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An ancient evil has awoken and raids Equestria causing nothing but absolute chaos. Not knowing its origin, Twilight and her friends discover that a dangerous secret lies buried within the depths of Equestria. Join on their adventure as they travel through the darkest depths, through ancient temples learning about the unknown. It is now a race against time to uncover these secrets before Equestria returns to its Darkest Dynasties.

Any questions about the story, please visit: The Day Equestria Stood Still FAQ's
Show and Characters by Hasbro/DHX/Lauren Faust
Story Writer, OC's, Ideas, & Locations: Thunderwing250 (Me, of course)
Story Editor: Foreshadow
Story Proofreader: Foreshadow
Character Design (Khaoios): Foreshadow
Vector Drawing and Digital Painting (Cover Art): Luke262 (DeviantArt)

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 7 )

The Q and A's are really helpful and help to make the story more interesting. I'm really liking it so far.

I might be kinda stupid but I really do not see the drama around alicorns.
If you are writing a story that is not going to be shown on TV, why can't you use them?
I talked with someone about this and they were like "MLP Authors who know better do not fuss with alicorns outside the regular ones."

Anyway, the prolog is fine.
You might want to capitalize "Alicorns of creation" because its a title.

I am ambivalent about your Q&As.
On one hoof they do show some interesting things but then I wonder why you don't put the info in your story.
No attack, I am just curious.

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