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When a mare moves to Ponyville, she expected to find what her parents have told her. That Ponyville is a place for all of ponykind to live together in harmony. And she does find that to be true...but she fears that her biggest secret will ruin her new life in the not-so-quiet town.

What will happen when she meets a certain group of mares? Only time will tell.

If you like the story, how about an upvote? If this story gets 100 likes I'll release the third chapter of a new side story set in the Sparkling Harmony universe. Like if you want to see that.


Takes Place during season 8 and beyond, but Cozy Glow doesn't exist.

Celestia and Luna NEVER retire and hoof over the throne to Twilight.


As the story progresses, tags and characters will be added as deemed necessary


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Most curious. Even more curious is that we don't know our protagonist's name yet.

don't worry. I won't pull a The Mandolorian and keep the name hidden the entire first season. her name should be known by the end of the third chapter at the absolute latest.😊

Speaking of names, is your username pronounced Command Red, or Commander Ed?

Commander Red. I'm considering changing it to something else if that's possible.

Now I'm Captain Cosmos. Much better.

So Sparkler pulled off a magic feat got her wings and she was afraid Celestia would do something bad to her?

Nope. That is NOT the case at all. She has absolutely no idea why she has the wings.

And we won’t find out until MUCH later in the story.

The ext chapter should explain why she’s hiding them.

One thing I WILL say is that she has no idea she’s an Alicorn. As far as SHE knows, her having wings and a horn is a special condition.

I sense that Sparkling will be joining the mane 6 at some point.

oh, I was just doing that because that's the chuckle I was doing. 😅

Sparkler isn't evil. just a pony who's currently insecure about her horn and wing combo.

While the Author Nixed that idea, I would like to point out that as an outsider looking in, Celestia can be considered an ambiguous character when it comes to her ponies. Its not out of her character to pull something should she consider anyone a threat to her ponies.

I happen to be a member of the fandom that firmly believes Celestia is Evil in a pony, superiority, eugenics sort of way.

The Monk

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got any theories on why Sparkler is an Alicorn?

Prompt: One of the ponies in town (doesn't matter who) asks Sparkler for a lesson in Saddle Arabian language. You yourself don't need to know Arabian.

that's...actually not bad. I'll see what I can dig up on Saddle Arabia and see if MLP actually thought as far as to give them a language.

though I should point out, in case there's any confusion, that Sparkler's heritage is Equestrian, Saddle Arabia is just where she grew up.

You can be an Irishman through and through, but if you're born in Poland you still need to learn Polish.

I know that.

also. you said a pony could ask Sparkler for a lesson in Saddle Arabia. how about a class of creatures in a certain school of Friendship.😅😅😅😅

OK, Just caught up.

So far Im liking it. I can understand being an underdog all her life, that she would be gun shy about talking to anyone about their issue. 9 times out of 10 if your expecting a bad response, you turn out to be right, so Im betting she has been burned by "Friends" in the past.

However when faced with someone the same as you, the urge to talk to them really would be irresistible.

All in all, this is well paced and the characters are coming across strong. The story is flowing smoothly and your steering it fine without dumbing down the characters. All in all, very well done and Im looking forward to more.

Due to being an outcast and also being from an exotic culture, there are fun possibilities for romance and shipping. Although Personally I like romances going to OC's rather to cannon characters. Gives a wider palate for the Author to work with.

I have only one theory Ill share in private about her special problem.

The Monk
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Thank you for your kind words. You hit the mark on every single point you made.

As far as Romance is concerned. It WILL ultimately be Sparkler X a canon character. BUT! That doesn’t mean I won’t allow other characters to hit on Sparkler. I’m already thinking up a scenario where she meets somepony who’s also hiding their true identity.

I’ve always been impartial to chocolate.” Then what is she partial to?? I think auto fill got you.

found this for you, good story.

