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Making a few more fics. · 5:50am May 28th

Unfortunately, I won't be continuing Fillies and Monsters, I made the story branch out too much, making way too many diverging plot lines to be able to accurately keep track of them and I had no idea how to bring the story together... I'm also pausing work on Spellscribe, but hopefully not forever, I've just lost a bit of interest in Harry Potter. But, I am working on two new fics, one is a complete standalone story, the other is a new MLP/RWBY crossover to make up for the loss of Fillies, but

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My current writing projects. · 10:05pm Feb 13th, 2020

First, regarding Fillies and Monsters, I'll be taking a shortish break of about a week or so, I've kinda run out of inspiration... Plus, I need to sort out a few plot holes I've noticed in my overall plan. Also, you might have noticed that I unpublished my other current fic, Spellscribe, my Harry Potter/Fallout Equestria crossover, and that is because I'm planning to redo it, since I decided that my current plan for that fic is highly underdeveloped and I'll need to rework it... One change I

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results