly given her past experiences with her Pinkie Pie who may not at times take certain hints as gracefully as others.

Pinkie giggled, “Sorry. I just had to.”

Twilight eyed the pink girl with uncertainty, “Had to what?”

“You know; that.”

“No, I don’t-”

“Summoning a monster~!” Pinkie spouted abruptly, “‘Madolche Mewfuille’, in defense mode~!”

This one Twilight also recognized from Pinkie’s earlier duel; the pink stuffed toy cat with a plumed cavalier hat made of pancake. It let out a mewling yawn as it sat down as close as it could to its genuine animal counterpart, given its stubby short legs. (Level 3, 500/300)

“Heh. Remember back in the gym how I was undoubtedly gonna put the hurt on Snips and Snails. I don’t mean literal hurt but figurative hurt, obviously,” Pinkie’s spoke, her pace gradually increasing, “I mean who would put literal hurt into a card game of all things, right? I mean that Spatial Collapse was super annoying how he just shut me down…”

Twilight stiffened a chuckle listening to Pinkie go on one of her numerous train-of-thought tangents. Something she’d come to expect of the one in Equestria, so of course it would also apply to one that was bipedal.

“But then you notice how it was also the reason how your plan with me and Fluttershy ended up working like cinnamon in apples. I don’t know about you, but I just think there’s nothing better to spice up apples than cinnamon…”

Twilight’s smile ebbed slightly. Amidst her rambling, she thought she hadn’t heard Pinkie take even an ounce of breath between words.

Pinkie’s eyes started to squint as her voice grew increasingly raspy, “So now I can actually do what I was gonna do originally and use my puffy pink pussy…”

The crowd let out a unified gasp.

Pinkie took a long gasping breath of air, “Use my puffy pink pussy cat friend to special summon another ‘Madolche’ from my hand!”

“Ohhh,” the students responded in chorus.

“Goddamn; I thought she meant vag-”

“And what better than my pal ‘Madolche Butlerusk’? Also in defense!” Pinkie said with a twirl as she slapped a second card on her tray.

Another child-like human doll emerged onto the field. Adorned in a fancy black and white butler’s outfit, complete with white gloves, a monocle, a neatly trimmed short head of hair, awkwardly holding a porcelain tea pot in one hand and a cup atop a plate in the other with a white cloth draped over his forearm, all the whilst kneeling. (Level 4, 1500/800)

“When this delightful diligent dependent is summoned,” said Pinkie in an impressive display of alliteration, “I can add a field spell from my deck to my hand.” A card ejected from her disk.

“It’s gonna be that…” Spike paused in his whispering. “What’d she call it again?”

“‘Chateau’,” said Twilight. “It’s Prench for castle.”

“And here we go, to the land of delights; ‘Madolche Chateau’!” declared Pinkie in sheer excitement as she inserted the field spell into the magic and trap port and tapped her screen.

The soccer field was overtaken by the great castle build of stacked and assembled cakes, macarons and other solid forms of pastries, and the landscape sectioned off into fields of different cakes fitted together like puzzle pieces.

“With Madolche Chateau in play, all my little pals are returned to my deck,” Pinkie elaborated as her graveyard spat out all three monsters in her graveyard, two of which were shuffled into the deck and one sliding into the extra deck port. “On top of that, all my ‘Madolches’ gain 500 attack and defense. And that’s not even all! When a Madolche monster’s effect would shuffle itself back into my deck, it returns to my hand instead. Isn’t this field spell just the best?!”

While Twilight admired Pinkie’s sheer enjoyment of the duel so far, a testament to Pinkie’s ever upbeat and joyous nature across the dimensional limbo it seemed, she couldn’t exactly share in her friend’s counterpart’s enthusiasm. With the seemingly awful hand she’d been dealt, plus with having only Priestess to depend on so far, and should she be destroyed, Twilight did not like her chances against Pinkie in these circumstances. She realized that Snips, contrary to his usual ineptitude (another constant between the two worlds), was wise in sealing off much of Pinkie’s field presence during their duel in the gymnasium, given Pinkie’s reliance on Xyz monsters.

Good thing neither of Pinkie’s monsters are strong enough to attack or defend against Priestess’. And with a Spellbook in her graveyard, I’ll get rid of Madolche Chateau.

“Oh, and let’s sprinkle in a bit of extra; continuous spell ‘Field Barrier’,” Pinkie slid a card into her disk, the image of said card arising to her field. “With this baby up, neither of us can play field spells, and any field spells up can’t be destroyed.” She narrowed her eyes, “You were thinking of it. Weren’t you…?” In an instant, she was back to chipper, “I end my turn!”

(Hand: 2)


Fluttershy, still holding onto the megaphone, looked around nervously, uncertain whether to say something or not, given Pinkie’s vagueness on the request. Raising the device close to her mouth, her eyes darted back and forth, but nothing particularly profound came to mind.

“Um… Yay,” she muttered, her voice barely audible even with the sound amplification.


Turn 4: Twilight Sparkle (Hand: 4)

Twilight drew her next card. So far, she had only one Spellbook in her graveyard. Her facedown was Spellbook of Fate with which she could potentially add a new Spellbook to her hand by banishing Spellbook of Power. Would it have been wise to destroy Pinkie’s Field Barrier that currently made her dangerous Madolche Chateau almost untouchable? The card she drew was Spellbook of Life. Useful if Priestess would be destroyed, while at the moment she could not revive Temperance to use her ability to summon another spellcaster like Reaper from her deck.

