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The love of a pet can be strong enough to shake worlds. Years ago, a companion was lost, and unleashed rage left a trail of revenge across dimensions -- but none of it was ever enough to gain the greatest prize, and so every accomplishment was ultimately hollow. Love did not return.

But now, after so much time, he's found where that love resides. It's just that it happens to be in the home of another. And with only a few more steps to take before reunion, the moment when he finally knows love again...

Don't worry. He's prepared to be fully reasonable about it.

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Violence tag is for horrible things happening to demons. Which they deserve. They know what they did.

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Author's Very Public Note: Chapter title suggested by FanOfMostEverything.

This story arose from a chat discussion about one of the most frequent problems with crossovers: that once you look past any coolness factor involved in getting the characters on the same stage, they'll still need both a reason to be together and something to do. And without those vital links, the story is probably going to crash.


This just, ooof.

Lovely, and simple, of what both share in small kindnesses.

:yay: wonderful! thank you for the story

Honestly, the Mirror Pool scene was probably the best part. I mean, technically it was two scenes, first a long justification of why shooting Tom with a BFG isn't problematic at all and then domestically-inclined Cyberdemon because reasons, but both of them were the best part. Yes, better than each other. This is low-key shipping Fluttershy with Doomguy over shared pet ownership, sense has nothing to do with it.

-- the background music changed.

Fluttershy wasn't sure what somepony had done to that guitar, but it definitely didn't appreciate it.

(her Angel, hers!)

An unexpectedly intense flash of jealousy. Very interesting.

I admit, I don't entirely follow Doomguy's proof of previous ownership. Some kind of demon-fueled oscilloscope, displaying the frequency of Angel's soul?
In any case, very neat way to represent his inventory.

with the biped, the mug was tipped against the surface of the faceplate, and the liquid seemed to go through

That may be the most surreal part of this. Though I suppose no one said the faceplate couldn't be a selectively permeable force field.

Let us mourn Tom. May he find true companionship with Maud in happier timelines.

Fascinating implications about the Mirror Pool. Especially the bit about it working on spirits.

Given what you did with the idea, Maidrauder was definitely the right choice.

Wonderful stuff. Fluttershy at her best and a rarely considered aspect of Doomguy. Thank you for a fantastic answer to the bane of so many crossovers: "Okay. Cool. Then what?"

Well that was just lovely. Certainly a unique perspective, and one that works very well indeed.

He could at least have made a trip through Ponyville to collect on some of Fluttershy's outstanding vet bills. It's the perfect alternative occupation for him.

I did not expect to read a story like this when I woke up this morning.

I’m glad I did.

Bless your insane little socks, Estee.

This was really freaking awesome. Thank you.

This story is a masterclass in "less is more".

And I didn't read the times of Tom so much as feel them, unspeakable quality.

What fiendishly clever game has Fluttershy suggested to compete for Angel?


Ends in a stalemate. Was Doomguy AFK?

And a lot of jawing on the topic of Fluttershy & Blazko. Estee was just the madman to actually go through on it, everyone else didn't know what to do with it.

:moustache: I've never seen Discord so broken up
:pinkiegasp: Rip & tear
:yay: Clover!
:facehoof: I missed a learning moment
:duck: Fashion Armor!
:trollestia: My new house maid how useful

This was both funny and touching.

R.I.P. Tom. Maud will maybe want to avenge you.

But have you considered this: right in the middle, Discord walk inside, see Doomguy and NOPE out of there faster than the speed of thought.

The Chosen Undead of Lordran sit by a bonfire to rest and recuperate. Doomguy has a little cottage at the edge of a forest, with family and a new friend.

You know, I'd had the thought that he'd get along with Fluttershy before, but this--!

Fluttershy and Doom Slayer. Yeah, I ship it.

As soon as I learned about Daisy the Doomguy's former pet bunny I pondered a crossover where he visited Fluttershy's cottage to get a new friend. I never imagined Estee of all people would be the one to write it :derpyderp1:

Sweet! Now I want to see him come back for a visit and meet her friends over demon maid made tea...

Coming soon from Doomguy Press: 1,001 USES FOR A DEAD (OR SEVERELY MANGLED) DEMON

Definitely not even peripherally tied to the Tryptich-verse: something as powerful and random as the mirror pool doesn't fit with the more grounded nature of the setting, nor does the fact that Twilight may have murdered a bunch of sentient (if imperfect) copies of Pinkie (is the demon maid sentient?)


