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So left, two, three! So left, two, three! Join us our comrade, join with the worker's united front for you are a worker too!


One day five fillies are wandering through the forest and slaughter a pack of timberwolves, impressed, the god of chaos offers them a chance to go to a monster-hunting school, little do these fillies know that they are about to enter a world of bloody evolution.

Faced with discrimination, criminals, terrorists, and unending hordes of abominations led by a wicked witch, how will four foals survive? And how will this new team change the world of Remnant?

[Note: I've decided that every 50 likes, I'll release another chapter in a row, instead of following the usual schedule. PS, New chapters every Monday and Friday, since, with how chaotic my current situation is IRL, those are the only times I can upload.]

(Hey! It got featured!)

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Viewtiful, Track King!

You need to get some Sapphire (SAPR) though

Love Magic School Days and SAPR, so when I saw this I became really giddy and am now eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

Diamond Tiara and Weiss ought to get on well.

When in RWBY canon is this set?

I love them too, and while they aren't my absolute favourite fic (that title goes to Days of Wasp and Spider), I agree that they are up there with some of the best, and my primary inspiration for this... Honestly, though, my least favourite part of SAPR was that Ozpin knew about Equestria and Equestrian Magic beforehand... I would have loved to see the look on Ozpin's face if, for thousands of years, he's assumed that he and Salem were the only people capable of actual magic, when suddenly ponykind comes out of nowhere and simultaneously scares the shit out of Ozpin and completely ruins his plans.

PS. Just like how there was more than a little Dumbledore bashing in Magic School Days, expect some Ozpin bashing in this, not to the same extent, but none the less, I don't particularly like Ozpin's scheming and manipulations in the name of the "Greater Good".;

It starts one month before the beginning of the show, that way the fillies can explore Vale and get to know a bit about the world before they are thrown into the RWBY story.

Please don't kill off Pyrrha just because it's how RWBY goes.

I've yet to plan that far... I'll see how the story goes and if canon is changed enough by the time of the Fall of Beacon to see if things will go different... Which is highly likely.

I kinda wish the CMC asked to go to Superhero school. Id love a good MHA crossover

extending down to her waste

Um, "waist"?

Fixed... I don't know how that happened, nor how I didn't catch that when editing.

I wouldn't pity Di... I would PITY DA FOOL that tries to one-up Mr. Rich's Pwincess (I'm looking at you Weiss Sneeze)

Oh please Do bash him hard enough that he transmogrifies into Oscar, please.

So true... is making her an Arc factory acceptable?? But honestly Saving Private Nikos is a tiring job

It's ok, it wasn't that wastefoal

I predict that D.A.S.S (Dash) will first meet Ruby.

*Shino-like monotone* Why because they need someone who is good at making weapons and she is a weapons enthusiast

DASS is a really good team name, but I'm not sure how it can be related to a colour... I was going to name them team TASS (Trass), which is apparently a kind of sedimentary rock formed from volcanic ash, so close enough to a colour.

I sense a long rivalry between the two heiresses.

Haven't read this yet but will the ponies stay ponies, or will they be horse faunus?

I see you have been taking pun lessons from Sans and Yang

Ah, all the problems I would have with this are gone, watched.

Wow, I didn't expect a side-fic of mine to be so popular so quickly... I'll make sure to get the second chapter out within the next few days, but... Wow... I might have to put Mare in the Metal Box on hold for a bit to work on this.


How so?

And who's to say that they are my beeloving disciples?

The Red Ruby Rodent is a weapons addict, thank you

Of coarse!

Don't you know anything about SCIENCE!

By the way in a totally unrelated note... Did you know that, in the Pony universe I am trapped on Diamond Tiara was sent to another universe where she got an alternative version of Team RWBY as her honor guard?

Why do you call her the red ruby rodent?

It's a kinda mean spirited nickname I know, but one of the things we Alfonso Rodriguez hold in the highest regard is the fact that "If a person is good enough to be a Friend then they get the playful insult" kinda like Yang with the punning

Besides, have you looked at her? She's a mousy (compared to the Blondeshell that is Yang Xiao Long) little girl, whose color leitmotif is red, named Ruby, whose semblance let's her scurry faster than fast... Besides, it kinda sorta rhymes...

