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...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm?

2372779 Alrighty then. We'll see what happens.

2372370 I clarafied at the start that I can't under any circumstances guarante a fixed update scedual, work just takes on to much time, I wish I had time for games, but as it stands I have nearly 1k unread chapters. Also last order is not very far up on my to do list :ajsleepy:. Honestly I have considered dropping it completely for now, but I got some free time because of holidays(finally) so let's see what happens.

Also I am allergic to blogs, don't ask why I have no idea myself. If I have something to tell to the readers I answer comments or write it into the ANs.

PS: I am currently working more on my other story.

2372012 I don't know. You didn't wrote any blogs abaut your situation, I didn't see any comments to indicate the situation too.

But you look like someone who has all his free time eaten by video games.

2371428 Do I look like someone who has a lot of time?

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