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XCMC is being renovated. · 2:11am Sep 26th, 2018

I've decided to take my XCOM crossover down so I can change the story around and make it a bit better, I didn't like certain parts in the 1st and 2nd chapters, so I'll reupload it once it's done.

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Well, here's something I've posted in 3 different groups but have gotten no reply to as of yet... Let's see what this "Blog" format is like... · 3:43am Jul 20th, 2018

I'm a massive fan of these 2 things: Warhammer 40K, and Fallout Equestria, and the more I read them the more I find similarities, so why not capitalize on these similarities. The Wasteland in FO:E shares so many similarities to a certain period of time in the 40K lore called "The Age of Strife" this was a time when Earth was reduced to a barren wasteland by draining the resources from the planet and not being able to get more resources from out of world. During the Age of Strife,

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