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Fillies and Monsters - Solaris Vult

After overhearing the CMC wanting to hunt monsters, Discord gives them and Diamond Tiara a chance in the world of Remnant

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Chapter 49: The Storm King's General

Celestia sat on her throne, sipping tea as she read through the report sent from one “Startracker”... Evidently, this pony had discovered the location of the alien world, Remnant, but the bigger question that lingered on the alicorn’s mind was far more pressing… How to get there safely? Teleportation might work, but the spell had a limited range, to go that distance, thousands of light-years, it would take an excessive amount of magical power, more than any single unicorn, or even alicorn, could muster themselves… If only there was a way to amplify the power of a spell, like some kind of mega-spell... The bigger problem though was accuracy, teleportation spells could go wrong… If you wanted to teleport a space of ten kilometres, you could end up one kilometre to the north, south, east, west, up, or down of where you wanted to end up, luckily the safeties installed in the spell matrix would prevent you from appearing within solid matter, but momentum is conserved in the jump… The galaxy was always spinning, and to travel from one end of it to another… Celestia had a horrible vision of herself and her guards teleporting to Remnant only to be flung into space, or fly at billions of meters per second right into the ground… No, in order to be safe, they would need to teleport far above the planet, and have some kind of telekinetic field stopping their momentum… An airship perhaps? One built to travel outside of the atmosphere, teleporting high in the orbit of Remnant?

Celestia’s train of thought was disrupted by the sound of a guardsmare entering the throne room, she gave a small sigh, too quite for the mare to hear, “Greetings… Uhh… Silver… Something, what do you have to report?”

“It’s Silver Sable… And, an Abyssinian delegate approached Canterlot bearing one of the Storm King’s generals, who had been captured in the southern front… She’s a pony, your Highness….”

“A pony?” Celestia’s eyebrow raised, “Very well, where is this pony, I wish to speak with her…”

“Currently in the Canterlot Dungeons… I’ll show you to her cell…”

“I can’t believe it, you’re here!” Scootaloo shouted in glee, running up and giving Rainbow a big hug, “Come on, I need to show you to my friends, this way!” The filly said, pulling Rainbow along by her arm… Twilight was talking to Sweetie Belle, talking about semblances and books and abilities and powers, most of everyone around them couldn’t really figure out what they were really talking about, meanwhile Sweetie’s sister, Rarity, was talking to the teachers and staff about the girl’s education and the safety standards of the school. Spitfire was talking to Apple Bloom, explaining how Applejack couldn’t come along, as she was needed back at the farm, much to the girl’s disappointment.

Up on the balcony, Cinder was watching… There was something about these new four… They were powerful, their bodies emanated energy, but there was more to them than that… That one, that Twilight, there was something about her, she felt… Off… She felt like a massive dust crystal, like an entire mine’s worth of dust energy held in a human… Or, Faunus, form… Like any moment she could explode with power… She felt magical, almost like a maiden… But no, she couldn’t be one, the other headmasters kept track of their pets… Unless… Unless she Spring…

Cinder turned, looking at Emerald, displayed on her scroll, sitting in Adam’s camp “Gald you could answer, but something has changed…”

“What is it?”

“That woman… That Twilight faunus…” She pointed her scroll at the faunus, “Keep a close eye on her, she’s powerful, and potentially a threat to our master’s plan... “

“Y-You think she’s…”

“Yes, I do… Be subtle,”

“Yes Ma’am…” And with that, Emerald walked off, and Cinder put away her scroll, wiping its call history, just to be safe.

There was the sound of metal on stone, the characteristic clip-clop of a pony in armour, walking down the hall… Was it the guard, did they have the key? Even if they did, how was she could to get out of here, her horn couldn’t move things, and she certainly couldn’t break out… Despite the fact that they couldn’t fit a dampening ring on her nub, her magic was none the less useless in the cell, the stone was enchanted, and the bars made from cold iron, magic had no effect on them…

As the pony figure stepped into view, Tempest’s veins turned to ice as she looked at the tall and prestigious figure, white fur and white feathers, her head topped with the longest horn she had ever seen, mane and tail hair glowing an aurora of colours and passing through space with little regard for gravity or wind, even the fur around her body was glowing very faintly with warm light.

“C-Celestia!” Tempest stuttered, backing to the corner of her cell… Was she going to be immolated? Turned to ash in a millisecond, or vaporized in half that time… Or would the princess just slowly roast her alive, turning the cell into an oven… Or just lop off her head with a slice of magical energy, if her horn wasn’t already useless, she would cast a shield around her, and pray that this goddess among ponies wouldn’t take it from her…

“You… I remember you… Fizzlepop wasn’t it, you were at my school…”

“Y-You remember?”

“Yes I do… I remember all my students, why did you leave?” Celestia muttered although she needed no answer, just one look at that stump of a horn told her everything.

