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Oh. Five years?

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It's marked as complete, but it's certainly not. It just sort of ends on the fact that it's night.

Great but not finished

I always wondered what a story would be like if it started and ended in the middle, now I know I guess.

This is a really interesting story. But it feels like there should be so much more. It's like you've given us a small taste of something wonderful, and then snatched it away and left us hungry and wanting more. :pinkiesad2:

I really hope you will expand on what you've started. I think it has a lot of potential to be a great story.

Great start, but I really don't think it should be marked as 'complete'

For the love of everything that's holy, write more on this!!! :raritydespair:
Really, this has too much potential to stay as a teaser like this.

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