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Hi! My name is RainbowButter! I am an active shipper of SoarinDash, CheesyPie, Bonra, Sweetie Belle x Button Mash (Ship name, anyone?) and Fluttermac.


Filly Ships · 4:08pm Apr 10th, 2016

Here are my favorite filly ships!

(First three are in no order)

Scootaloo x Rumble (Rumbaloo)

Apple Bloom x Pipsqueak (Applesqueak [anyone have a better ship name :unsuresweetie:])

Diamond Tiara x Silverspoon (Diamondspoon or SilverTiara)- Is it bad that I ship these two? I think they're cute!

And finally,

My favorite filly ship,

Drumroll please

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2231299 I love it! Your an amazing author!

Thanks for adding Player Number Three to your favorites! I'm glad you enjoy it!:heart::twilightsmile:

Comment posted by RainbowButter deleted Apr 10th, 2016
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