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If there's one thing bronies hate more than anything it's nobles, and Celestia has finally had enough of them too. She has a plan for some payback and she intends to enjoy herself, and her sister and Twilight are along for the ride.

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Arjik #1 · May 18th, 2017 · · 1 ·

This is pretty good and funny. Some typos here and there, though, could distract from the story itself.

I fell over and my side burst. Thanks to you my doctor has put me on a no laughing prescription for a week.
Best Discord story ever. :twilightsmile:

That was cute and funny and hilarious XD

This was extremely cathartic to read. I'd love another. :yay:

Meh. Just seemed to go on and on and wasn't.. honestly that entertaining.

Hehehe, that was extraordinarily entertaining. Have a mustache :moustache:

I second the motion:moustache:

What happened to the pony who was shoved in the bag, and what did she do to deserve it.:trixieshiftright:

8179477 be stupied anuff to clime in

Yeah. I mean, Luna says Celestia doesn't hate the nobles, but everything in this story suggests she does and actually wishes them harm. At the end, I didn't see the humour, only jerks lording their power over those weaker than them.

It's not funny, it's depressing.

Good story, but a lot of the characters seem out of character, the only ponies that seemed like themselves were Twiight and Fancy Pants, and even Twilight was acting a bit off for some of this.

 “Isn't that the guy who betrayed us to Terik?”

“Discord was integral to defeating Terik. In fact it was all part of my master plan.”

“I initially sent Discord to capture Terik, that didn’t work out but Discord helped Twilight find the final key which led to his defeat.


The first session of Chaos cort will begin shortly. 


“Yes. I was hopeful when Luna returned. I thought that she would be able to get things done where Celestia couldn't.

needs end " marks.

said Discord, and to twilight’s pleasure she saw he had a serious face. 

celestia threw her head back and moaned louder. 

“Wait,” said Discord, “isn’t canterlot the richest city in Equestria? Why would it need more tourist revenue?”

They tend to think I’ll let them get away with things my sister wouldn't. I think it’s because they think it’s the Nightmare moon in me that has sympathy with them.



As Discord shuffled through papers for the first time since entering this room Celestia looked away from the window. “Would you kindly bring me a vanilla and banana smoothie, and I’ll take the jelly donuts now. Twilight was still working her way through her half of the pizza and Celestia was already ordering more snacks. Was it because she was so much bigger than most ponies, or was it because she was an alicorn? Twilight wondered briefly if her appetite would become just as big. Cadence didn’t seem to eat as much, but truth be told Twilight sometimes thought she could use a donut or two.

An end " is missing from there. And the rest needs to be its own paragraph.

The’ll work your body to the bone until you're as tempered as steel.


needs end " marks.

Discord said, “I could have sent him to a farm he would have been just as scared.

Twilight spotted Luna and said “Princess Luna, thank goodness you're here, I really need your help.

needs end " marks.

“Friends,” said Luna with a smile. Whatever troubles you face in life as a princess or not you will not face them alone.” Twilight calmed and leaned in to Luna. She closed her eyes and when she opened them again she found herself back in the observation room alone. She had been covered with a blanket so presumably Celestia had left her to sleep.

Missing end " marks somewhere in there.

... Between the typos, and lack of structure / fluidity. It just seemed to drag on and on. It was one of those fics that if it was touched up, and work to make it better could be a good fic. I can see the potential in it. But the fic itself just wasn't as good as it could've been. Could definitely use an editor to polish it up a bit.

Yeah, I lost interest and stopped reading about...maybe 2/3 of the way through.
The only point of interest was my wondering why Twilight went ahead and drank that gamer fuel even after being warned. She's usually not that stupid.

I think the story can be improved by removing some of the nobles or working out there cases and punicemends more.



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