• Published 28th Oct 2019
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Fillies and Monsters - Solaris Vult

After overhearing the CMC wanting to hunt monsters, Discord gives them and Diamond Tiara a chance in the world of Remnant

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Chapter 1: Discordant Beginnings

The timberwolf’s growling was cut short with a sharp kick to the snout, the sheer power behind the strike sending the creature flying backwards, shattering against the trunk of a tree. The second one was pulled apart by the rapid application of pale green telekinesis. The last of the three would have run had it known what happened to the rest of the pack, but it was too busy chasing the little orange pony who was somehow outrunning one of the apex predators of the Everfree, it remained oblivious as furious hooves and wild magic tore it too asunder. All of them didn’t notice the creature that loomed above, like a great serpent, rendered invisible by his powerful magic.

Scootaloo ran up the side of a tree as another timberwolf seemingly emerged from the bush, chasing the filly, the wolf laid itself against the tree’s trunk, Scootaloo kicked out and lept from the tree and glided to the ground as Apple Bloom ran forward and struck the wolf with all her strength, splitting the creature in half and knocking the tree to the ground.

While the two performed this display, yet another wolf lept from the darkness. Sweetie Belle had spent years assisting her sister in their art, and one of the first things she learned was how to use magic to cut fabric into strips. The wolf was bathed in a series of magical pulses that cut through its body, rendering raw wood into cut timbers, and all Sweetie had to do was move to avoid the splinters that scattered across the ground.

Another two timberwolves lept from the darkness… How many were in this pack? And they were running toward the fillies cowering in the center of the destruction. In the comfort of her own mind, Apple Bloom swore as she realized her hoof was firmly stuck into the tree she had knocked over, “Silver, Diamond!”

There was a flash of minty-green light, a dome of energy appeared over the two fillies, one of the wolves rammed itself into the barrier, which suddenly flashed again and collapsed. In a blur, the pegasus of the group lept from another tree and landed on the wolf who had just rammed itself against Sweetie’s barrier, she fell atop the timberwolf’s back and jabbed her hooves against the back of the monster’s neck, while she certainly didn’t have earth pony strength, she could still be pretty scary on her own, particularly when pulling a wolf’s head off its wooden spine.

Sweetie collapsed from the magical exertion, sensing both weakness and a threat, the final timberwolf lept for the fallen unicorn, but a blur of pink caught it in the side and it flew apart. “Woah… Awesome!” Scootaloo shouted.

That was the last of them, any wolves still hiding in wait had realized the futility of their hunt, “We should go before they start reforming… Well, except for the one Sweetie got, I don’t think that one’s getting back up,” A grey and silver filly commented.

“A little help please?” Asked Apple Bloom, who had managed to get her hooves coated in tree sap and tangled in the tree she had barreled over. The others, with the exception of Diamond and Silver Spoon, had rushed to the aid of their friend, Silver was still in more than a little awe and fear, and when it became apparent that Sweetie and Scootaloo weren’t helping as much as they thought they were, Diamond scoffed and marched over to pull Apple Bloom free. Once she was free, she commented, “It’s weird seeing you actually helping for once.”

Diamond gave another scoff and turned to look at the sappy Apple Bloom, “You might be reckless, ignorant, crazy, blank-flanks, but I’m not going to leave you here to get eaten later by whatever other monsters are waiting in these forests.”

The rest smiled while Sweetie, suddenly angry, turned to Diamond and shouted, “Ignorant! I get better grades than you!”

“Sweetie… She just saved you, surely you can forgive an empty insult…” Silver commented.

It was Sweetie Belle’s turn to scoff, but she seemed to accept it. The five fillies started trotting back to town… Luckily, the things the five had gone into the forest to get had been unharmed in the fight. Apple Bloom’s bag full of herbs, spices, and other potion ingredients had suffered the worst, but a little sap wouldn’t hurt the plants. The potions Filthy Rich had ordered from Zecora sat unharmed in Silver Spoon’s bags. And with a little application of Sweetie’s magic to sever the connection from the head to the rest of the wooden body, Scootaloo was now proudly carrying the wooden head of a timberwolf.

The others cringed a bit at the rather grim trophy, but her decapitation of the monster the others had to admit was pretty cool. “That was really cool and awesome!” Scootaloo said, trotting beside Diamond Tiara, “Taking out that timberwolf like you did… I really didn’t think you had it in you to beat up a beast like that.”

Diamond was silent for a second, not really knowing how to take a compliment from these blank-flanks. Silver Spoon cut in, “Of course she can, she’s an earth pony! She can knock down a tree, like you,” She stared at the still sticky Apple Bloom, “if she tried!”

The five continued walking, “Honestly,” Diamond started, “It was kind of… Fun… Hanging out with you girls…” She gave a little chuckle, “I almost wish there were more of them back there.”

“It’s weird seeing you so… Nice,” Said Apple Bloom.

Silver Spoon leaned toward Apple Bloom, “I think she’s just scared of you now,” She said in a loud whisper, smirking.

