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Over a thousand years ago, the griffons built a fortress in the Frozen North. Nopony alive today knows why except, perhaps, Princess Celestia - and she's ordered the abandoned structure to be reopened and brought back on duty by the brave ponies of the Royal Guard.

Because this is such an important assignment, the Guard has sent the only ponies that are up to the task - ponies whose service records are so spotty they're unwelcome in any other command.

Original one-shot/pilot written for the Quill & Blade Super Summer Jam

Left marked incomplete because I'll probably add more short, episodic chapters over time.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 11 )

Well now. Here’s hoping we get some more material here; I rather enjoy what’s already here.

And ultimately very glad I chose to Follow this before reading. Can't wait for the next one.

You know I would really love to see this continue. It has real potential and story base to it.

I think it's fan headcannon that there's a fort way up North that Celestia built, in case the Crystal Empire ever returns. (including having to convince a CEO of a railway to make a line run out to the middle of a frozen wasteland without telling them why)

Having it built by the Griffons is a neat twist!

gah, Frozen North, wrong contest

Wonderful world-building!
This is a very good intro, doesn't read much like a stand alone. I guess I'll have to follow this.

Looking forward to seeing more of this

Love the idea and it was fun to read. Interesting take on Reassigned to Antarctica that leaves me wanting to read more. Going to follow this. :)

A talent for luck ensures a very interesting life. Looking forward to seeing what more inexplicability is in store.

There'd better have been some damn good stories coming out of that competition if this one didn't make the finals. I really hope there's more to come.

Oh i really like this! The worldbuilding is great and omg that lil baby griff!

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