It felt like her deck was entirely out of synch from the last three duels now.

Twilight,” Priestess’ psionic echo reverberated in Twilight’s mind.

Twilight saw as Priestess’ on-field projection seemed to surreptitiously glance in her direction.

Twilight, what’s wrong? Your thoughts feel distraught.

I-I don’t know! My deck doesn’t seem to work anymore! It the last three duels I seemed to be making conducive draws.” Twilight looked over her hand. “It’s just like I was telling you earlier; my brother never had this much luck in the stuff he played. I guess expecting this lucky streak to last indefinitely for the whole day was a foolish notion…

Twilight,” Priestess’ mental voice rang in a much more sagely tone, almost reminding her of Celestia offering her wisdom during her many years as the alicorn princess’ pupil, “Remember; this isn’t just any game. As I was trying to tell you before the pink one’s interruption-

“Hey, you alright over there?” came Pinkie’s voice over the communicator, Priestess rolling her eyes in annoyance for the third interruption, from the same person.

Twilight looked over the field, seeing Pinkie Pie looking right at her, no longer smiling, but appearing very much concerned.

“O-oh! Yea! I’m fine, just strategizing!” Twilight said with as much conviction as a certain draconequus claiming to behave.

Pinkie narrowed her eyes, her lips puckering into a pout. She was not buying it at all.

“… No dice?” asked Twilight.

Pinkie shook her head, her puffy curls of hair bobbing along in her movement, “Nope.”

Figures. One thing she’d fallen for on numerous occasions since getting to know her version of Pinkie Pie was how amazingly perceptive, if not unconventionally wise she was, in contrast to her bouncy, sometimes sporadic surface impression.

“I mean what’s there to be all frowny about? You’re among friends, we’re having loads of fun and even the audience is having a blast!” said Pinkie with a joyous bounce.

“I’m not really certain if I should be saying this, given that it’s in the middle of a match, but…” Twilight tried coming up with a roundabout form of phrasing. “It feels as though I’ve just lost my… How should I put it?”

“Pep?” Pinkie offered.

“Mmm, not exactly, perhaps more like-”

“Your oomph?”

Twilight’s mouth lined, “What would that even-?”

“Oooh! Your ‘duelthusiasm’!” Pinkie exclaimed with a smile.

“My what?” Twilight asked incredulously. But, given this was a Pinkie Pie she was talking to, she suspected an enlightening explanation was coming, in Pinkie’s own unique way.

“Your ‘duelthusiasm’, silly,” said Pinkie. “You’ve been dueling super hard today and you prolly have yesterday’s embarrassing defeat tattooed on your retinas!” she emphasized by pulling her eyes almost unnaturally wide with her index and middle fingers of each hand.

Twilight squirmed at the display, “That’s… one way to put it, I suppose.”

“So now you’re just really, really worried that the moment you lose you’re going to be shunned, and I mean shuunnned-uh…” said Pinkie, putting much emphasis on the N. “So you feel like nothing, absolutely nothing, seems to be going in no way, no how, how you’d hoped and it’s making you feel bad.”

That… Was surprisingly spot on! Twilight looked at Pinkie with the grade of surprise she’d not believed possible, not until her discovery of the further anomalous phenomena relating to Pinkie Pie, dubbed the Pinkie Sense. “How did you know?”

Pinkie turned so that her side was facing Twilight, “Trembling coccyx,” she stated, leaning forward and holding one arm behind her to point at the area surrounding her rear.

“Trembling… coccyx?” Twilight wondered. Wait, humans have tailbones?

“Uhuh. When that happens, it means someone’s losing or lost their duelthusiasm. But don’t worry, Twilight, let your pal Pinkie give you a little boost!” said Pinkie, pointing at herself, smiling sweetly. “Question: Ya know why I duel?”

“But… shouldn’t we-? The crowd-”

Pinkie held up an open palm, “They’ll hold. Now: Ya know why I duel?”

Twilight glanced between the audience and Pinkie. Vinyl’s music continued to blare through the small speaker set up around the sunglasses donning DJ, the crowd looking not that displeased, but she could spot some of the students chattering amongst each other, the music blocking it out, no doubt as per Pinkie’s design.

“… Why do you duel?” Twilight asked, deciding to relent.

Pinkie spread out her arms in an open gesture, “To have fun, of course.” She then gestures towards the crowd, “And to make others happy while doing it.”

Twilight raised a brow at the notion. Dueling, for all the influence it seemed to hold over both the students of the school, even a sizable portion of the world’s population, from what she’d gleamed from the rulebook she’d read through the Internet, seemed much akin to any form of competition. Like the pegasi flight competitions to weed out the best fliers, or polo, or even something non-physical, like chess. Twilight wasn’t the most endeared to competition, she’d never seen the honest point to most of them. Mostly just two or more ponies trying to outdo each other for validation, added with overeager fans, the odd case of spectator hooliganism (the Haysel Polo Disaster still fresh in many ponies’ minds).

“Make others happy?” Twilight inquired.

“Yuppers!” Pinkie bounced. “I don’t wanna duel just to show I’m better than someone else or some other horse… shitake,” she hesitated for a moment. “I want everyone to have a good time, feel the excitement of a super tense moment, and make funny remarks while at it!”

“So you want to duel specifically for the act of entertainment?”

