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This story is a sequel to Snails 1/2: Vol 2 The Perfect Stallion

The life of a colt should be simple, should be fun. Playing sports in the mud, fishing, building forts and tree houses, soap box races. Snails used to love all of that, there was nothing better then spending a hot day at the waterhole swimming with Snips, Rumble, and the other colts.

That seemed so long ago now. That seemed like another life. Ever since falling into that cursed pool, snails life has been non stop, trying to find a cure for the curse, trying to keep his curse hidden, and trying to lead a double life. When hit with cold water, HE becomes Escargot, the leader of the Mini-6, selected by the table to wield the elements of harmony light versions. To protect the castle and Ponyville when the Main Six have duties elsewhere.

This is a duty, a responsibility. So of course the princesses have decided that Escargot and the Mini Six, Noi, Dinky, Apple Bloom, Sweetiebelle, and Scootaloo must attend The Canterlot School for Gifted Unicorns, to ensure they can control the magics safely and responsibly.

Because more responsibility, and more school, is just what Snails was hoping for.

Editor: Swyrl
Art by: Alkarasu

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A new chapter in Snails's life! I am looking forward to it, Kitsy. :)

I don't recall Twilight or Sunset wearing a uniform. Must be a new policy trollestia Celestia cooked up just for Snails.

Well, at least Celestia and Luna took steps to make his life a little easier. Not too easy, of course, that would get boring for them. :trollestia:

Now what complications are going to arise first? Let's hope for Escargot that the school doesn't have large open shower areas. He deserves some variety in his hijinks.

Oh yes, and of course there's Galaxy Starbright Hornhead Tiara now. That can only end well.

Twilight and Sunset were never shown representing their school at a public event, either. They don't have to wear it during exams or normal classes.

Wow CSGU is like Hogwarts. Even with the Malloy clone! Let's see how Escargot/Snails handles this!

I'm not so sure Snails is going to have much time for play, the author is a fan of military. The cadet training should be at the very least physically if not mentally taxing. I'm sure public and private schools are joke by comparison. Then again, I could just be optimistic about military training and intelligence becasue my half-brother got a job making 75,000 dollars a year when he left, based on his knowledge of a particular user interface alone.

Honestly, I think the military is a trap (in my opinion). I value my sovereignty, although I'm not opposed to civilian government service.

8160836 Canadian's millitary cadet were'nt that though from what I heard about it. A few classmates did it, it sounded more like a summer camp, but adapted for teen and with a more millitaristic background and approach.

And to be honnest? An army expecting a bunch of teen to act like adult and support an intensive training as adult would be pretty dumb.
For instance, Snail in this story is at that critical age were for human, muscular training is bad for health, but answer well to cardio training (without having the stamina of an adult though).


this is Harry Potter right?

and wow, trade one bully for another, the girls will never be free.....

Rule 1 of a Takahashi-verse: There will always be an opponent of the main character who, upon meeting them for the first time feels they are better than the main character and will seek to prove it.

Escargot, welcome to school hell. :pinkiecrazy:

I probably identify more with Daffy Duck when it comes to military matters. As I recall the Florida public school system was fascinated with making stamina monsters and that's without any military training. Then again, I grew up in a city where they filmed Edward Scissorhands and fired a science teacher for teaching witchcraft when he couldn't adequately explain how a petri dish of acid made a toothpick disappear. Tim Burton clearly knew what he was doing when he picked the town.

this is going to be soo good

I hadn't realized the last story had ended.
Glad to see this continue.

Poor Snails...

Looks like this will be another fun filled adventure for Escargot and the Mini-6 I look forward to seeing what happens! :pinkiehappy:

I'll bet Snails will be barred from both the colts and fillies dorms due to his curse. WOW, he's really Murphy's chew toy.

The last story needs a link to this one, or a notice that it exists. I only noticed when I realized it was complete and I checked the author's story listings.

I, like Spade, also didn't realize the previous story had ended until this one popped up on FiMfic. I;m glad there's another story in the Snails 1/2 universe, because the last one ended rather abruptly with too many loose ends.