“S-Stop looking down on me! I-I can’t stand your pity, not from you!” Anger started to take a hold of the mare, how dare she be belittled by the princess, she wasn’t weak, she wasn’t worthless!


“That’s not my name!”

“Y-Yes, of course…” Celestia said solemnly, her voice becoming harder, “Tempest… You should know that there is no power in the world that can remake a unicorn’s horn.” That was a partial lie, the princess knew, being elevated to an Alicorn could do it, but that was a power few, very few, possessed… Herself, Discord, and the long-dead Grogar… Certainly not the Storm King, he was a Diamond Dog, even if he knew such ancient biomancy, and had a sample of Alicorn DNA, he would never have the magical ability.

“I-I… If that’s true… What… How am I-”

“You are a warrior Tempest, you are still worthwhile, and you have the willpower to rise up from this… And… If what my student has discovered is true… You may find another way to wield true magic again…”

“Really?” Her voice was filled with both hope and terror.

“I will give you a choice, Tempest… Join me on a very special project I am undertaking, or stay in this cell.”

It didn’t take much convincing…

“Now boarding, Mistral, flight 121, departing in one hour,” A voice echoed off the walls of the Vale Gantries, the crowd boarding the airship heading to this other city, Mistral, began moving… There were two other lines, one heading to a city called Atlas, and another to a city called Vacuo… Six people each waited in their respective lines, six people clad in normal street attire, skin and hair a variety of colours, but each wore the same green eyes, they glanced at each other, the palms of their hands, hidden when they put them into their pockets, glowed with the slightest bit of light as they stared into each other’s eyes… Slowly, the six sitting in line for Mistral began walking, the others stayed behind in their lines, they were patient…

As the group boarded the flight to Mistral, they simply sat back and stared out the windows of the airship, watching as the city slowly got further and further away, most kept scanning the area, committing it all to memory, while one simply stared intently at the base of a large mountain, a ruined city dotting its foothills… The woman’s eyes glowing a little brighter than the others, not that anyone would notice. As she sent all that her companions were seeing back to her master, like a living antenna.

“This is Jaune Arc, he’s nice… If a little weak.”

“H-Hey!” Jaune said, “I am not weak!” The boy retorted, only to fall over with the tiniest jab from Scootaloo’s arm.

“Yeah, he’s not won a single sparring match, not yet anyway, but I’m helping him!” Apple Bloom said.

“I see,” Rarity said, “He does look like a fine young human,” Rarity said.

“Jaune, this is my sister, Rarity!” Sweetie said, and the two shook hands. Meanwhile, a red blur moved across the room and stopped next to Rainbow Dash.

“Hey, I love your hair!” Ruby said.

“Heh, you’re pretty fast, aren’t cha’” Rainbow muttered, looking down at Ruby, “I bet I’m faster though.”

“I doubt, with my semblance, I am the fastest huntress in the school!”

“I’m the fastest faunus back home, you could never beat me…”

“You want to bet!”

“Calm down girls, this is a party, let’s not turn it into a race, not with you’re power,” Spitfire came over and said, staring intently at Rainbow Dash, the last thing she needed was for Rainbow to create a sonic rainboom inside the building.

“Hmm, they are a rowdy bunch,” Twilight said, looking at the group having fun and introducing one another.

“I know, how tasteless…” A human girl said, suddenly standing next to Twilight, her skin the palest the mare had seen, and hair stark white.

“I normally don’t mind, but I don’t want them getting carried away while armed… Is everyone constantly carrying weapons around in this school… Seems like a safety hazard.”

“I’ve tried to teach Ruby trigger discipline, and Yang’s even worse… But we have our aura…”

“Yes, very unique ability, most Po- People back in my home didn’t have that ability…”

“Odd… I thought everyone knew about Aura…”

“I’m not from around here exactly, we didn’t know much about the outside world back in my town…”

“I see… Well, I’m Weiss Schnee, a pleasure to meet you…”

“Twilight,” The mare said, reaching out and shaking the girl’s hand.

A single woman, dressed in the standard Atlesian Guard armour walked into the room, large and circular, filled with holographic monitors and desks, there were cameras, but while in the elevator, she pulled out a scroll, jacked it into the elevator’s security hatch, and let the automated program do its thing… “Handy” She thought, even if she didn’t, or couldn’t, say it out loud. Now any surveillance shouldn’t be a problem. But she still didn’t have the password to the CCTS, not that it was too big of a problem, just something she would need a bit more time to work around.

She sat down on one of the seats and hooked the scroll into the desk… A minute, then two, then ten passed… Soon, once the program had so conveniently figured out the password, she was in, and the room lit up with holographic green displays. It was only a matter of seconds to upload… And only a matter of seconds to disable everything and leave without anyone the wiser…

Author's Note:

Sorry for the long break, and sorry for the chapter being so short... Got a little burnt out, expect more chapters sometime soon... Whenever I get around to being active again... This quarantine is draining my ability to do anything else but sleep.

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