“Duh. That’s basically what I do all the time. Me and Maud. She’s a stand-up comedian, don’t cha know?” Pinkie nudged her head towards her sister seated by Flash sentry, who seemed to recognize Pinkie’s gesture and waved ever slightly. “I help plan and throw parties, bring people together, just forget about their worries and woes and just smile and have fun. Not like Sunset Shimmer who just made everything so (Eff!)cking serious all the time!”

Twilight looked about when that strange sound once again occurred mid-word.

“That’s how I roll. I don’t care what people might think whether I win or lose. I’m gonna keep on doing what I do, and that’s enough to keep up my duelthusiasm.”

The pink one speaks wisdom, no doubt,” came Priestess’ mental voice once more.

Priestess?” Twilight’s mind focused on the mental link between her and the spirit, all the while feigning a look of contemplation.

Her sole purpose for dueling and life is the guaranteed happiness of others. That’s what keeps her passion and will in dueling sustained,” she surreptitiously glanced at Twilight through her projection on the field. “Twilight, this is what I was trying to tell you earlier.

I… I don’t understand, what does any of this have to do with the end to my good fortune streak?

Luck is only a part of dueling. If you have no will to keep going, you can’t overcome adversity anywhere. Remember, those are not mere cards you wield in your hands.

Right, that these cards contain our will and gradually reflect upon the user’s soul, so then…” Twilight fell silent.

The reason why she duels… The reason why they duel? So then, what am I dueling for?


“A former student of mine. She began her studies with me, not long before Twilight. But when she could not get what she desired, she turned down a path of darkness.”

“Twilight, you must go to this other world and retrieve your crown: Without it the other Elements of Harmony are powerless and Equestria is left without one of its most vital defenses.”

“It was all fine and good when Applejack and Rainbow Dash dueled for fun. It’s been this way ever since they were freshmen. Now all they do is fight… But before we came to CHS, something just happened and now everyone’s distant or hates each other.”

“Of course, in the wrong hands, someone could very much evoke the very powers of the Game of Darkness once again… My former charge, Sunset Shimmer, poses such a danger to this world…”

“Well… It has been kind of lonely. Applejack won’t talk to me because of Rainbow Dash, and anytime they meet up it becomes a fight, and Pinkie abruptly stopped talking to me…”

“But then… How come she stood me up that Valentine’s Day? I waited for her… I tried calling her, e-mails, tried talking to her! But she just… She wouldn’t even address me. And then she started coming between our sisters, the fights with Rainbow Dash… This isn’t true! Applejack; whoever sent you this; they’re lying!”

“Just because I’m chipper and bombastic, something I’m totally aware of despite what some people may think, and yea I might have blown up a thing or two, but it doesn’t mean I’m dumb!”

“Ah’m sorry… Ah’m so sorry…”

“Well duh. It’s not like we just weren’t forced to co-operate together in a high-stakes card game with all my hard work on the line… You forgive me for being a rotten silly-billy?”

“Of course, I forgive you… I trust Twilight,”

“She did help us. And she’d just met us. Much as I would want retribution on Sunset my own way but… Maybe we should help her make it in return.”

“If Rarity thinks so, then… maybe ya can work another miracle.”

“Sorry it had to be this way… Princess.”

“But I feel it only right that I remedy this dilemma at CHS. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like spending my time there dealing with animosity, and I doubt neither do you.”

“I want to help.”


“I want to help…” Twilight muttered. Looking at her hand again; it may not have been the most ideal at the moment, but then again, not one of her duels had depended entirely on perfect planning. “I activate the spell card, ‘Diffusion Wave-Motion’.”

“Ooooh, ‘Diffusion Wave-Motion’,” Pinkie parroted. “… What’s that do?”

Twilight Sparkle Lifepoints: 4000 – 1000 = 3000

“By paying a thousand life points, a level seven or above spellcaster-type monster on my side of the field must attack all monsters my opponent controls. In addition, these monsters cannot activate their effects and any active effects are negated.” Twilight pointed a finger towards Pinkie’s side of the field, “I enter the battle phase!”

Priestess (ATK: 2500) levitated her tome above herself, to which its endless pages fluttered in a rapid flurry until abruptly stopping upon a nondescript spread, when two white, perfectly circular waves of energy shot out, spreading out in a diagonal angle one at a time. The waves would spread out until they phased through Pinkie’s Mewfuille (DEF: 800) and Butlerusk (DEF: 1300). The two of them combusted after a moment’s delay.

Pinkie may not have taken damage, but in the very least she doesn’t have anything to use as overlays. And due to Diffusion Wave-Motion’s effect, they can’t return to Pinkie’s hand or deck to be reused. And with Field Barrier, Pinkie can’t simply replace the current copy of it.

Twilight caught Priestess glance towards her, as she snatched back her descending tome, giving an approving smirk with tug at the front of her hat.

“I end my turn,” Twilight declared, any reluctance vanished from her voice.

(Hand: 4)

Turn 5: Pinkie Pie (Hand: 2)

“Oh, poopie,” Pinkie said as she drew her next card. “But I guess that’s one way of diffusing the tension!” She shrugged, “Eh? … Ehh?”

“Yay,” Fluttershy’s voice carried over by the megaphone.

“Ohhh, stop…” Pinkie chortled. “Though now my two pals are stuck in the graveyard… Hmm, what to do… what to do…?” she looked over her hand, when a resonant ‘ding’ sounded from nowhere. “Pfft! Well duh; I summon ‘Madolche Magileine’ in defense mode.”