Given what you did with the idea, Maidrauder was definitely the right choice.

Actually, it was a revenant.

The whole turn-a-demon-into-house-keeper thing was definitely awesome though.

I'm pretty sure it was a Revenant, not a Cyberdemon or Marauder.
Well done, Estee. Truly, you are the epicene monarch of crackfic.

For all that this is a mad and silly smash-up, at its core is a powerful message about hope in grief and in moving forward. Even Tom's shattered fragments got a future. Given where this is being written, that reveals great personal strength.

Why do I want more of this like a backstory of events leading up to him arriving

Also lol why do I see a mirror pool marauder instead of hunting to kill the slayer they work as his protectors and make his job eaiser

I mean, fluttershy and doom guy basically went on a date, maybe they could hang out.

Comment posted by CMDR Vaneia deleted Jan 24th, 2021

Even an eternal spirit of destruction can find time for love.

"...she taught you how to be gentle ."

(Past-) Angel Bunny taught DOOM how to be gentle? That notion is so inconceivable to even dream of.

I completely understand why you'd think that, but the Continuum treats seasons 1-3 as 99% canonical. The mirror pool (and its having been blocked with Tom) is mentioned in the first chapter of Triptych.

how the fuck did you make me cry about Doomguy
how dare you make me cry about Doomguy
god damnit

10643905 10643925
I was even there when Estee popped into the Discord, said "Okay, now I need to decide which Doom enemy is funniest in a maid outfit," and made their decision within seconds. I suppose I just couldn't resist the pun. :derpytongue2:

This story, an absolute masterpiece, it needs to be nominated for an Oscar Award I swear.

Fair enough. I can't fault you for your paranomasiac tendencies.

It's a mashup of flesh and machinery that's even more godless than usual due to being demon flesh and machinery. I don't care whether it's the specific one mangled back in Wolfenstein.

I love this! This is beautiful. Thank you!

I like to think Clover gets pet sitting from time to time, because like Bearers, Missions Happen. Gives Angel a chance to catch up. Then, one day he drops by with the emergency bunnysitter, a petite yellowish lady resembling a miniature Diamond Dog....

Tea and wholesomeness are had. Also bunny play dates.

Up until Mayor Mare tries to kidnap the multiverse's most tireless civil servant, anyway. :twilightoops:


They'd have to go through Doomguy first.

at the end of "Daily Life with Equestria Girl", you should have an epilogue where Doomguy returns, and then Launchpad falls out of the sky or something. No explanations given: that version of Equestria's just the inter-dimensional equivalent of a pawn shop. Everything ends up there, some way or another.

If you went into your next life with that horrid a sendoff, it might change you too.

I like what you did with the "Tom" section. Very "hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy" to it..
Also, I'm drying tears now..

Right in the feels :fluttercry: and I love it :heart:

By all rights this should have been an absurd and silly crossover, but instead it was fantastic. Well done.

Fantastic! Truly beautiful.

"many simply basking on summer warmth"
"many simply basking in summer warmth"?

"But she understand something about"
"But she understood something about"?

"Thoughtfully, But I guess that"
"Thoughtfully, "But I guess that"?

"And if even if we could"
"And even if we could"?

"Pointed at her, and she understand."
"Pointed at her, and she understood."?

"summer program to be already have been a success"
"summer program to already have been a success"?

Very nice, and sweet. :)

I don’t know much of anything about Doom, but I read it and enjoyed it nonetheless.

Going into this story I was ready for a comedic, Doom-themed little romp with some small heartwarming moments. I even had the perfect song queued up for background ambiance.

Less than half-way through and I was on the verge of tears. You perfectly captured how inhumanly miserable Doomguy's life has been leading up to this point and managed to end on a marvelously uplifting, redemptive note that only Fluttershy could help make possible. And the only background song I could think of for the final segment was this tear-jerking gem.

Some formatting issues aside, this is an absolutely wonderful story. Your imagery, prose, and subtle character work highlighted the best aspects of these two characters that let their actions speak louder than words. It also provided further proof that, unlike other battle-hardened, grimdark space marines, Doomguy truly stands out for being a truly gentle soul encased in a shell of divine violence.

And to close off this over-sentimental review, please enjoy this Flutter-Doomguy.


So wholesome!

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