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Silver Scrolls


Twilight has been playing with time again but this time Rainbow interferes and the spell goes horribly wrong. Alone in a world without time the two of the time embark on a journey to undo what's been done. Their own time continues to move on, and, as all time, it is fleeting and precious.

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Thank you, maybe I was a bit uuhhhmmm tired from the unused activity to look over anothers work for the first time, but yes I was slightly annoyed when I knew I had to come back and search for where I stopped (since there was more of the chapter that wasn't there before).

Anyway thank you, this made it slightly better than this morning I think, I like the chapter itself more with the rest as if it made slightly more sense.

If I could have marked it for people I would have. I appreciate the effort and I am glad it makes more sense now, I just wish I had caught it sooner.

This looks good so far, but now I wish for something to happen again instead of the idea of having a sad "old Rainbow x young Alicorn Twilight ending.

Cadence is a Princess too!

Twilight's laughter slowly came to an end as she let her limbs sprawl out to the sides. “It’s not about age, it’s about the connection we shared. Sure, I always knew she was beautiful, but it wasn’t until I joined her as a princess and alicorn that I truly realized it. It’s dumb I know, it could never happen, but hey, we all have our little fantasies.”

“I think Celestia is the hottest piece of flank on this continent and I don’t care who knows it anymore!”

Now, I won't say the hottest, but definitely in the top 10. And dare I say, What's stopping Twilight from asking for a date now? It's not like she will even think about saying 'no'.

So I know talking to yourself helps you get past your thoughts and all that, and it does help come up with conclusions, especially when you don't have anyone to talk to. But Twilight... she took that to a whole new level in this chapter! I wonder... can she have an argument with herself, and then somehow be both the winner and loser for her different sides...?

:rainbowhuh: ........ :rainbowlaugh:
when she noticed SNOT in the hair! OMFG! XD

Missed the tragedy tag, got caught off guard by the ending!:pinkiegasp:

Not at all what I thought it would be but it's still good!:twilightsmile:

So this was pretty good, though I wish we had gotten to see two parts that we were just told about second hand: the fight that made them split up and the sacrifice especially the fight, since they seemed like they were finally past petty differences after bonding over the cave for four months.

Still made me cry so well done there! :raritycry:

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