A human doll came flying onto the field from nowhere sitting atop a fork, the back of which seemed to hold a huge puff of fluffy whipped cream studded with and assortment of berries, peach slices and pecans. Swinging off the fork and into a kneeling position, the doll was of a female human with carmine hair, dressed in a dark purple frilly dress accented with a drooping, wide-brimmed hat. (Level 4, 1400/1200 -> 1900/1700)

“When this delightful darer is summoned, I can add a ‘Madolche’ monster from my deck to my hand,” a card slid out of her deck, “I picked ‘Hootcake’. And then I place two cards facedown. Ending my turn.”

(Hand: 1)

Turn 6: Twilight Sparkle (Hand: 4)

“Right, here we go!” Twilight drew her card. “I activate ‘Spellbook of Knowledge’. By discarding a ‘Spellbook’,” Twilight sent the redundant Spellbook of Life to the graveyard, “I draw twice.”

As Twilight drew her two new cards, a sense of relief came over her seeing familiar parts of her arsenal make their way up into her hand.

So that’s what Priestess… and Pinkie were on about… “I summon Justice of Prophecy’ in attack mode.”

The near black dressed female sorceress with her scepter and dagger emerged onto the field, talismans wafting in a non-existent breeze. (Level 3, 1600/800).

“Now I’ll use Priestess’ effect; I banish Spellbook of Knowledge to destroy your Magileine.”

“Sokkō Mahō hatsudō!” Pinkie exclaimed in that eastern language. “‘Waga Mi o Tate ni’…” Pinkie cleared her throat, “I mean ‘My Body as a Shield’!”

“Nani?!” came Fluttershy’s megaphoned voice, “… Sorry.”

Pinkie simply presented the upward held thumb gesture at Fluttershy, “Anyhoo, ‘My Body as a Shield’, by paying 1500 life points, I can negate the destruction of a monster by an opponent’s card effect and destroy that card. I’ll save you, Mageleine!” Pinkie cried as she leapt forward, letting out a distended “Noooo…” as she deliberately deepened her voice

As Priestess finished her chant and hand gestures, it was Pinkie who this time was hit by the green flames, though it did nothing to actually harm her, given their state as projections. A slight sizzle escaped the front tuft of Pinkie’s hair.

Pinkie Pie Life Points: 4000 – 1500 = 2500

“Hunh…” Pinkie uttered. “Not as dramatic as I’d hoped…”

At that moment Priestess was overcome by her own emerald flames and burned to nothing in an instant. With only Justice on her field, Twilight would not be able to hold off against Pinkie’s Magileine. Fortunately, she had an impromptu back-up plan on hand.

“At the end of my turn; since I played a ‘Spellbook’, I can banish Justice to special summon a level five or above light or dark spellcaster from my hand or deck.” She slapped a card from her hand onto her tray, “I summon ‘Wheel or Prophecy’ in attack mode!”

In farewell, Justice used her spiky dagger similarly to Reaper, in which she tore a hole into the air itself, only to vanish into said hole herself. From within emerged a monster she had yet to reveal, much like last time with Destroyer. A towering, muscular male humanoid emerged, with the head, fur and flowing mane of a male lion, garbed in heavyset black and silver faulds and a harness bearing the Prophecy crest, along with a matching circlet on his head. A guttural roar escaped from his jaws, holding aloft his left arm towards the heavens. A massive disk came hurtling from the sky and embedded itself into the ground. As tall as the being who’d seemed to have summoned it, its rims divided into four sides by rounded gaps, the surface emblazoned with a half serpentine, half humanoid demon, and a canine reminiscent of a jackal, with the Prophecy crest at the center of it all with a blue grounded gemstone. The feline creature slipped its left arm into a strap bolted to the disk’s inner surface and brandished it as a shield. (Level 8, 2700/1700)

“In addition, Justice allows me to add one ‘Spellbook’ into my hand from my deck,” a card ejected from Twilight’s deck, revealed as a second Spellbook of Power. “When Wheel of Prophecy is summoned by the effect of a spellcaster-type monster, he lets me return any number of banished Spellbooks back into my graveyard. I return Spellbook of Secrets and Spellbook of Knowledge to my graveyard.”

(Hand: 6)

Turn 7: Pinkie Pie (Hand: 1)

“Wohoo!” Pinkie cried out. “You got back your duelthusiasm!” she cheered as she drew her next card. “When that happens, my duelthusiasm just goes up!” She slapped a card into her disk. “I summon ‘Madolche Hoot-cake’ in attack mode!”

Onto the field emerged on flapping wings a large brown owl plush toy garbed in a predominately blue smart outfit with a red tie and blue shoes, oddly enough. Atop its small beak was a pair of tiny spectacles and on its head was a slightly slanted hotcake, akin to a hat. (Level 3, 1500/1100 -> 2000/1600)

“Hootcake lets me banish one monster from my graveyard in order to special summon one ‘Madolche’ monster from my deck,” a card slid out of her graveyard. “Sorry, Butlerusk…” she said as she slid the card into her banished slot. “I think I’ll take… Ooh! ‘Madolche Messengelato’!”

