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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: Sparkling Harmony: Repairing Burnt Bridges

While visiting Twilight's twin sister Night-Mare in her observatory in Detrot, An accident involving more than a dozen different Alicorns' magical signatures flings Sparkler, Flurry Heart, the nine Medley kids, and Spike to someplace they never expected.

Now, trapped in a distant future where magic isn't as reliable as usual, Sparkler and her family must find a way back to each other, and then back to their own time.

Luckily, they'll have help from new friends along the way.

I had to do it. It was too good of a story idea to NOT do it. Lol.

For this one, Sunny is an Alicorn. I don't care what the official material says, this will be an AU anyway.

screenshot_2022_03_03_003002_by_importantcomponent_df12h6w-fullview.jpg (1280×173) (wixmp.com)

Here are all the tags for this story. Why am I doing it like this? Because some genius out there thought it was a good idea to have the option to turn on tag colors, and then have a limiter that IGNORES that and treats all tags as blue tags. Like, seriously, Why have both if they essentially go against each other?

Anyway, enough of me ranting. If this story gets 25 likes I'll add to Sparkling Storytime.

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nice work on the emotions at the end! Though, i wonder now how to do it with Hanzal and Candy

They aren't in this story. Period

i just wondered as you mentioned once them sent here as well or their relatives, what you would take for this

For this one, Sunny is an Alicorn.

but is she Royalty ?

NON-royal Alicorn

No she isn’t royalty.

Least I don’t consider her royalty.

But Flurry IS in this story. Which probably means I was right to not put this story in the group.

their's a folder for that
Sunny Star Scout

Well that explains how Sparkler and co. ended up in the far future, and this is why you always take every safety precaution first.

yes yes yes yes, so excited, its gonna be a grand adventure, intense chapter, very jumpy for more XD

Glad to see you’re looking forward to this ultimate time travel adventure.

Does Izzy seem the type of pony who would leave that note?

Yes, yes she is. The spitting image of Pinkie mentality and instinct with a dash of Rarity’s generosity and Twilight’s ingenuity.

i would yes, so does sunny, being friendly/ready help

hmmm, i wonder who is leaving the tree bark messages, I feel like there's gonna be a lot of mystery and suspense and im loving it XD

Suspense, Absolutely.

Mystery? Eh, maybe. Not tagged for it though.

That was fast. But nice!

I have Chapters queued up now for posting. Hehe

Awesome chapter, things looking intense

Oh you have no idea.

For one, Sparkler's Momma Bear instincts are now on ultra high alert, meaning NOTHING will stand in the way of reuniting with her kids.

Nicely done, loved the fourth wall break at the start.

Did you know there will be a g5 Video game?

what a meeting among g4 and g5, excited for more

Good thing Zipp caught Melody Eh? Lol.

Sprout's lucky, because he would have been DEAD if Sparkler was told he killed Melody.

I get the feeling that Sparkler is going to get along well with the Gen 5 Mane 5, and I think Sprout's days are numbered.

At least the kids are safe, and I'm guessing Izzy is living with Sunny now.

We'll see if that guess is right. :)

Also, He's lucky Zipp caught Melody or he would DEFINITELY be dead. Lol

Nicely done! You know, You got me an idea

Sparkler, for her part, recovered from her shock fairly quickly and smiled. “Flurry. Good to see ya.” She said.

"Wait a minute... where's your horn-ring?

“Because she’s the only one who can breathe in space?” Twilight asked.

Even so, I wonder how she would do that

Twilight, without even thinking, called out to Sparkler and Nightmare. “Spell chain!”

Or... you know... teleportation?

hmmmm, very interesting, she's a legend in the future, more suspense and it's killing me, I must know more lol, awesome chapter:heart:

Hey, her musical talents got noticed by Star Sound, the father of the modern era of music (modern in 1003).

And Airwave worked with her and recognizes her talent. So of course his family would eventually make her out as a legend. hehe

Also, I'm glad to see you're enjoying it.

Alpha, good to see ya and splendid chapter as always

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