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In the year 2152, the United Equis had launched it's first ship. Since that time it has developed warp drive technology, made first contact with alien species, and has joined the United Federation Of Planets. Now, in 2252, 100 years after the launch of the Equis, UE's first space craft, it's time for Equis to send its first cadets to Starfleet Academy on earth...

Join Jessica Cosmos, her twin brother Luke, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Rara Coloratura, and their dragon assistant Spike as they go through starfleet academy and learn just what it means to be a friend on top of being an officer

This is based on my STO, discovery starfleet human character. this will follow her adventures, plus, love is in bloom because I ship like crazy and can't help myself.



Changes made in this AU:

Set in STO timeline with MLP's musical element(because you can't have MLP without songs apparently), Starfleet discovery character

Everything pre season 9 happened, even twilight's ascension and spike's scale shedding ordeal, but twilight doesn't become a princess and the golden oaks library was never destroyed, and all those friendship missions were from celestia. And the school of friendship doesn't exist, and in the movie, the 3 princesses and not twilight put on the friendship festival, twilight and her friends just helped set it up and then did their hero thing.

After all the EQG movies, Sunset moves back to Equestria permanently

AJ's friend Rara gave up her life as a singer to be with Applejack.

Most of the inhabitants of Equuis are one.

One more thing, I’m running this as an interactive story, I.E. you can suggest prompts, anything goes as long as it follows these parameters

It has to set in the current time frame of the season

It must be school appropriate on the university level

Can’t be season finale type stuff unless we’re a good ways in to the story and a season finale seems appropriate.


Now that’s a cover worthy of this story, all rights go to their respective owners. Hope you guys like it!

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Comments ( 22 )

Oh boy. This sounds like a carbon of another story on the site. Several actually. Just with different characters.

You must really be a fan of Rara. Cause her inclusion really seems random.

I don’t see very many stories with Rara as a character, and she’s AJ’s childhood friend, so I figured, why not.

Yeah, I know there are other stories about Star Trek meeting MLP on the site. But the concept put ideas in my head that I couldn’t get out so this happened.


I am intrigued.

Oh, just you wait, this will be nothing compared to what’s coming.

Rainbow Dash as a helmsmare, on paper that sounds fine but I can't help but be reminded of Tom Paris. Cocky, and a bit of a hot-rodder. She's going to have to dial it way back if she still wants to fly; starships or shuttlecraft cause Starfleet doesn't have starfighters.

Their shuttles seem plenty agile and fast for dashie. And hey, she could learn a maneuver or two that she can use when flying via her wings. Helmsman made the most sense to me since she loves flying so much.

Also, now that I think about it, yeah, yeah Rainbow is the Tom Paris of MLP


If we ever reach the Iconian War story arc I’m so writing rainbow and Paris’s meeting.


As for Fluttershy and medical classes, I knew she’d be the doctor type of officer when I first saw Star Trek meets MLP on this site.

"Rara" is just a nickname Applejack gave her... Coloratura is one of the names on the show that's one word. Please respond to this comment.

I know that, but Rara is easier to remember. Thanks for taking the time to read my surely suboptimal story though.😊

Also, I want to make sure that you all understand, I will consider any story idea, suggestion, or prompt that pops up in the comments. With the exception of a few MAJOR story ideas that I already have but need to space out. I want this story to be from imaginations just as much as mine.

Would the Riker mentioned here be the Will Riker we're all familiar with, or is this someone else?

Riker’s ancestor since the Riker we know and love doesn’t exist yet in this time and we only know if 2 other rikers, his ancestor which Quin saved, and his duplicate that joined the maquis

So, any prompts you want to see? I’m open to anything.

Wait, he doesn't? When does this take place again?

This is based off Star Trek Online Discovery character, I’m starting with my interpretation of what the academy would be like, then I’m gonna basically copy STO and put the ponies and my OC in it.

So they likely, if ever, won’t meet the riker we know until they get thrust into the 25th century

Hopefully that clears it up.

Other then that, I’m hoping you are enjoying the story.

Great! Thanks for taking the time to read it.


Does anyone know how to make the links appear as actual videos that won’t take you from the site?

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