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If there's one thing bronies hate more than anything it's nobles, and Celestia has finally had enough of them too. She has a plan for some payback and she intends to enjoy herself, and her sister and Twilight are along for the ride.

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Arjik #1 · May 18th · · 1 ·

This is pretty good and funny. Some typos here and there, though, could distract from the story itself.

I fell over and my side burst. Thanks to you my doctor has put me on a no laughing prescription for a week.
Best Discord story ever. :twilightsmile:

That was cute and funny and hilarious XD

This was extremely cathartic to read. I'd love another. :yay:

Wroth #5 · May 19th · · ·

Meh. Just seemed to go on and on and wasn't.. honestly that entertaining.

Hehehe, that was extraordinarily entertaining. Have a mustache :moustache:

I second the motion:moustache:

What happened to the pony who was shoved in the bag, and what did she do to deserve it.:trixieshiftright:

magpye #9 · May 22nd · · 1 ·

8179477 be stupied anuff to clime in

Yeah. I mean, Luna says Celestia doesn't hate the nobles, but everything in this story suggests she does and actually wishes them harm. At the end, I didn't see the humour, only jerks lording their power over those weaker than them.

It's not funny, it's depressing.

Good story, but a lot of the characters seem out of character, the only ponies that seemed like themselves were Twiight and Fancy Pants, and even Twilight was acting a bit off for some of this.

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