A monster Twilight recognized from earlier as the gelato themed messenger or mailman emerged onto the field, casually adjusting his cap before swiftly holding out his hand, to which three envelopes sprung up out of nowhere between his index, middle, nameless and pinkie fingers. (Level 4, 1600/1000 -> 2100/1500)

“When Messengelato is special summoned while I control a beastie Madolche, like Hootcake,” to which Hootcake proceeded to produce a letter from under its wing and tossing it to Messengelato, “this dutifully diligent dispatcher adds a ‘Madolche’ spell or trap into my hand!”

Messengelato tossed the letter back towards Pinkie, which vanished before reaching her, to which a card slid out of her deck.

“Hooray! I got ‘Madolche Ticket’, which I’ll also activate!” the continuous spell’s image appeared onto the field beside Field Barrier. “Now there’s nothing else to do but chaaarge!”

Twilight raised a brow as Wheel of Prophecy held forth his shield in her defense. But Pinkie’s monsters don’t have enough attack points, even with Chateau’s effect-

“And ‘boop!’ Trap card, activate: ‘Madolche Lesson’!” Pinkie said with a flourish as her remaining facedown revealed itself.

“What does…?” Twilight had to catch herself from asking, no doubt anticipating the impending explanation which everyone seemed to painstakingly narrate for every card.

“Madolche Lesson lets me shuffle one Madolche monster from my graveyard back into my deck,” to which Pinkie’s only remaining monster in the graveyard, Mewfuille was returned and shuffled, “To which all my Madolche’s on-hand gain 800 additional attack and defense!”

Messengelato (ATK: 2100 -> 2900), with an ominous glint in his eye, threw a triad of envelopes that flew in a swerve like miniature buzzsaws towards Wheel of Prophecy (ATK: 2700).

“Facedown activate,” Twilight rebutted, “Quick-Play spell; ‘Spellbook of Fate’. By banishing two Spellbooks from my graveyard,” Secrets and Power, “I force Messengelato to facedown defense mode!”

Before the envelopes made contact, they vanished, whilst Messengelato’s form seemed to ripple like disturbed water, immediately replaced by a facedown card.

“Oh…” Pinkie pouted. “Oh well. Hootcake…” her eyes narrowed, “finish what he started…”

Hootcake (ATK: 2800) flapped his wings before letting loose a forceful, low-pitched hoot, which sent rings of sound towards Wheel of Prophecy (ATK: 2700). As the rings pelted against his great shield, the humanoid lion began to waver, before outright collapsing, his form erupting into tiny fragments.

Twilight Sparkle Life Points: 3000 – 100 = 2900

“Magileine, attack Twilight directly! (I still like you!)” she declared with a dramatic point.

The fork-flying (any implications or references to me made Twilight was drawing a blank upon) doll flew low in an arc around the field (ATK: 2700). As she was just about upon Twilight, she produced what looked to be a Prench madeleine from out of nowhere and tossed it at Twilight in a veritable strafing run. The cake exploded with a thick puff of smoke as it hit Twilight’s unveiling forcefield, her left arm jerking from the duel disk feedback.

Twilight Sparkle Life Points: 2900 – 2700 = 200

I can see how Pinkie was last year’s runner up now…

“And that ends my turn!” Pinkie proclaimed behind her misleadingly charming looking monsters now rendered capable of outdoing even Twilight’s strongest monsters by sheer power alone.

(Hand: 1)

“Goodness, how is Twilight Sparkle going to get out of this one?” Fluttershy asked the crowd, her focus on the duel overpowering her inherent reluctance to be the focus of attention.

A very valid question if I do say so myself… Twilight thought as she prepared for her draw.

Twilight,” Priestess’ voice once again echoed in her mind, “Do not give into your doubts!

Twilight saw as Priestess’ astral form appeared beside her, eyes staring intently with concern over her. Twilight glanced at the spirit. Though her heart was hammering under her sternum, proving just how intense this simple game was in tension alone, Twilight refused to show an iota of weakness.

I’m here to help,” she declared with conviction inside her mind. “I understand now what you and Pinkie meant. Dueling is not about luck, not entirely…

Turn 8: Twilight Sparkle (Hand: 6)

Twilight, mirroring Pinkie’s, though with more restraint closer akin to Rarity, extravagance as she drew her next card.

“I summon ‘Amores of Prophecy’, in defense mode,” the blue clad, blindfolded arcane archer emerged onto the field, kneeling down with his stringless bow gripped in one hand. (Level 3, 600/2000)

“With Amores, by revealing a ‘Spellbook’ from my hand,” Twilight pressed Spellbook of Power against her duel disk’s scanner to confirm it, “I can special summon a level four or below Spellcaster from my hand. I summon ‘Fool of Prophecy’ in attack mode,” Twilight slapped the card onto her tray, unleashing the yellow-garbed, spellcaster with the twig in his mouth. (Level 4, 1600/900).

“With Fool on the field, once per turn, I can send one ‘Spellbook’ card from my deck to the graveyard…” Spellbook of Life was fed into the slot. “Then I activate my ‘Spellbook of Power’, increasing Fool’s attack by a thousand.” Fool slung his golden scepter off his shoulder as the fiery orange tome materialized before him. Holding the weapon forth, the power within the Spellbook arced its way into the scepter, coalescing into the fiery orb at its very tip.

She then indicated Pinkie’s side of the field, “To battle; I attack Messengelato with Fool!”

With a lazy grin, Fool swung forth his scepter, sending the crackling orb careening straight towards the facedown Messengelato (DEF: 1500), exploding violently on impact.

