• Published 28th Oct 2019
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Fillies and Monsters - Solaris Vult

After overhearing the CMC wanting to hunt monsters, Discord gives them and Diamond Tiara a chance in the world of Remnant

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Chapter 15: Happenings on the Other Side

Midnight Breeze trotted through the streets of Canterlot, green eyes glimmering in the midday sun. He wanted to catch the first train to Ponyville, the news coming out of the small town was too intriguing not to go, even if it did carry some risk. Discord the God of Chaos had sent a hoof-full of ponies to an alien world, the possibilities and implications were too much for him to process at this time, and he was going to need to tell his family, but that would need to wait until he knew more about what he was dealing with.

He was concerned about the reports of alien weaponry being developed for the guard and Wonderbolts, but the new magic these aliens, these humans, possessed was intriguing… And it could be an opportunity, an opportunity to get himself, and his entire family, away from Equestria, away from the baleful gaze of the Princesses, and away from the dangers of simple life.

First though, he would need to see this world for himself, he would need to create a portal to it, an easy feat provided you knew both locations you were connecting, and he would need to blend into this alien realm. As he boarded the train, he wondered exactly how he was going to do this… Dealing with the god of chaos was a risky game, particularly for a pony like himself, but if it was what must be done, he was willing to do it, and he would do it gladly if it meant his future and the future of his children.

They had finally passed the mountains, up here, the snow drifted lightly in the air. Silver Spoon held Diamondlance to her side, one head planted firmly in the ground, the other head sticking straight up in the air. The hills were covered in grass, dotted by marble houses and elegant wooden structures, looking almost like Canterlot were it made by Kirin, there was even a castle built into a mountain from which a waterfall flowed, surrounded by a great marble wall to which the path they were following led up to.

“I think we’ve made it to Mistral,” Dinky said cheerily.

“Almost, looks like we still have a ways to trek,” Rumble replied, pulling Pegasus to his shoulder, and dropping to the ground from his hover.

“Come, let’s get there and get some food,” Button continued. With that, they descended the mountain and pressed onward to the last leg of their journey.

Why did she not have a horn! From the day she was born, she was unwanted… Magic was power, magic was fame and wealth and glory… Magic was how you became a princess, magic was what her parents had, powerful magic, she did not, and so she did not have power, she did not have fame, she did not have wealth, she did not have glory… She didn’t have friends, because she was not allowed to have friends, friends were only given to those who had power, and she did not have power.

Why was she born with these useless appendages? She was born without power, and that made her useless, her parents did not have the time or money for uselessness, and so they kept her locked away, like a prisoner in her own home… She tried to earn respect, she tried to gain power, every day she would form the arcane matrix in her mind, every day she would channel what energy she had in her, but no matter what she did, no magic manifested, no spells were cast, and no power was gained.

She could fly, soar above everyone else, but she was shackled in a cage, flight was an empty power, a pretend power, a unicorn could do the same thing if they were strong enough, pegasi were merely arrogant lessers who claimed a power that rightfully belonged to unicorns. Somehow, one of those arrogant lessers had become a princess, the tale of Princess Cadenza was a hated one in her home, and the name of Princess Cadence was not a name one said without earning a beating, she was fake princess, she bore an empty title, she wasn’t born with power, it was gifted to her by those with real power!

But, even worse, for her parents to give birth to one of those arrogant lessers was not something they would stand for… Over the years, disdain gave way to hatred, hatred to punishments and beatings, beatings to injury, and so she lived a life of misery, her wings had been broken numerous times, but they would always heal, always work once the bones had been set, always be a reminder that she was born with empty, fake, power.

The worst time was when she summoned a cloud and loosed a bolt of lightning from it, she hoped this would make her parents see that she wasn’t useless, that she was some worthless pile of flesh born devoid of magic, but no… It enraged them… That wasn’t a real spell, they told her, that was fake magic created by pretenders who tried to insult the unicorns with their fake powers.

No, that wasn’t the worst thing she had done… She, being a pegasus, could not be kept in a cage, no matter how hard her parents tried, if anyone knew what they had done, the consequences would not be kind. The princess, the most powerful of them all, thought that all ponies were to be treated equal, her parents couldn’t understand such backwards thinking, not when how wrong that idea was should have been clearer to them than anyone else… But none the less, the princesses had allowed such lesser being to be treated just the same as unicon kind, a crime, a heresy in the eyes of her parents.

One night, she snuck out, she flew through the open window and saw the world outside for the first time in her life… Her parents lived far away from town, but for the first time in her life, she flew, and she flew to the town. She flew through the window of a library, she found books on magic, different kinds of magic, magic not used by unicorns, but by the Zebra, and by the Deer, and by the Abyssinians… And so she took the books back home with her, hiding them in her room, and spent her time learning the other kinds of magic in the world, hoping to find some kind of magic she could show her parents to prove her worth.

