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The Sidekicks, the partner of every champion to fight alongside against evil and being great friends together on other things, but sometimes it's the sidekicks turn to that will claim the spotlight when amazing things alone. Happy the Blue Flying Cat of Fairy Tail and Natsu's partner vs Spike the Dragon Equestria's Dragon Friend and Twilight Sparkles Number Assistant. Who do you think will win in a Death Battle.

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A good prelude, but you may want to get an editor to check a few of those grammatical errors. Normally I'm not one to point those out, but there are a few of them and they're quite noticeable.

KO thanks and hope you tell all your friends about it!

This... I gotta see. You might want to refine your grammar, though.

Okay I have to say this now, Spike growing Wings is 100% AWESOME..........Oh and the little dude will win this Death Battle claws down that's for sure.

2 thing 1 WHO THE HECK IS HAPPY ? 2nd my money is on Spike

KO Happy is the blue cat from thand anime show Fairy Tail.

You do t know who happy is. He’s the little blue cat from fairytail

KO of course I know Happy, I watch Fairy Tail and O have the DVDs too!

I. Am a WEEABOO and very fit WEEABOO to add

Spike pulls Happy down and drowns his whole body in the lava as he struggles for a second or two then he stops becoming a lifeless cat burning and melting away from the magma.

I've heard of wood burning cats, but Meeeeowch!:fluttershyouch:

Aloe vera ain't gonna heal that one, that's for sure.

KO yep, Spike has showed that blue cat how awesome dragons are!

I knew Spike could do it

KO indeed he did, hope you’ll tell all your friends about it!

Wow someone needs to give their resume to a certain group...

who fought alongside with Celestia that one time.

When did he fought alongside with Celestia?

KO it was in the mlp comics, can’t remember which though.

sweet Jesus I found the music and played it on a separate tab and it made all the more badass


All I see is twilight and Natsu watching the fight through separate portals just slack-jawed eyes the size of dinner plates

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