“Did her commission a song?” [ he ]

Thanks for pointing that out. I'll fix it

and thanks for reading

edit: fixed it

just thought of something. How would everypony here like to learn how Sparkler met Flappy?

or it was just me mistaking the word literally every time i've "heard" it used like that.

thank you for catching it.

edit: fixed now

What I want to see next? Sparkler and Twilight finally talking about winged unicorns.

What I want to see down the line? Sparkler's parents.

we'll be getting to both of those things, but I already have a plan for how Twilight finds out and it kinda needs them to NOT talk about it for at least one more interaction.

If you really want to know more about how the reveal plays out and how Sparkler's fear of being shunned has such a grip on her that it nearly costs her life, I would be more than happy to PM you.

If not than they'll have one more interaction before the reveal and Sparklers parents (who are far more significant than just a characters' parents...all im gonna say on that for now.) will come for a visit or be visited by the time Halloween rolls around.

thx for reading. hope you are enjoying the story.:pinkiehappy:

Also, Sparkler isn’t a winged Unicorn. She’s a full on Alicorn. Just in case you didn’t catch on to that sooner.☺️

Im surprised that I didnt make a comment at Chapter 11 because it really impressed me. You have the art of character conversation down. Your interactions and conversations are very immersive and extremely well done. The interactions in 11 are extremely natural and they flow very smoothly.

That chapter was very well executed as an Author.

Very well done

The Monk
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Your kind words inspire me to do continually do my best. Glad you're enjoying the story. Now we get to the fun part where Twilight FINALLY learns Sparkler's secret.

just out of curiosity, what did you think of this chapter?

And so in the dead of night Twilight learns
Of the secret her newest friend yearns
to tell the one like her
why she wears a second fur
brought forth on the wings of a good bird's concerns

Tonight our sparkling hero's life was saved
And revealed the secret, for which we all raved
But come the rooster's crow
Will a new mystery grow
What magic made this her destiny paved

Comment posted by Captain_Cosmos deleted Sep 20th, 2020

Nice poem. Bravo.😊

Thx for reading.

posted ch 14 without a title. whoops. :pinkiehappy:

i fixed it

Her parents finally coming to Ponyville. Or meet the Young Six in the School of Friendship.

I actually have a plan involving the young six, but not until after Sparkler's Alicorn nature becomes public knowledge.

so that's one vote for parents.

After all, what’s a bird without flight?

A dinosaur.
I'm going to put my vote in for Starlight.

:rainbowlaugh: I was actually thinking of Penguins, but after a search, I found that Equestria doesn't have penguins as far as we know.

also, one vote for Starlight.

Glad her parents are supportive and concerned. I was a little worried they might have ostrichsized her with the rest of the village.

Nah. I'm not THAT cruel.

so, What should be the next chapter?

if she is human then i will read this story if not then no

She WILL cross into the Equestria Girls world with Twilight as a fun little outing, eventually.

Otherwise, it’s Ponies galore.

Sorry if you wanted this to be a human story.

You said you’d read an Equestria Girls story with Sparkling Medley in it, Right?

How would a Sparkling Harmony EGQ spin-off sound? That tickle your fancy? EGQ Sparkling Medley being a world class top teenage secret agent? With EGQ Twilight acting as her tech support?:rainbowlaugh:

If that’s a dumb idea, go right ahead and say so. You won’t hurt my feelings.😂😂

oh. that's what you meant.

well sorry to disappoint but she's not a human turned pony. She's a full blown pony.

Hope you'll give this story a chance someday.😁


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MLP!:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::ajsmug::yay::raritywink:

Sparkler! What about that privacy policy?

She and Flappy were alone at the time. They stopped singing before Twilight came.

Had they STILL been singing when they heard knocking on the door, they would’ve shut right up. And they wouldn’t talk about the song. Airwave said they didn’t have to hide WHO they were working with, just anything about the songs themselves.

If I may make a request, If you feel the need to leave a dislike, please leave a comment saying why. I would very much like to know what compels you to leave a dislike.

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