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I'm an electrician working in Fargo, ND. I love writing pony stories, and reading good fanfiction. My Patreon!


Rainbow Dash is the pony that everything bad happens to. And this is no exception. Shifted into a world she doesn't know, and has no idea of what's going on, all she wants is one thing, to get home. She will find friends, she will have trouble finding anyone to help her. But can she get home? Well, read and find out.

Note: This is not My Little Dashie from Dash's POV, our fair cyan pegasus is going to have a rough time before the story is done.

I've acquired the services of an excellent editor. He's helped me clean up the language in my story, and is ongoing with helping on the other stories. His name is jeray2000 and you can find his link here.

I am on the lookout for somepony who had a far better gift for drawing than my pathetic attempts, if you have a good idea for cover art, I'll be happy to put it in here.

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Loved it! It certainly fits with the plan I have for the story.

LOL, I know. But it really works for this story as well.

Is the title of the story a Dio reference?

Will Rainbow Dash be beating anybody up in this story?


No plans on her getting rough with anyone in this story.

You bastard! You made me cry! Very well done!

4682745 I'll let you in on a little secret, you aren't the only one crying for that scene. I cried as I wrote it. I really liked Merle.

Love the explanation for the show being made later. Nice Faust tie in.

4683197 Glad you liked it. That specific scene was a bit part of the reason I started writing this story. I wanted RD to be the one to give Faust the inspiration to do the show.

You had to male me cry again right before telling me everything would be alright?! You are evil!

4691591 That scene was planned out before I wrote a single word of the story. Well, it and the alternate plan where Rainbow died. But I decided to go with the more uplifiting version, but it was a close one.

just wow you really hit this version right on it is perfect:rainbowdetermined2:
I just wish there was more??
harts fire


5449508 I've long since subscribed to the theory that RD hits hypersonic speeds when she does a sonic rainboom. So just under hypersonic would be possible for her. But then again, that is my opinion. But remember, you don't have a Mach cone around you if you aren't already over the speed of sound.

I've had an idea of doing a Pony-on-Earth story set in the 1980's, but you seem to have beat me to it, even if it was set in 78.
This was quite a unique story to read, and enjoyed it very much. Would love to read a sequel, maybe set in modern times? Who knows.

Great story! Keep up the good work! =3:twilightsmile:


If you have something specific in mind for cover art, I’m an ok artist (pfp example art) I’d be happy to draw something, or if I come up with something when I get a chance to read this through

If you have some inspiration, I'd be happy to see it!

8/10 very good story you wrote here. I'm in agreement that I someday hope there's a sequel featuring a more proper first contact scenario featuring a more permanent gateway.

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