That was the worst thing she had done, an unforgivable offence, she had brewed a potion… When she was not locked in her room, she was working in the kitchen, the only use she had in the household, and she took some of the ingredients for herself, with them, she brewed a potion in the night, a vial that supposedly could create brilliant blue flames. When she show them to her mother… She was outraged. Magic was energy, it was power in its purest form, to dilute it into the physical, to turn it into a simple brew, a physical object, an entity, a power of the physical world, that was blasphemous, that was to take energy and turn it into a lesser form, that was a perversion of magic.

She watched as all her worldly possessions, not just her books, but what few toys and drawings she had made, were burned… But that didn’t stop her, she wanted power, she wanted to prove her worth, she wanted fame, she wanted glory, she wanted wealth… She wanted to be strong… She wanted to be feared… She wanted to be powerful.

One book survived, a book she had hidden well, the book that held the secrets of Zebra magic, it told of potions that could cure disease, it told of potions that could grow plants, it told of potions that could potions that could help you rest peacefully and dreamlessly, should you be plagued by nightmares… In other words, a sleeping potion.

They broke her body, they tried to break her soul, they must have broken every bone in her wings at once point, they destroyed all her worldly possessions, just for the crime of being born without power, just for the crime of being a failure, something she had no control over… The only role she had in life was to cook, to prepare her parents food, and be given scraps and garbage once they had finished… So she cooked, she brewed the sleeping potion, she poured it into the pot… They had taken what little she had in this world, and so she would take what they valued most, their power.

They ate their soup, drank their wine, pretending that they were Canterlot noblemares, that they had a powerful daughter, a unicorn, an alicorn, that they were the parents of the fabled Twilight Sparkle, that they actually had worth in the world, the worth that they sought through their unicorn magic… The power they would never have again. As they slept, she drew a cleaver from the drawer and hacked at their heads, she didn’t want to kill them, she wanted them to suffer, and know who had made them suffer, and the potion was strong enough to block out the pain, so they would never know what she had done until it was too late, until their powers were lost to them… And so she hacked away, at her mother first, and then her father... And she made sure they would never have children again, that was an even easier task.

She was long gone from that cursed home by the time they awoke, her only regret not being able to hold their horns above them, to mock them, to challenge them to strike her down with their magic, to savour their suffering… But still, even with her parents behind her, she still did not have any true power of her own, only then would her vengeance be complete, only once she had the power they told her she would never posess would she taste true victory… And so she sat, alone, in an abandoned shack far, far from her village.

There came a voice from right behind her, “You’re already a rather chaotic soul… I’m proud.”

She shouted in surprise, and saw the serpentine form from legend slither from the shadows, “Y-You’re Discord!”

“Yes I am, my little filly… I’m surprised you know of me, but I suppose some of those books you had would have at least mentioned me once.”

“You know-”

“I know everything… I know what you want most of all… Kill for kill, eye for eye, blood for blood, all that… And I can help you.”

The filly raised an eyebrow, “You aren’t one to give out gifts… What’s the catch?”

“I desire chaos, and the power you want will cause plenty of chaos, does that count as a catch?”

“What exactly is this power?”

Discord smiled, “Fame, followers, and magic of course!”


“Yes, powerful magic.”

The filly smiled, “I’ll take your magic then…”

Discord smirked, raised his hand, snapped his fingers, and the filly vanished.

When she woke up, she found herself in a forest, the trees casting shadows on the forest floor. She was in a body unfamiliar to her, and she stumbled around, trying to walk on all fours, her furless body draped in tattered rags she used to stave off the northern cold back home, but she still had her disheveled sky-blue mane and large pink-feathered wings.

Through the forest came a voice, “What’s that?” Said a stallion.

“Might be a grimm, be careful…”

The filly tried to move toward the voice, stumbling in her unfamiliar form. Soon she rolled through the bushes and fell to the dirt ground, through tears of pain as the thorns and branches scratched at her frail skin, she saw that she had fell to a road, passing by were a trio of bipedal creature, wearing black under white armored coats and bone-white masks. “Who-” One raised a strange boxy device painted black and red, “A girl?”

“A faunus girl!” One, a mare, shouted, “Look at her wings!”

“She looks abandoned,” One said, shaking his head, “We can’t leave her here.”

Author's Note:

And so another filly is sent to Remnant. From this point on we won't be seeing much going on in Equestria, since, once the adults are sent to Remnant, there won't be many plot lines taking place on Equus. That way I can focus exclusively on the girls's arriving at Beacon

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