Wonder how the Mane 6 will react when they find out about this?

Nooooooo, the chapter can't end there:fluttercry:... I... I need moar:fluttershysad:...

Don't worry, I've already written up to Chapter 4... But I do want to at least start writing chapter 5 before I upload the next one.

You will survive this fall of Bacon soldier.

Pretty good assumptions, especially with Diamond "Cardin Winchester" Tiara

(Semi-Spoilery) You might survive, but Cardin's dad won't.

Next, I need to figure out how the Mane Six will react to this whole "Discord teleporting fillies into a dangerous monster-filled world" thing.

Yeah, I'd been wondering about that myself. I think Fluttershy will have a few words to say.

It'sw going to be a Fallout bigger than, let's say, Fallout Equestria

In my opinion Sweetie a way too good with her magic. Shield and some sort of slicing spell? IMO it's a way beyond her level in the show.

True, but also, Scootaloo can at least glide and Apple Bloom can knock down a tree/punch through a grimm, they're all a little more skilled than normal.
Plus, shield spells are indeed something we've seen her use before in the show, and it can't survive a single hit from a grimm's claws.

This Grimm punching also a little bit of a problem. Without aura, you need ungodly amounts of force to even scratch Grimm. IIRC in one of the novels, even Adel rotary gun can't do anything without Aura. Well... at the same time you could say that pony magic also a manifestation of pony soul and thus works similarly to Aura.

Well... I didn't know that, as I have yet to read the novel... That's interesting though, that aura, dust, human magic, and presumably pony magic are the only things that can harm grimm. I'll take that into account in future chapters, and for now, let's just say that they were using their pony magic without realizing it... Or it could be like that situation back in Volume 1 when Jaune used his aura against Cardin without realizing it.

Something, literally just a few minutes ago, dawned on me... Ozpin, during the battle with Cinder, uses a green shield that is either his semblance or his magic at work... Sweetie Belle's magical colour is, while a bit lighter in tone, almost the same colour, and as we see in Season 7, she can use shield spells, which is an ability I've given her in this fic... Now I need to think how Ozpin will react upon seeing Sweetie using almost the same ability as him.

I'm not entirely sure why they didn't just demand that Discord bring them back, other than the fact that if he did that there'd be no story.

I thought for a moment they were going to interrupt the robbery, but of course it's too early for that.

Well, I'd think Applejack would be fine with it as long as the fillies are safe, Rarity would be the one who would start demanding the girls back, but she fainted when the Beowolf was summoned.

“Just an idiotic move by two of my idiot cousins…”

Discord, in any shape or form, is no god. According to "FUNdamnetals", he just a very-very powerful, and very-very weird, wizard.

You should have seen the looks on their non-faces when I took some of their power and gave it to a certain pair of mares, about five-thousand eight-hundred years ago now

If it's meant Celestia and Luna - then no, they not that old. They 1200-1300+ years old at best. Celestia raises the Sun for exactly 1111 years.

You do realize this is a crossover fanfic right? I highly doubt the author is going to be sticking close to canon

It's only my opinion, of course, but even in crossover you only need change established lore and the world only if it really relevant to the story. You don't really need to change stuff for sake of the change. Discord, for example, can do lots of bizarre, and powerful, shit even without being a god. You don't really need to change him into a god just to transfer bunch of foal into another dimension. He can do this as he is, just by being his awesome and bizarre self.

Tai is a dad. He won't leave them out in the cold. Add on that Ruby has a hard time making friends and that will cinch it. Yang will back Ruby and Tai will cave.

If Ruby had gone to Diamond Tiara or Sweetie Belle first, then that whole scene would have gone very differently... Scootaloo seems like the kind who Ruby would become instant friends with.

I forgot to say this last chapter when it was first mentioned, but don't think I didn't notice the name you gave the Beowolf

I was wondering when someone would catch that.

Well yeah, it's one of my favourite songs from RWBY

“Ursa!” Sweetie shouted.

Wrong Ursa, Sweetie, wrong Ursa. But the funny thing that RWBY also has an Ursa Minor and Ursa Major.

As Diamond watched the city go, she couldn’t help but feel that something was watching them from that tower, although she wasn’t sure whether that feeling was good or bad.

Does Ozpin know?

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