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In Equestria, love, friendship and peace rule all.

Unfortunately, some ponies get their pleasure from other's pains.

This is what this group is about; post your stories featuring foals from Cheerilee's Class here. Each story has to have some form of bullying in it, whether it be verbal, physical, or emotional.

This group does not promote bullying, however. If your story glorifies it at all, then it does not belong here.

Folder key-

She's so mean- Stories about Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon being mean. (Can be both or just one.)

Trying to change- Stories about a reformed bully or a bully in the process of reforming.

Turned Tables- Where the bully becomes the bullied.

It's only teasing- Slice of Life stories or just somepony being a jerk.

Chapter Star- Where bullying only comes up in one or two chapters.

Check out the new kid- OC stories go here.

Welcome to Cantorlot High- Where the Human/ Anthro stories go.

Nothing left to live for- Where the teasing goes too far.

Please refrain from adding a story to more than two folders. Going against the folder system can result in banishment, along with breaking site rules, adding Mature or Sex stories, adding stories that promote bullying, creating NSFW threads, or unnecessary swearing in threads.

If you have any ideas for more folders, please say so in the comments.

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

If somepony bullies you, just hug the shit out of him/her. :trixieshiftleft:

396610 No, it's fine if you swear in moderation, but if you do it too frequently or offend anyone, I'll have to ask you to stop.

I've submitted some stories and fit them as well as I can. They could easily fit in 3 different folders, and I honestly made the best call I could - I'll move them if asked.

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