“Ah know, ma sister was so proud.” Apple Bloom said. “Just wish she hadn’t cried so much.”

I thought she only cried on the inside...

‘Skirts? Why does it have to be skirts?’ Escargot whimpered.

Watch from :30 to :34, to be exact.

Yep, there's a definite Hogwarts vibe to CSGU. Right down to the ponies who idolize Escargot without knowing her and the jealous schoolmate from an upper-crust family who looks down on everypony. I pity poor Snails/Escargot if Galaxy Starbright and Diamond Tiara get together to plot against him/her.

Huzzah for a Sunset reference! I wouldn't mind it if my favorite red-and-yellow-haired former star student of CSGU made an appearance in this story. HINT-HINT.

I wonder how those spells to separate the genders will react if Escargot takes a hot bath or Snails gets a cold shower. I'm betting we'll find out sooner or later.

Nice to see Gisa back in the fold and as energetic as ever. Galaxy better be prepared for some claws in her future if Gisa catches her messing with Escargot or Snails.

A facepalm is in order for the princesses inadvertently setting Snails/Escargot up for further targeting by Galaxy by giving him/her his/her private room. I remember when I lived in the dorms, that would have been my dream appointment. I... don't share bedrooms well.

Nice start to the third installment of the Snails 1/2-verse. Aside from a few grammatical errors, it rocked.

8161419 well she/he did walk threw the filly ward ok.

Glad to see this going again.

One word from Escargot, and Luna will give Galaxy a warning in her dreams. If Galaxy does not need it, then she shall receive a summons for a private meeting with Celestia. Celestial HATES having to do those, but some ponies just don't learn otherwise.

anime candy candy (sanson 2 londrez school):trollestia:

You intend to force me to make "Snails in a skirt" image, aren't you, Kitsy? :trixieshiftleft:

I cannot wait to read this. I love this story series.

As I said during the pre-reading, this story is lining up to be awesome!

8162116 I would love to see this.

Very excited for this new episode of Snailscargot's life.

There’s a spell on the doorways to prevent foals from going into the wrong dorms so don’t worry.

Ooh... at some point s/he's going to get forcibly ejected like like a cannonball through an airlock.

And the May 24th National Escargot Day episode :)

I like the new tack on this... the change of venue has brought this closer to its anime roots and provided a nice change of pace for the story. I hope the next chapter comes soon!

Why do I think poor Galaxy has bitten off far more then she can chew? I think we found our new karma chew toy when poor Escargot/Snails gets put down even a little.

just a simple morning in the life of Escargot.
nothing to look at hear just little ole me.

You know if my life became the constant joke for a goddess to keep toying around with, I would consider 'attempting' to kill myself just to make sure she no longer has a toy.

If she comes along to save my life and pretends that she's not doing it to save me for her own amusement, I'll just have to try all the harder to injure myself afterwards. As it's only funny when nobody gets seriously hurt and as long as I'm continually trying to get hurt, she can no longer take amusement in my suicidal tendencies. This story makes Celestia as bad as Discord.

I gather from your comment you have not read the other snails story's or you would understand snails more.

To paraphrase Ivanova, Snail's is "paying off karma at a vastly accelerated rate."

Seriously Celestia, You put Snails in the spotlight when you KNOW he is uncomfortable with it.:facehoof:

It kinda looks like Celestia and Luna are playing colonel Graff (from "Ender's Game") here by carefully setting up the rest of students against our little main 6 or at least alienated from them. Is this a random side effect or part of some bigger plan?

Loved the new chapter, keep up the great work! :twilightsmile:

8186459 Yeh, think about how badly she spotlighted Twilight Sparkle.

She gave the little filly her own tower library in the castle, and the only key to it. No pony else was allowed to go there or use it.

Think of how the other students took that that. LOL.

