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Oh. Five years?


I've killed a lot to get here. Time to do it again. This'll be funny.

Title Tribute.

Cover art by Seriff Pilcrow!

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What happened in September?

It totally needs a sequel


Uhhh... Welp, that happened.

So.. Twilight is a world traveling monster ever in search of a way to make Alicorns?

I saw this title and I feel the need to link this (even if it has NOTHING to do with the story other than the title).


I like the concept, but it feels like it needs more content to be good.

I don't know why, but the use of 'funny' and 'nice' really does it for me. It's like Twilight's committed so many atrocities she doesn't know how to feel as much anymore. Nice story!

I loved this story. Great job.

Thanks mate, I'm glad you liked it. :)

I love that song! Kinda dark, but I love it!

can 't do it in so much time ? Unrealistic

Ah, How nice. How mysterious.

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