Diamond turned red and growled at her friend, who only continued smirking. Scootaloo grinned, “we could come back here tomorrow! We can fight more monsters! And” She paused, looking at the wolf head she had on her back, “I can get more trophies to show my parents... Whenever they get back.”

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle smirked at each other and raised their hooves, turning their head to Diamond Tiara, “You gonna join?” Scootaloo said, raising her hoof with the others. Diamond simply scoffed and turned to trot on, but a look and tap on the flank from Silver Spoon made Diamond sigh and move to raise her hoof with the others… She wouldn’t be shouting “Cutie Mark Crusader: Monster Hunters!”, but she could at least humour the other blank-flank’s antics.

Above, the serpentine creature continued to observe multiple realities at once, but had started to pay attention to his favourite universe, sensing the opportunity for chaos. Sweetie spoke up first, “Unfortunately, tomorrow is a school-day, and I don’t think I’ll have the time to go monster hunting with you.”

Scootaloo sighed, “It would be cool if there was a school for this kind of thing… Imagine going to a school for potion-making, or weapon-making, or monster-hunting!”

Apple Bloom cringed a bit at Scootaloo’s mentioning of their Weapon-Making attempts… Somehow, when trying to make a dagger, she remembered Scootaloo burning down one of the sheds near the barn, and taking a small chunk of the orchard with it… At least Sweetie had made a pretty good halberd.

The time for chaos was now. Behind the fillies came the silky voice of Discord, “A school for monster hunting?”

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon gave startled yelps, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle looked sceptical, but Scootaloo suddenly looked even more excited, “Discord!” They all shouted, in voices ranging from horror to hope.

“My favourite little foals…” Discord greeted.

“Is there really a school for monster hunting!” Scootaloo nearly shouted.

“Many… But there’s one, in particular, I think you would enjoy…” Discord smirked… Part of him wished that they had asked for a magic school, that world was in desperate need of chaos, and the world he had in mind was already chaotic… But the chaos his next actions would cause in Equestria was too much to resist, and injecting more chaos into an already chaotic world, as he had learned from long experience, usually started spiralling out of control into something truly glorious.

“Can we go! Can we go! Can we go!” Scootaloo bounced in place.

“Now hold on, you know as well as I do how untrustworthy Discord is,” Apple Bloom cut in, “What’s the catch.”

“Well,” Discord scoffed, “It’s a very dangerous school, full of excitement and adventure, at least in comparison to this place…”

“Danger! Adventure!” Scootaloo started panting.

Sweetie Belle looked deep in thought, “Can I learn magic there,”

Discord mirrored the look of being deep in thought, “Well, yes, for certain definitions of magic, it goes by a different name there, but it is none the less magic… And, it’s a type of magic all four of you can use, not just your horned companion.”

Scootaloo was just bouncing in place, Sweetie Belle started grinning at the idea of learning a new kind of magic, Apple Bloom was less than convinced. “Four?” She said, raising her eyebrow.

“Well, of course, four of you will need to go, that’s just how it works.”

The three fillies turned to look at Diamond, “No, no way,” She said, “This is your kind of craziness… And mom will throw a fit.”

The fillies looked a little disappointed, and turned to Silver Spoon, “No… I’m not some crazy blank-flank monster fighter, I can bearly fight an insect.”

“Oh my little diamond,” Discord purred as he slithered from nowhere to appear behind Diamond Tiara. “But deep down I know how much you hate your mother… I know that this is exactly the kind of chaos a certain little blank-flanked foal wanted in her youth. Before she became shackled to a mark that she didn’t understand.”

Diamond looked flustered and started sputtering for a response. “You destroyed a timberwolf and savoured the feeling of the timbers shattering under your earth-pony strength, a strength you so rarely get to unleash, always keeping your rage at your mother and yourself locked away inside… I can only imagine how good it felt to unleash that rage at a beast such as that wolf. Imagine doing that every day.”

Apple Bloom turned to her friends, “Well if you two are going, I’m coming to… But I’ll need to talk to Applejack first, and you two need to speak with your sisters too.”

“Let me handle that… You’ll be needing these too” The serpentine pseudo-deity said, snapping his fingers and conjuring four boxes and four bags. “You’re a few years too young, even Sweetie, but that can be rectified.”

Scootaloo moved to throw open the box and bag with her name on it, surprised to see the contents of the containers. “Metal bits?” She asked, staring at the box filled with little metal parts, some looked like the blades of knives, and others looked more like clockwork parts, but none of them she recognized asides from the screws and cogs… There were even a few obviously magical gemstones inside the box of parts. Scootaloo noticed that the boxes the others got were far bigger, with Sweetie’s box nearly being her size.

Looking into the bags, they found piles of fabric with the occasional metal plate. “What’s all this,” Diamond said, looking at the strange pink and white armoured dress that looked more like something a diamond dog or abyssinian would wear.

“Looks like you’re all ready… Remember, find a weapons shop or tinkerer to help you with those parts, and cause as much chaos as possible in your glorious quest to become monster hunters!” Discord said, proudly, before snapping his fingers and the four, plus their boxes and bags, all vanished in a blink of light… Leaving behind a dumbfounded Silver Spoon and smug magic snake.