I can see it now... Snails just hiding inside an impenetrable shield for the entire duel.

there pushing then there throwing someone off a cliff that poor kid...:twilightoops:


Hmm, my thoughts were more about "rubbing it into others face" part than about actually doing something nice for Twilight/Snails/etc (which is usually pretty reasonable, well-deserved and unlike Graff).
Still, taking into account that Celestia and Luna are master politicians with >1000 years of experience, that Snails doesn't want such praise and how this chapter actually ended, analogy with shuttle scene in "Ender's Game" looks very funny, although quite stretched.

I like this series so far, but there's something I've noticed that's been nagging at me. While this series borrows the premise of Ranma 1/2 it doesn't really feel like it. It lacks the hijinx, comedy and other happenstances that came to define that manga, and I read and watched enough to know how it went down. This isn't a comedy it's a drama and it's a very effective one. Granted I could appreciate some more scenes that give sympathy to Snails especially since I want this series to end with or at least have in it a part where Snails finally stands up to his father and calls him out for his behavior.

But my original point is in comparing this to another anime with a similar premise: DNAngel because Escargot is treated as more of an alter ego both for himself and in relation to everyone around him, especially since he has to behave differently in either form whereas in Ranma 1/2 the various cursed individuals only behaved differently when they were trying to deceive someone intentionally.

I could really deal with a full on chapter, and not just a throwaway moment in an April Fool's chapter, where Snails/Escargot tells his friends that he feels torn between the two identities, that every time he looks in a mirror he can't see the real him. As Snails he can behave however he wants and no one expects too much of him aside from his father which keeps from using magic, but as as Escargot he can explore his new talent for magic and express himself and use his talent to help people but everyone expects him to behave like a "proper lady" or be more sophisticated which is always awkward. I just know at some point he has to crack and let everyone in Equestria know his secret because it's to tear him apart otherwise,

Damn you Kitsy! You got me addicted to another story again! And you weren't even trying!!!
And want to know what's worse? I finished reading all 3 volumes of what you have so far for this in only 2 days! TWO DAYS!! I need more!!! (T^T) ~Solph

dont mind Sol, he's just sour because his parents shipped us off to the mountains again and reading is the only pass time that we can enjoy here since our friends are all back in the city. Otherwise keep up the good work! ~light

I am so happy I'm not the only one who got more DNAngel vibes than Ranma vibes

...I gotta go reread the manga. It's been far too long for my liking.

Here's something funny about that, a while ago I wanted to write a story called DNAlicorn which was an alternate take on Twilight's Ascension where it turns out that "Twilicorn" is actually a second spirit inside her body that embodies the powers of an alicorn and that Twilight has to master and accept her new powers or risk losing herself to the very different personality inside her; this would be that story's explanation as to where Nightmare Moon came from. The final crux of the story would be that no matter what happened either Twilight or Twilicorn's soul would have to be extinguished so even while Twilight learns to be friends with the spirit inside her she is torn apart when she realizes the alicorn spirit cant be saved. And I was planning on naming the chapters of that story each after a line from the english dub of the DNAngel opening song, yeah it's somewhat eerie for me to stumble across this story that did that same idea with the title names even though this is the first time I've mentioned it.

Even so please keep writing, I want to see more.

Poor Snails! He just needs lots of TLC, something his boneheaded father never provided him. I hope Snails can get a good male role model in a future chapter one that is aware of his "unique" problem.

8261929 Yeh, take Ranmas. Genma, who goes as far as torturing him.... oh he's afraid of cats, i know, lets drop him in a pit of cats till he overcomes it... hmm maybe we need bigger cats.

At least ranma had Haposi to teach him, he was a great roll model.

actually, sadly.... the best roll model, teacher, and adult that seemed to actually care about ranma and ranma's feelings was... Cologne.

Teeth floating? What is teeth floating?

8261963 its a slang term or colloquialism, you have to go to the bathroom so bad your back teeth are floating...

Good chapter, hope to see more soon

Huh, never heard it before. It also kind of threw me because I tried to google it, and apparently "floating teeth" is an actual procedure done to horses.

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