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We’ve read it all before; human ends up in Equestria, meets ponies, etcetera... but what if it wasn’t the ponies they met and befriended first? What if it was another creature, say... the timber wolves?

After losing his way in the Forest of Dean, Jack Masterson finds himself in the magical world of Equestria with no clue how he can get back. After fleeing from the truly surreal sight of our favourite ponies, he finds himself back in a forest... and this time, he's not alone...

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in Canterlot as Prince Blueblood works on his latest scheme to ruin the inhabitants of Ponyville. Will he achieve his revenge on the Mane Six, or will he fail yet again?

Not really inspired by anything in particular, so if you see similarities between this and another story, you're probably paranoid, unless I mention any references. Rated teen because the main character, while not based on myself, shares my fondness for swearing occasionally.
EDIT: this story now has a Dark tag, as one of my plot-points took an unexpectedly dark turn. I'm also considering switching it to a Mature content as a later plot-point might get darker still.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 150 )

original idea so yeah like

I detect large quantities of high quality yes in this story

Me too. Moreover, if "Gayblood" hold an important and "jerkly" role, I am for this story.

Truth be told, I don't know if you need an editor. Your grammar was solid and I didn't really catch any glaring mistakes. Still, if you want an editor/proofreader I suppose I could give it a go.

Great story. Wish for more soon.

Yes. All powerful Alicorn says yes to fic's existence.(That's me.)

Makes me wish it had more words so it could hit the featured box! This is a Human-In-Equestria that deserves a slot.

2325784 is there a set number of words that need to be exceeded to get to the feature box? :rainbowhuh:


Yup, 5000. Stupid limit, if you ask me.

2325893 you sure about that? there's one up at present, "magikarp is the best pokemon", with just slightly more than 4000.


Might be 4000. I'm not really sure. :applejackunsure: All I know is this story deserves to be in there.


(You should totally pump out another chapter really fast and get the word count up :trollestia: )

2325977 well that shouldn't be too difficult. the difficult bits I could see when I started was getting him to equestria (and fleeing to the forest), and some of the late-story climax stuff (no further spoilers than that!) so I'l probably have an update by... saturday? yeah, probably saturday.

I like! Watching now...:raritystarry:







2323851 Yes.The Awesome-Detector Is Picking Up Large Amounts Of High Quality Yes In This Region.

Engage On Search?

2328090 Detecting.....Results Found.....Indicators Read That At A Certain Date The "Yesitonium" Will Be At High Levels Of Catch Probability.

Checking Date-Indicator For Indicated Results..............*Ding*............Oooh!That's My Popcorn:pinkiehappy:.Can You Check The Date-Indicator For Me?:scootangel:

2328262 affirmative. Indicators say that the [30 of mars, earth time] the catch probability will reach its apex.

2328358 Yesh *Munch**Munch* Shir.

Permishon To *Munch**Munch**Munch* Shtart Shearch On Given Date *Munch**Munch**Munch* *Gulp* Sir.

2328375 permission granted. And how many times need I remind you sir? I am a AI.

Also, please refrain from spilling popcorn on the console.

Like for creativity.

GO FORTH AND PONY!:rainbowdetermined2:

Won't lie. My first thoughts when my eyes passed over the title were this:

There is unrest in the forest
There is trouble with the trees
The maples want more sunlight
and the oaks ignore their pleas

i would'a fallen out of the tree too...:twilightsmile:

oh and:

all in all a VERY good story so far

2344788 for a second I thought you were pointing out errors I'd made. Then I noticed the first letters... :twilightsmile: a nicely creative first post, good sir, I tip my top hat to you.
(of which, in all seriousness, I really own)

OK, reading complete! I guess this is the opening of the HiE:TE (Human in Equestria: Timberwolves Edition) genre? Either way, an interesting start. The first chapter did seem jumbled to me, as it was hard for me to tell exactly what was going on in some sections, but this chapter (chapter 2) was much clearer.

Favoriting now; we'll see how this goes!

2344788 Quite A Spffing Riddle-esque Post If I Do Say So Myself.


I Tip My Michael Jackson Hat To You.

I Am........Stupefied By The Amount Of.....Well.......Out-Of-The-Ordinary Moments In This Chapter(Which Is Not Bad).

I Await Thy Update On This.

So far the story is interesting, even though the protagonist seems to be passing out a lot, I just thought I'd point this out:

Sentience/Sentient: awareness: state of elementary or undifferentiated consciousness.
Sapience/Sapient: wisdom: ability to apply knowledge or experience or understanding or common sense and insight.

A lot of animals have some degree of awareness, therefore a lot of animals are sentient. What Twilight should have said was that the human was sapient.

Again, the story is neat, I just see so many people screw that up. Personally I blame the fact that googling sapient gives a total bullshit definition and Optimus Prime for that quote of his.

2346430 good point about the whole sapience/sentience thing, but I hope you'll appreciate I'll keep it as is unless other people mention it. As for the passing out, I think he's got it out of his system for now. :rainbowlaugh:
EDIT: agh, now my minor OCD is bugging me about it. I think I'll make the change.

The beginning is kinda confusing. It seems like he is talking to Twi in there. Is it basically a point in the future, or what?

Hm, so far it is enjoyable. I hope to see more of this.:twilightsmile:

2396592 yeah ,that's the whole idea of it. I'm not sure quite WHEN it'll become "present time", as it were, but it will be at some point. :twilightsheepish:


Reading this out of the submission list on 'The Good HiE List'. They weren't kidding about 'good!'

Keep up the work!


Great story! I can't wait for more chapters! :pinkiehappy:

2458280 I'd love to, really, but university deadlines are making it a bit of a problem to try and do. I hope you understand.

2460487 Of course. For the record though, when I ask about updates, I am asking how many words are done for the next chapter and the preferred estimate of the total. It helps me give a semi-accurate timeframe for the fic as a whole, which calms my tendencies of OCD.

Intelligent timberwolves? Can't say I've seen that before. You've caught my interest.

Excellent! Your offering so far pleases Dreadlord Zanthimos! In order to keep him happy, you must offer up either another chapter or a virgin sacrifice (women only)! The choice is yours mortal writer!

2609672 1933 words at the moment, inspiration only really coming in recent times, so the pace at which I'm writing is improving. I'd like to be optimistic and say to expect an update by the first of June, maybe? my target's 4000 words at minimum.

oh bluey what would your aunt celestia think if you managed to "get rid of those mares". i dont think she would be to happy about that and you would basically be dooming equestria.:pinkiecrazy:

Honestly, I think that this story would be better without blueblood in it. or at least less evil. or at least some sort of restrained evil like dr. evil and not single minded brutal burning hatred evil like Predator. One idea I am thinking about with great glee is that BB eventually finds out about the human and he thinks he should kidnap Jack and train him to be an assassin to attack the main six. Just the look on Celestia's face would be worth it. He goes and instead of killing them he befriends them. Mwahahahaaa!!

Overall though, I LOVE the lore building you got going on with the timberwolves of equestria. I'd love to see jack interact more with the wolves you've named. More dialogue between them 'n such. Thanks for another awesome upload!

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