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Somewhere, far away, Chrysalis was born, and then she was sent to Equestria to conquer it, and the entire world, for changeling kind.

(A short one-off fanfic detailing a crazier idea I had about the Changeling's origin)

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Needs to have the Alt. Uni. tag as well since this isn't going with the canon version of Changelings being born in Equestria.

I don't think the changelings were ever explained though...

Too bad for Chrysalis, but she definitely FAILED her mission. And even her own changelings "reformed". But what about her "masters"? Will they finally do it themselves?

I mean the colony ship took a little over a thousand years to get there, now granted this is supposed to be pre-nightmare moon, so a thousand years have passed, but they still got time before anything arrives to inspect what happened to their missing colony ship.

Having read this, I'd really love to see more. It's so much different from every other changeling fic I've seen so far, and I've read a fair few.

They were. They came from some sort of evil tree that Starswirl nailed a sign to saying for ponies to stay away from it, and then the sap from that tree became the changelings. It was in one of the comics, I don't know which.


You mean our pony heroes will have a lot of time to set up a defensive, and facing Chrysalis's own masters?

That is assuming that they even know the threat is coming, they might be able to learn something from Chrysalis, assuming they can overcome her amnesia as a result of being violently torn away from the hive-mind.

I love the artwork used for this story.


Is this even a crossover of a sci-fi fanchise/gaming? Because, that artwork looks like something from Alien/Xenomorth, or Zerg from Starcraft.

I hope that she ISN'T a Tyranid from WH40K. They will be super screwed!

To be fair, the show itself later established details about changelings that goes against the origin story the comics present, and the comics were always of iffy canonicity to begin with, so all things considered, I think that allows for plenty of wiggle room for this fic.

But up to the author nonetheless.

I am by no means a literary critic, but an interesting and engaging idea; a fun whistle stop tour of an utterly alien civilization. Honestly more fun some multi chapter five I’ve read.

I'm equally invested in this take on the changelings origins. Better than any other story I’ve read on this site. Do you plan on doing more to it?

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