“Since Messengelato was destroyed, I use its effect to return him to my hand thanks to Madolche Chateau.” Pinkie’s Madolche Ticket image then proceeded to glow. “And with Ticket’s effect I can add a ‘Madolche’ monster to my hand. And guess who~?” she said with a flutter of her brows as she revealed Pettingcessoeur.

“Due to Spellbook of Power’s effect, I add a 'Spellbook' card for destroying a monster,” Twilight declared, taking her chosen card. Perfect! “I end my battle phase. I then activate ‘Spellbook of the Master’: By revealing another Spellbook from my hand,” Spellbook of Wisdom, “I can choose one normal Spellbook spell card in my graveyard and give Spellbook of Master its effect: I choose Spellbook of Knowledge. To which I discard Spellbook of Wisdom to draw two cards.”

Twilight looked over her slightly diminished hand. She took one card from among them and slid it into her disk. “I set one card facedown, and end my turn. At this point I activate the effect of Fool. Since I’ve used his effect this turn, if I have at least five Spellbooks in my graveyard during my end phase, I can sacrifice him to special summon a level five or higher spellcaster from my deck. I have exactly five, to which I will summon Reaper of Prophecy!”

Spitting his twig out, Fool bid farewell with lax gesture as his form vanished from the field, leaving behind a shimmering ring of light where he once stood. This light promptly darkened into a pillar of blackness, from which a great scythe slashed through, unveiling the darkly dressed macabre sorcerer kneeling. The blade of the scythe glowed a cold blue, whilst a single red eye stared from underneath their hood. (Level 6, 2000/1600)

“Reaper’s effects are determined by the number of spellcards in my graveyard: With three, his attack is increased by 600 (ATK: 2600). With four I can add one ‘Spellbook’ from my deck to my hand,” she was ejected Spellbook of Eternity from her deck, “And with five, he special summons a level five or above spellcaster from my deck. I unleash ‘Prophecy Destroyer’!”

As in the previous duel, Reaper sunk his scythe into the very air itself, tearing a dark, swirling rift into the fabric of reality. With a monstrous roar, the demonic Prophecy Destroyer tore itself onto the field from the rift and knelt down beside his smaller comrades, the blade of his flaming sword driven into the ground. (Level 6, 2500/1200)

“With my defenses bolstered, I end my turn,” Twilight declared, her focus causing her to overlook the sudden gust that seemed to pick up behind her.

(Hand: 4)


Rarity had to rub her eyes when she thought they were playing tricks on her mind. Following a series of deliberate winking, she eyed Twilight at her end of the soccer field intently.

“Somethin’ wrong, darlin’?” asked Applejack from beside her, no doubt roused from feeling her body shifting whilst having the farmgirl’s strong arm around her shoulder.

“Oh, no. It’s nothing. I just had something in my eye,” she assured her girlfriend. That had to be it. Because I thought I saw… I almost thought as if there were wings on Twilight’s back just now…

Turn 9: Pinkie Pie (Hand: 3)

“Oooh, this is so exciting~!” she exclaimed as she drew her next card. “Intense! Heart-pounding! Fun!” She looked over the new card, before sliding it into her disk, “I set this puppy facedown. Then, since I’ve no monsters in the graveyard, I special summon ‘Madolche Petingcessoeur’ from my hand!”

The little girl doll finally returned onto the field, pirouetting joyfully before bowing. (Level 4, 1400/1400 -> 1900/1900)

“And with her on the field, let’s bring on back her big sis,” Pinkie began as a card was ejected from her deck, “Come on back, ‘Madolche Puddingcess’!”

Puddingcess remerged to the field beside her, alleged, sibling, doing a courteous curtsey towards Twilight before assuming a neutral stance with her hands held together over her lap. (Level 5 -> 4, 1000/1000 -> 1500/1500 -> 2300/2300)

Right, with Madolche Chateau out, Puddingcess’ gains a total of 1300 extra attack and defense when Pinkie’s graveyard is empty.

“Hmm…” Pinkie hummed in contemplation, going through her duel disk’s screen. “What to do, what to do…”

Twilight watched how Pinkie reached into her hair, digging around for something for a good moment before producing something small and green from her hair. Twilight peered through squinted eyelids, recognizing the distinct, slender green shape. She almost believed she recognized it as Gummy, the alligator sometimes living in her Pinkie Pie’s mane, but this one looked slightly bigger and, somehow, even less animate, which would have been a miracle in and of itself given how stationary she’d perceived the baby gator on most occasions.

“What do you think, Gummy?” she could faintly hear Pinkie over the duel disk communicator. “Yea, I guess that’s a good point… Well I’m not exactly Rarity, I- Shh! Quiet, Gummy, not so loud!”

Twilight grimaced ever delicately, looking between Pinkie and the crowd. After a curt gesture of begging for some form of explanation, any responses she got were the odd blink, or even a few shrugs from among the students.

“Okay then, if you think she won’t see that coming. You wily little gator, you,” Pinkie chortled in an endearing manner before inserting ‘Gummy’ back in her hair. “I believe that it’s time… to Overlay!” she declared with much flourish as Pettingcessoeur and Puddingcess’ forms once more changed into surges of light that coalesced together, forming the swirling nebula.

“Patrons of sweet happiness, combine your power and roll out the welcoming for the queen of the land of delights.”

“Xyz Summon! Her majesty: Rank 4, ‘Madolche Queen Tiaramisu’!”