It was night, the dark sky clearly showed that. Sweetie was the first to wake up, still a little dazed from the teleportation. Her body felt weird and she raised her forehoof to the sky in an effort to roll over and get her balance. She felt the grass prick at her body, an odd, somewhat painful, but mostly ticklish sensation, and saw her foreleg, long and pale, but a little more tawny than her normally white coat, and… “What in Celestia’s name!” She shouted, looking at the strange claw-like appendage at the end of her leg.

Scootaloo started to flail around, naked on the grass, and slowly the others came to consciousness. “Discord!” Came the voice of an enraged Apple Bloom. Carefully, Sweetie started to move her body in ways she didn’t think she could before and started to twist around in strange motions that found her sitting, plot firmly on the grassy ground, legs outstretched in front of her, and torso sitting straight up.

Apple Bloom had gotten into a strange position that would have looked normal were she a pony, she stood on both her claw-like forehooves and paw-like hind hooves with an arched back and flank firmly in the air, she stumbled and fell over again. “Bloom!” Sweetie called out, “Remember those pictures I showed you of the Abyssinians and Diamond Dogs, I think we should try to walk like them.”

“Why?” Asked Scootaloo who had managed to get into a similar position.

“Just look at ourselves, whatever Discord turned us into, we’re clearly not supposed to be walking on all four of our legs, think about how Spike walks.”

“That damn dragon-snake!” Apple Bloom muttered as she started to get unsteadily to her pawed hind-hooves.

“Bloom, language.”

“I couldn’t care less about what I say right now, I’ve been turned into a hairless monkey thing.”

Sweetie rolled her eyes but knew exactly how Apple Bloom was feeling right now. Scootaloo had managed to get up by now, and was starting to help Diamond to her hind-hooves, who was muttering something to herself, probably a litany of insults toward “Dumb blank-flanks getting me wrapped up in some strange Discord magic thing, turning me into an abomination and sending me Celestia knows where.”

Now that they had gotten their bearings, Apple Bloom took the chance to analyze their new forms. Sweetie was still the tallest of the group, with pale skin, but still had the same mane and eye colors, her mane extending down to her waist, and she still had her pony ears, sticking up from her head, odd, as to the side of her head was a pair of fleshy growths that also looked vaguely like ears. The fleshy lumps growing from her chest looked almost like the utters of a cow, and she had much longer legs than an abyssinian, but shorter arms than any diamond dog she had ever seen.

Scootaloo was much the same, the shortest of the group certainly, with the shortest mane too, and the fleshy lumps on her chest were nearly non-existent… She didn’t have her pony ears, so it was unclear just how she was hearing the others, her skin was a little more tan, but she still had orange-feathered wings extending from her back, much larger and more like those of a griffon than when she was a pony.

Diamond had a mane that extended past her shoulders but didn’t hold a candle to Sweetie’s grand mass of hair, she too had pony ears. The oddest part was her skin colour, almost stark white, about as white as Sweetie’s pony fur.

Apple Bloom took a look at herself and discovered that she didn’t have her pony ears either, but after patting down her head she discovered the fleshy growths to either side of her head acted as ears, and she still at least had her bow. Her utters were the biggest of the group and played havoc with her balance as she attempted not to stumble forward in this strange body. That was when she discovered two things… First, without hooves, the ground hurt, as her hind-hooves trampled grass, pebbles, and other little debris on the ground. Second, she still had her tail, which she used to help keep her balance.

“What the hell am I!” Yelled Diamond Tiara, “What did you idiotic blank-flanks do to me!”

“This, whatever this is, is Discord’s fault!” Bloom spoke up.

“You were the ones who dragged me into this mess!”

“Girls!” Shouted Sweetie. “We can argue later… First, we need to get somewhere safe, preferably with other ponies… Or whatever lives here, so long as it’s friendly.”

Scootaloo nodded, “We should probably get those things on,” Scootaloo said, pointing to the bags… “They might have ponyshooes in there, and this place hurts my hooves… Plus it’s cold.”

Sweetie was looking around when something in the sky caught her attention. Diamond Tiara ignored her, shouting, “Well… Where in Equestria are we!”

“Uhh… Girls,” Said Sweetie Belle, looking and pointing up. “I don’t think we’re in Equestria anymore.”

The fillies stared upward toward a bright silvery source of light and saw the moon… It was massive, bigger than Luna’s moon, and… Broken… It looked like a shattered glass orb, with little broken chunks floating around. And for what felt like hours, the girls looked up into that massive, broken, terrifying moon. Awe and fear mixing in equal measure at the sight of the slowly drifting fragments.

Author's Note:

So, this is a little side-fic I cooked up for whenever I got bored with writing Mare in the Metal Box. I hope you enjoy. If any of you have read the fic, then it should be obvious that I was taking some inspiration from Magic School Days, referencing it directly when Discord lamented them not being sent to magic school.

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