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The first trotters, exploring the Long Trot, had found no trace of modern pony away from Prime. Certainly, there were some stone tools, fossilized remains of hearths in the depths of caves, and even a few equine bones. But there was no great gallop forward: no cave paintings, no burial mounds, no cities, no technology. The spark of Harmony must have been lit behind millions of protopony brows on a million worlds, just as on Equestria Prime, but it hadn't caught anywhere else.

There were equinoids out there, descendants of lost cousins of pony-kind, but ponies knew they would never encounter another creature that was anything as smart as they were. Never something that could speak Equuish, for example.

The only thing wrong with this generally accepted picture was that it was totally incorrect.

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A Long Earth crossover? This is going to be several kinds of awesome. I'm already wondering if First Person Singular is a more benign Smooze. I love how ponies are reacting much differently to stepping than humans. Definitely looking forward to more.

Y’know, I read the short description and said to myself "that can't be a Long Earth crossover, can it? It's got to be a coincidence." And then it wasn't. (A coincidence, that is.) And I was happy.

Looking forward to reading more, mate!

The entire idea for this fic comes from chapter 42 of The Long Earth. I just want to prove Sally wrong about unicorns:

Lobsang sighed. "Not exactly Rivendell, then, is it, with all these trolls and elves? Tell me, Sally, are there any unicorns in the Long Earth?"
"Chowder's done," said Joshua. "Get it while it's hot."
As they sat down to eat, Sally said, "Actually there are unicorns. Some not too many steps from Happy Landings. I can show you if you like. Ugly devils, and not like the kind that hang out with Barbie. Just bloody great slabs of battering ram, and so dumb they get their horns stuck in tree trunks. Often happens in the mating season..."

Nice to see you writing again! And this should be interesting.

Ah, Clifford D Simak flashbacks - A novel from the early 1950's called Ring Around The Sun. (Oddly enough, despite having links to PDF's of Galaxy Magazine where it was originally published, Wikipedia has the plot wrong. Maybe I should fix that).

You would probably get a lot more views if you included the tags of the princesses. All oc stories tend to get very few, and this story deserves more.

While that might potentially get more views, it would be a lie. Character tags are for the story's main characters, and while the princesses have featured heavily in chapter two, they are necessarily tied closely to Equestria Prime by their duties, and this is a story about millions of planets which are not Equestria Prime.

They will turn up again, naturally, as they are important figures for the setting, but the story will not focus on them. You should meet the pony protagonist(s) in chapter four, after we check back in with the crew of the Mark Trine in chapter three.

You know, I first read that title on the featured and thought it might br a ponified version of Steven Kings The Long Walk. I'm glad to be wrong on that. This story looks like it's going to be fascinating. Can't wait to read more! :rainbowkiss:

Hmm. How many Earths to Equestria, I wonder. There's no real way of knowing until they get there. Until then, go West, young sapients.

Maggie Kaufman goes to West 250,000,000 in The Long Mars before turning around. It is considered spectacularly uninteresting.

Three generations down, hmm, ought to be interesting.

I'd forgotten this was a few generations after the Mane Six's heyday. In any case, the first Equestrian colony is on its way to being established. A herd species may be less prone to producing pioneers who explore for exploration's sake, but they still possess curiosity, and now they have a real treat to investigate.

Still, that whole "no dreams" thing might be hazardous in the long-term. Dreams aren't just a way for Luna to keep tabs on her subjects, they're an essential part of mental health. That may be a problem...

I liked the origional story, but I havent even heard of The Long Cosmos before, the books dissapeared very quickly from local book shop shelves as entire sections were removed. I cant even Find the SciFi/Fantasy section any more.

This is turning out thrugh the twists of planetary evolution, that Equestria is the Moon and Luna is Earth?

Something I was thinking, because of the ,stutter, was if a second switch was added, that would at first give a different direction, but later, could select which direction was to be changed To, and then later, using combination hold and switch, you could use log coded soft spot stepping accross unlimited axis as well as each step per axis?

And Pinkie Pie would be there waiting. :pinkiehappy:

The Long Cosmos just came out this month. I'm on chapter 16 right now.

The Long Utopia a also included stepping North (metallic beetle-like aliens from there invaded and destroyed an Earth), as well as an Earth where the Earth was a moon.

In the chapter title, Princesses should have an apostrophe at the end.

Otherwise, I'm enjoying this so far. Thanks for introducing me to another Pratchett 'verse I was unfamiliar with!

I saw this and wondered if I would enjoy it. I loved the Long Earth series by Pratchett (still need to read Utopia but I'll get around to buying it). Is this a just LE with ponies or is it using the concept and creating its own story?

This story takes place immediately following the first book (discarding the events of the following books). It is, in essence, a sequel to The Long Earth, with ponies.

8051844 Ah, I think I'll read it when I get time then.

Not bad. I never read the Long Earth but it seems like an okay concept.

Calling it now that first person singular is actually an alternate version of the will of Harmony from Equestria

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