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This story is a sequel to How Blueblood Jumped Out of a Window and Got a Promotion

Managing to not only prevent Luna from finding out what he'd said about her, but to also convince her that he'd saved her, had been undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements of Blueblood's carrier. Now, he was going to be rewarded for his wits by becoming the Princess' personal student, a path that would lead him to eventually become an alicorn.

There was only one, minor detail he hadn't accounted for. In order for him to become an alicorn, he would have to be Luna's student. It wasn't something he could back out from now that he'd accepted. It wasn't something he was prepared for. Unfortunately for him, Luna wasn't prepared, either.

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Blueblood, you might want to jump out another window.

What was that mirror with the red cross and scaleless dragons referencing?

And dear god, Luna's terrible at this.

Best Princess is Worst Teacher.

While this is cringy, its mostly in a good way.

When more? I need this, though it's awesome may kill me.

They are both terrible at this teacher and student thing

But I get the feeling that good things will come of this

Comment posted by unfortunately yiff deleted Nov 9th, 2018

Interesting story so far, can wait to see what sort of shenanigans they will find themselves in in this story. I like the references to the comics so far, I wonder if he will get his dog like in that alternate universe comics?

There is absolutely no way that this is going to end well. I look forward to seeing how bad it gets.

Ahh Karmic justice, Blueblood gets what's coming to him and Luna gets to learn to be a better teacher by screwing up and nopony important will get hurt in the process!


What was that mirror with the red cross and scaleless dragons referencing?

~coughs Reference to a mature anthro piece of mine.

If your going to give prince blueblood a spirit animal aka a pet then I've often pictured him having a pet kitsune or a 2 tailed cat. Don't know why but I feel he'd just like an old but strong fluffy creature he could vent both his petty and actually serious troubles to. These creatures are pretty smart and can talk so they wouldn't be totally one-sided talks. If it's going to be a rodent like luna's then maybe some sort of magical or totally normal chinchilla. It's exotic and I don't care how much a snob you are regardless of it's rodent look they are adorable as heck. He could gush over it and when other nobles call him weird for it he'll slowly realize maybe all royal opinions of his image don't matter. Also call it Louie.

And technically speaking they're also portals to those worlds, but we're not allowed to use them because my sister once almost caused the destruction of our reality after she'd fallen in love with King Sombra from another world. Which she never told me about, just like how she never mentioned that she'd replaced me with Luna from that world. And then she left me alone for a week with no explanation." Luna banged a hoof against the wall.

Well, that sounds like something... Now I'm sorts of regretting not reading that comic.

Also this story is so delightfullu silly. Please, continue, I really want to see where this is going.

Nice work, keep it up.

This is one of the most well-balanced hilarious and silly things I've ever had a joy to read on this site.

The perfect crime. Celestia won't suspect a thing.

Unfortunately for Blueblood.

How does she plan to find this "falip" thing if she doesn't even know what it looks like? :rainbowhuh: I also still have my fingers crossed that might end up being that chinchilla.

Every time you almost make me feel sorry for Blueblood, I remember he's Blueblood. Then everything becomes ok! :pinkiecrazy:

In all fairness though, this is hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Well, if there is one thing Blueblood knows how to do, it's likely to find reasons excusing his behaviour. This will definitely be handy with such a teacher.

why ah... why is every chapter EXACTLY 2,156 words long?

Star anteater, that would be something if it turns out it is a magical creature. I wonder what F&F were doing there in he first place.

Luna certainly is teaching Blueblood to think on his hooves. Now there's just the matter of not dying on the way back...

You know, for some very odd reason the title makes me think of a specific line from a movie

‘This is wimp-low. We have purposefully trained him wrong, as a joke.’

Glad I am not the only one wondering that


"Again with the squeaky shoes?!"

*Rarity voice* Oh Bravo, my dear, bravo! :raritystarry:

Sooner or later he's going to realize the smart thing is to just stick a pair of fake wings on his back so Luna will take him home.

I do wonder if Blue blood will actually become awesome because maybe weird anime Training logic actually works in Equestria.

Also, Akran is an Giant Ant Eater... I am wondering for how Giant he shall be, I Hope for at least pony size. :moustache:

He was about to ask her who she was, but he was suddenly distracted by a number of weird things. Like the weird coloured symbols that seemed to float in the air above and around the mare, or the sudden sepia filter that seemed to have covered everything. Or the intro of a progressive rock song suddenly playing in the background. Or what looked like a cardboard cut-out in the stylised shape of a large arrow floating in mid-air.

I'm glad the comments confirmed that this was, in fact, a Jojo reference. I had thought that Blueblood had wandered into a turn-based RPG battle.

Also, Luna definitely needs constant supervision. And better tutoring on how things work. All the things.

Nice. Been awhile since I have seen a nice quest for a Questing Beast.

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