• Published 28th Oct 2019
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Fillies and Monsters - Solaris Vult

After overhearing the CMC wanting to hunt monsters, Discord gives them and Diamond Tiara a chance in the world of Remnant

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Chapter 13: Cutie Mark Crusaders Crime Fighters!

Roman Torchwick walked into the dust shop, Junior’s gangsters marching alongside. They threw open the door, inspecting the crystals on display and the dust powder in its wall-mounted tube dispensers. The man, dressed in his white suit, Melodic Cudgel in hand, approached the counter, the shopkeeper at the desk, “Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a dust shop open this late?”

“P-Please, just take my lien and leave,” White said.

“Shhh, calm down, we’re not here for your money… Grab the dust,” He replied, turning to the gangsters who all moved out, pulling dust canisters from their cases and walking over to the dispensers. “Crystals… Burn, uncut.”

As white placed the crystals of fire dust on the table and Torchwick moved them into his pockets, there came some noise from the back, deeper in the store. Suddenly, one of the gangsters, propelled by a wave of green energy, flew out the window. Torchwick growled under his breath and motioned to the others. Three gangsters, armed with autopistols, ran to the back of the store.

A blur of red flew past, taking one of the thieves with it. A girl with a pink bow in her bright red hair ran past, wearing an orange sweater underneath a kevlar vest and padded pants, a hammer in her grasp, and knocked another gangster out the window with a swipe, followed by a girl with purple hair, wielding two pistols, running forward and aiming at a pair of Junior's men.

The two robbers aimed their pistols, but before they could fire, they were hit in the chests by blasts of heat and pressure that burned their clothing and left them screaming in pain, the blasts would have melted metal, but even untrained, people had aura, just not enough to hold up to a proper attack.

The others started running out of the store as two more girls approached, Torchwick noted that they were all faunus. One had a halberd with a large green dust crystal for a spearhead, wearing a heavy greatcoat, and the other wore an elegant dress and carried a longsword with a dust cannon in the crossguard and, just from a cursory glance, he could tell that the sword split in half along the blade… These were trainee huntresses…

He backed out of the store, as some gangsters, braver than their comrades who had fled outside, drew their swords and ran toward the ones with the pistols and hammer. One was hit in the face by a blast of heat that burned off his hair and scorched his skin, leaving him incapacitated. Suddenly the hammer turned into a really big assault rifle, and a loud boom rang through the store, a shell striking one of the gangsters in the side… He was certainly going to have broken ribs when he woke back up.

Torchwick was already outside on the road. The halberd girl had drawn her weapon and fired blasts of green lightning at the fleeing gangsters, and the human in a black dress with the red cloak had swung around on that massive scythe of her’s, slashing down gangsters left and right, not a single one remained conscious… Or at least conscious enough to fight. “You were worth every cent… Truly you were…” He commented under his breath.

Torchwick stared at the faunus girls, all with their brightly coloured hair, a few had puffy tails the same hue, and others had ears… The one with the dual pistols had large orange wings. “Well… Looks like I stumbled into quite the freakshow!” Torchwick commented, “Well, you little pack of animals, I think we can all say it’s been an eventful evening… And as much as I’d love to stick around, I’m afraid this, is where we part ways.”

As he talked the girls huddled into a group, and Torchwick clicked the button on his cane, aiming it at the pack, and firing. An explosive dust crystal launched forth, glimmering like a ruddy orange star as it flew toward the animals all packed together. The one in the coat flung her arms to the side and a glimmering shield of green energy appeared around them, the bolt impacted, exploded, and the shield collapsed, the girl fell to her knees for a second, but then got back to her feet.

Meanwhile, Torchwick ran, finding the nearest ladder and climbing up, escaping from the freakshow he had stumbled into. As he climbed, he drew his scroll, “Cinder dear, I could use some help… I got a few trainee huntresses on my tail.”

Back at the dust shop, Diamond turned to the shopkeeper, “Mind if we apprehend that miscreant?”

He simply replied with a stunned, “Uh…”

“Come on,” Scootaloo said, “Cutie Mark Crusaders Crime Fighters!”

“Cutie Mark Crusaders Crime Fighters!” The other two fillies replied, Diamond simply scoffed as she marched forward with the rest of them toward the building the gangster’s boss had climbed up.

Scootaloo leapt, and by the power of pegasus magic, flew high enough to land safely on the top of the building. Ruby pointed her scythe at the ground, pulled the trigger, and launched herself up to the top. Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara, by virtue of earth pony strength and aura, lept and landed with hard thuds on the rooftop. Finally, Sweetie propelled herself by pointing her staff-axe toward the ground and letting loose a burst of telekinetic power.

“Hey!” Ruby yelled.

“Get back here you thieving varmint!” Apple Bloom shouted.

Torchwick growled under his breath… “Persistent little mules.” From its position, parked on the rooftop of a smaller neighbouring building, the twin-dust-engine bullhead airship launched upward, spotlights glaring down at the fillies and human girl. Torchwick jumped and climbed into the airship’s cargo hold, “End of the line!” He shouted down at them, holding the crystal of fire dust in his hand, and with a hard toss, he flung it down toward the faunus girls and it exploded, killing them all… Or at least, that’s what should have happened.

The girl with the pink and purple hair and horse ears raised her hand, enveloping both her arm and the crystal currently flying through the air, in a field of green energy. Before Torchwick’s stunned and confused eyes, the crystal turned green and was launched back at him. He reacted just quickly enough to draw his cane and fire at the approaching projectile. The resulting explosion of red and green energy tossed all the girls back and sent the ship off balance, threatening to send them crashing into a building.