The platinum blonde, white gold wearing Madolche queen in her frilled coffee brown royal dress arose from the nebula. She held aloft her pink, gold tipped scepter in triumph, as though beckoning her overlay units to arise from beneath her as they began to revolve around her form. (Rank 4, 2200/2100 -> 2700/2600)

“After a moment of deliberation with my consultant, the right and honorable Gummy,” at that point Gummy, whom may or may not have actually been a gator plush toy, poked out of Pinkie’s fluff, “I came to the conclusion that I shall remove an overlay unit…”

Tiaramisu held aloft her scepter, one of her overlay units careening out of its path and melding into the ornament.

“So I’ll then shuffle the removed Pettingcessoeur, and Madolche Lesson from my graveyard, to my deck. Of course, with Chateau, Pettingcessoeur returns to my hand, and Ticket lets me take another ‘Madolche’ to my hand…” a card ejected from her deck, revealing it as some form of horseback riding human doll. “So I’ll return your Destroyer and Amores to your hand.”

Pointing her scepter at Twilight’s monsters, Prophecy Destroyer roared in protest as it and Amores were bathed in golden light before vanishing from the field, prompting Twilight to gather their cards from her disk into her hand.

“Next, I summon ‘Madolche Chouxvalier’ in attack mode.”

A new Madolche emerged onto the field, this a male human doll in a frilled black uniform with a matching bicorne hat mounted atop a teal plush pony, or horse with a bright green mane and tail (a notion Twilight would normally have felt offended about, but she digressed). In his right hand the doll wielded a striped red and white saber, clearly meant to be a candy cane, with a basket guard made of whipped cream. (Level 4, 1700/1300 -> 2200/1800)

Pinkie, in a repeat from earlier in the gymnasium, swiped her thumb over her cheeks, leaving behind dark red lines, “Karera ni kēki o tabe saseru…” she said with narrowed eyes, sucking the excess cherry syrup off her thumb. “Batoru! Madolche Chouxvalier no kōgeki!”

It didn’t take much guessing from Twilight’s part what Pinkie meant in the latter as Chouxvalier (ATK: 2200) held fort his candy cane sword. His mount reared up with a neigh before charging towards the kneeling Reaper (DEF: 1600).

“Trap card activate!” Twilight declared. “'Negate Attack'!”

A green transparent barrier, arose in front of Reaper, just as Chouxvalier swung his saber in a strafing run, impacting the barrier instead of the grim sorcerer.

“Negate Attack stops your attack and forces you to end your battle phase."

“Ohhh… Gummy, I think we may have made an oopsie…” remarked Pinkie, after which she nudged Gummy with a finger to simulate him nodding with her. “I guess I end my turn then,” she ended with a shrug, her mouth in a perfect line.

(Hand: 3)

Turn 10: Twilight Sparkle (Hand: 6)

Twilight drew her next card. It’s now or never.

“I activate ‘Magical Stone Excavation;’ by discarding two cards, I can add one spell card from my graveyard to my hand.” She looked over the card she was given.

A familiar flaming sword suddenly embedded itself into the ground, forming an intricate pattern of flames onto the field, before erupting the ground itself in a burst of flames. A pair of thorny wings unfurled amidst the erupting debris, Prophecy Destroyed snatching his flaming sword from the air. (Level 6, 2500/1200)

“By banishing three Spellbooks, I can special summon Prophecy Destroyer from the graveyard,” Twilight elaborated with a wry smile.

“Ooh, I get it; you sent him to the graveyard with Excavation!” Pinkie added, bobbing up on her toes in excitement.

“Correct, Pinkie. And since I now have what I need banished, I activate ‘Spellbook of Eternity’ to add ‘Spellbook of Life’ to my hand, which I’ll then activate to summon ‘Strength of Prophecy’ from my graveyard,” she declared, revealing Spellbook of Miracles from her hand for the cost, whilst ‘Temperance of Prophecy’ was slid out of her graveyard for the additional cost.

As the violet tome twirled onto the field and opened its pages, the red-haired, crimson armored axe-wielding magical warrior emerged from the calming glow, brandishing her lion-headed axe. The Spellbook of Life hovered levelly as few feet above her head. (Level 4 -> 7, 1500/1400)

“With Strength of Prophecy, by shuffling a ‘Spellbook’ from my graveyard into my deck,” Spellbook of Eternity promptly found itself being recycled into her deck, “I can increase the level of one spellcaster-type monster by one, and increase its attack points by 500.”

Strength held forth a palm, a red aura forming around Reaper of Prophecy. (Level 6 -> 7, 2600/1600 -> 3100/1600)

“With my field set, I Overlay my level seven Reaper and level seven Strength!”

Twilights spellcasters spiraled into red lights that coalesced into one another, forming once again the summoning nebula.

“Power of the cosmos and fate intertwined, the arcane wisdom and force of the universe; bring the patron of the heritage of wisdom and learning to stand by my side.”

“Xyz Summon! I beseech you, keeper of knowledge: Rank 7, ‘Hierophant of Prophecy’!”

Emerging from the nebula came a whole new spellcaster. A tall, slender male, garbed in a most intricate robe of black and purple, with extensive gold filigree and linings. Atop his jet-black haired head sat a five-pronged golden crown, while in his hand he wielded a sleek golden staff emblazoned with the crest of the Prophecies, complete with one of the white cloth talismans hanging off it, along with the four adorned on his robes. Two red orbs of light revolved around him. (Rank 7, 2800/2600)

The crowd erupted into an uproarious applause at the display. This brought waves of grateful confidence to wash through Twilight.

