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Hello Friends. Just want to introduce and talk a little about myself. Names Nick, but friends call me either Thunderwing or Riot. .

I'm a student, pursuing a bachelors degree in Arts (Illustration) at New Jersey City University. Besides being a student, I am a Network Admin (got an Associates in Network Administration/Information Technology) a Freelance Artist and Voice Over Artist (Currently Seeking Employment).

How I got into MLP:
Well, I'm one of those individuals who felt it was completely "odd" to like a show that was meant for "girls". However, after my ex-girlfriend convinced me to watch it, it caught my attention that the show seemed to be more "family oriented" rather than "all-girl oriented". Now with regards to the show itself, I was highly interested in both the story and the art it because of the "mythological" references used. Yet, when that occurred, it gave me an idea to write up a fan fic on it. Before I began the story, however, I first began by researching mythologies, because since MLP had somewhat of mythological references, I wanted some of my original characters, who act as supporting or antagonists, to resemble various references (mythological gods/titans from different mythologies from different cultures, movie characters which are mostly villains, and sometimes, historical figures and events). Anyhow, as I continued creating these characters, I took this trilogy in a similar approach to previous fan fics i've written in terms of length.

What Fan Fiction and I currently writing for MLP:
I'm currently writing my third biggest fan fiction, My Little Pony: Rise of the Ancients. Now, the story has a major similarity to several mythologies due to the characters resemblances, however it is about 8 Alicorns who ruled Equestria 2000 years before Celestia and Luna's rule. In addition, it was also considered Equestria's Dark and Broken History, due to several events that led to the disappearance of the characters, the ancient structures (Temples, Basilicas, Monoliths, Obelisks, etc.). Now, 4000 later, with the return of one of the alicorns, it is a race against time and for survival, which Princess Twilight and her friends journey to the darkest depths of Equestria to seek out its secrets and the reason for its disappearance. The fan fiction itself, will also be a possible fan film (Day Equestria Stood Still may be the only one) sometime either later this year or next year. This fan fic, as mentioned before is a 7 part trilogy, each containing 20,000 to 25,000 words, concluding with 100,000 to 125,000 words, so it will be quite long. Slowly I will post each one, for I am writing and also double checking for corrections. So please be patient, :D.

Other Fan Fictions I've written besides MLP:
Well, if there's one thing I love most is writing up fan fics on good shows (either animated cartoons, games, and/or anime). However, since 2000 (9 yrs old i started), i've written fan fics:

Halo: War of the Spartans (2/2005 - 6/2013) *Longest Fan Fic written by me with 726,032 words)
Digimon: Wrath of Apophismon (6/2004 - 9/2005)
Kingdom Hearts: Origins (10/2003 - 2/2011)
Gundam Seed Destiny: OPERATIONS (11/2008 - 1/2010)
Mobile Suit Gundam: Extinction (9/2009 - 2/2010)
Code Geass: Retake The Alamo (2/2009 - 2/2010)
Attack on Titan: The Man from the Wild West (5/2013 - Present)

Just a heads up though............the main reason why I haven't posted those stories is because I'm afraid some would plagiarize it and if published, all my time spent on those stories would be a waste. So i keep it personally on my shelf until I feel its right to post it. (Halo: War of the Spartans is one that I'm planning a full length machinima series on and may be continuous).


UPDATE: June 9, 2016 · 5:47pm Jun 9th, 2016

Been a while since my last blog entry, however I want to inform that I was writing up Element of Tyranny and Wrath of the Bronco-Titans during my time of absence. Therefore, postings on those stories should appear sometime this summer. I have to admit though, these two books were the longest and hardest because of how intense it was forcing me to look over it again and again (several times, XP).

Also, I want to make an announcement that Im writing up one more story:

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2158403 lol, that reminds me of a famous quote from Jules Verne. :pinkiehappy:

I see you seeing me.

The question is... Not to be revealed. It is the Question, after all.

I am watched O_O

Thank you for adding "The Reality I Choose" to your bookshelf! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:

Thank you for adding Daring Do and the Goggles of Shipping to your library! :raritywink:

I don't know why you would want to follow me, considering I haven't written anything, but thanks anyway!:pinkiehappy: *hits follow button* There, much better!:twilightsmile:

1871667 Your welcome, :D. Indeed its a interesting story.

1874270 You're most welcome, :D.

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