Meanwhile, from her position across the street, on the roof of the opposite building, Glynda stared, aghast. She was right about to leap across and shield the girls, but now she just stared… That girl’s semblance must have been some kind of energy manipulation, like polarity or Glynda’s own telekinesis.

Torchwick, thrown around by the shockwave, stumbled into the cockpit, “We got a problem!” He yelled at the woman piloting, his boss, Cinder Fall. The woman growled and her eyes lit up like flares. On her glass slippers, she marched into the cargo bay.

Back down on the rooftop, Apple Bloom raised her autocannon and fired a volley at the bullhead, boom-boom-boom-boom-boom. Most of the shells punched dents into the hull, a few ripped holes in the fuselage and damaged internal components, one punched through the glass in the cabin and flew out the other side, the man inside yelping as he ducked the oncoming fire.

Glynda decided it was time to stop gawking and lept across the street, coming to land on the rooftop with the other girls. “Get out of the way, old lady!” The orange-haired and winged girl shouted, rolling to the side and firing blasts from her dust pistols, the blasts of heat melting through the metal hull of the dropship, molten steel slagging off and falling to the street below like glowing orange rain. Meanwhile, the girl in the greatcoat with the dust-staff-axe, raised the green crystal on her weapon’s end toward the ship, and Glynda, expecting tendrils of vines or a swarm of leaves or some other plant-based attack, judging from the dust’s colour, continued to stare, shocked, when bolts of green lightning struck the bullhead, arcing along its hull.

Cinder stared down at the five girls and one older woman, clearly a huntress, and raised her hand, firing a trio of fireballs down toward the girls. They all rolled into the same spot, together, apart from the huntress who summoned a purple telekinetic shield. From the center of the trainee’s group, the energy manipulator raised both her arms and created a domed shield. Next moment later, a series of explosions tore the roof apart as Cinder demonstrated her semblance.

The huntress dodged the explosion, meanwhile, the girl creating the energy shield collapsed, screaming in pain, as the explosions stole what energy she had in her. The huntress let loose a series of gravity bolts that threw the ship off balance and threatened to crash it again. The one with the scythe and the one with the autocannon fired on the dropship, targeting the woman throwing fireballs and explosions their way. Cinder raised both her arms and tried to block the bullets with her aura, the sniper rounds were easy, flinging off her defensive field, but the autocannon shells were twice the size and carried twice the power, she blocked them, but instead of flinging off in random directions, they dropped to the floor of the bullhead with loud thuds.

Cinder summoned her magical abilities and unleashed a wave of fire down on the offending females. As the one with the pink and white hair raised her sword, the Huntress used her telekinetic semblance to fling the girls away from the tidal wave of superheated air, at the cost of being hit by the brunt of the attack, giving a grunt of pain as her aura withstood such an assault.

“Damn it! Out of ammo!” Shouted the redhead with the autocannon. The purple-haired girl just growled and raised her pistols, but at this range, they did little more than heat the dropship’s hull to red incandescence, then she twisted a dial on one pistol and let loose a beam of heat that melted a hole clean through the back of the bullhead, even at this distance, but luckily it didn’t hit anything critical. Cinder smirked as the dropship’s doors closed and it’s engines swivelled, igniting to full power in an effort to make their escape.

Back on the rooftop, the huntress and the girls glared at the rapidly retreating ship. The pink and white-haired girl, who hadn’t swung her sword once in this fight, simply scoffed and raised her longsword, the blade splitting apart to reveal a miniaturized dust cannon, Glynda glared at the weapon as she pulled down on the trigger and let loose a brilliant beam of golden energy, a blast of electricity, that struck the small airship in one of the engines. The engine sparked and small explosions burst from the vessel’s hull as internal components overloaded and blew themselves apart. It still got away, but from the billowing cloud of smoke pouring from one engine, holes burned and shot into the hull, and all the internal damage it must have suffered, particularly from that last attack, Glynda knew it probably wouldn’t take off again.

Ruby stopped staring at the fleeing vessel and turned to the huntress, “You’re a huntress,” She said in awe, “Can I have your autograph!”

“Oh come on, she wasn’t that good, she bearly did anything at all!” Scootaloo returned.

“She did save us from that wave of magical fire,” Sweetie replied. Glynda raised her eyebrow at the use of the word Magical Fire.

“Whatever… We didn’t need her help to win that fight… If she didn’t send me flying with that telekinesis, I would have had a clear shot at that fiery woman!”

“Who exactly are you five?” Glynda asked.

“Ruby Rose!” One girl cried, still in awe.

“Scootaloo Allgood,” The purple-haired one said, a bit miffed at something, but Glynda couldn’t quite tell what.

“Diamond Tiara,” Said the girl with the cannon-sword, still glaring daggers at the huntress.

“Apple Bloom Macintosh,” The girl with the autocannon said, loading what looked like combustion dust rounds into her cannon’s drum.

“Sweetie Belle, that was some impressive telekinetic work you did,” The one with the dust-staff said, her tone one of neutrality.

“My name is Glynda Goodwitch, and you five are coming with me,” She said, a little bitterly and aggressively, like a disapproving parent.

Author's Note:

And so, we see the fight between Roman and the girls. Not much to comment on in this chapter... Other than, during the process of writing this, I looked up exactly what Cinder's semblance was and discovered that the small airships are called Bullheads... Interesting.

Next chapter we get to see what happens when the sister of the Element of Honesty meets one of the most lying, deceptive, and manipulative men in all of Remnant...

Also, sorry if this chapter is confusing, but I was switching POVs constantly.

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