“And now; with Hierophant’s effect; by removing one overlay unit,” One of the overlay unit orbs swerved to embed itself into Hierophant’s staff, “I can destroy as many spells and trap cards on my opponent’s field as there are Spellbooks in my graveyard.” She tapped her duel disk in emphasis, “I currently have exactly three, so I destroy the three cards not counting Chateau on your field!”

Hierophant swung forth his scepter. Above him three holes of darkness opened into the sky, from which a flurry of arcane bolts pelted Pinkie’s field, destroying Field Barrier, Madolche Ticket and her facedown, revealed as Madolche Waltz. Twilight felt relief in her stomach, for had she attacked, Waltz would have inflicted 300 points of damage, which would have cost her the match.


“That’s all well and good,” remarked Applejack. “But as long as Pinkie has the Chateau up, she’s still got ‘em powered up Madolches.”

“Not to mention Madolche Chouxvalier makes Twilight unable to attack anything else except him,” Rarity concurred.”


“I’m not done yet,” Twilight stated. “I have yet to normal summon this turn, so I’ll tribute Hierophant of Prophecy to summon ‘Emperor of Prophecy’ in attack mode.”

Making his latest appearance since the duel with Rarity, Emperor in his violet, gold and silver inlaid outfit and silver and gold domed crown took the place of Hierophant, whose form vanished of a burst of light. Brandishing his six-pronged scepter, Emperor swept the remaining embers away. (Level 5, 2300/2000)


Applejack stared at Twilight’s display in befuddlement, “Did… did she just sacrifice him… for that?!


“Now, my next card; ‘Spellbook of Miracles’.”

A white Spellbook emerged onto the field. Opening on its own power, it burst into a series of revolving orbs of light in every color of the rainbow.

“Spellbook of Miracles can only activate if I have a Spellcaster-type Xyz monsters in my graveyard and at least two banished Spellbooks. I can special summon that monster, and attach two of those Spellbooks as overlay units! Return to us; Hierophant of Prophecy!”

The orbs of colors coalesced into each other, forming into a radiant white flare. In a burst of light, Hierophant of Prophecy stood back on the field, revived, with two green spheres revolving around his being. (Rank 7, 2800/2600)


“Holy crap!” exclaimed Sweetie Belle, clearly not caring if her sister disapproved of such crass language. “She’s still going! She’s still actually going!”


“Since Hierophant has been re-summoned, I can activate his effect a second time. By detaching an overlay unit, I destroy your Madolche Chateau.”

As another sphere embedded into Hierophants’ staff. Another, much larger dark void tore into the sky, the entire field being pelted with arcane bolts. In a loud display of flashing flares and explosions, Madolche Chateau was obliterated, leaving behind only the soccer field.

“Such sweet sorrow…” Pinkie remarked with a quivering lip as she was forced to slide her cherished field spell into the graveyard slot.

“This means all Madolches lose Chateau’s attack and defense boost,” Twilight added.

(Madolche Magileine: 2700/2500 -> 2200/2000 (due to Madolche Lesson))
(Madolche Hootcake: 2800/2400 -> 2300/1900 (due to Madolche Lesson))
(Madolche Chouxvalier: 2200/1800 -> 1700/1300)
(Madolche Queen Tiaramisu: 2700/2600 -> 2200/2100)

“And now, my final card, courtesy of Magical Stone excavation; ‘Spellbook of Power’!” Twilight thrust her final spell card in her hand into her disk.

The fiery tome appeared before Hierophant, holding forth his free hand, the power surging into his gnarled fingers to contain the raw energy, coalescing into the familiar fiery orb held aloft over his palm. (ATK: 2800 -> 3800)

“Hierophant of Prophecy attacks!”

“Oh, just a bee-tee-dubs,” Pinkie interjected, “Since I have Chouxvalier; you kinda-sorta have to attack him.”

Twilight only smiled, “He was my intended target from the get-go.”

Hierophant (ATK: 3800) threw the crackling orb at Chouxvalier (ATK: 1700), resulting in a resonant explosion that decimated the doll soldier.

Pinkie Pie Life Points: 2500 – 2100 = 400

Redundant as it was, Twilight added a card the her hand as per Spellbook of Power’s effect. “Prophecy Destroyer then attacks Madolche Magileine.”

Spreading his thorny wings, Destroyer’s (ATK: 2500) sword flared further until the flames had entirely engulfed the blade. With a fearsome roar, the demonic knight swung forth the fiery blade, sending a wave of flames hurling towards Magileine (ATK: 2200). The doll atop her flying fork met with a same, explosive end as Chouxvalier.

Pinkie Pie Life Points: 400 – 300 = 100

“And lastly, Emperor of Prophecy attacks Tiaramisu.”

Emperor (ATK: 2300) held aloft his scepter, forming a sphere of energy that he then proceeded to launch at Tiaramisu (2200). In another explosive display, Tiaramisu was obliterated, along with the exact number of Pinkie’s life points.

Pinkie Pie Life Points: 100 – 100 = 0

Twilight Sparkle Victory!

Author's Note:

“Karera ni kēki o tabe saseru…” = "Let them eat cake..." :pinkiesmile: