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Dead Nation

I primarily work on Tales from the Frostlands, both the main storyline and the side stories. I am planning a video game related to TFTF as well. Not much else to tell.

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1. Finish Tales from the Frostlands
2. Design a video game
3. Be a well known YouTuber
4. Graduate Highschool


Its the same where ever I go · 11:35am Mar 10th, 2015

Even on this site, you'll find people hating just for the sake of hating.... Its insane, why can't ya'll just ignore something you don't like!? Give constructive critisism, don't just say
"This story was bad, you should feel bad."
Tell them WHY its bad, help them improve. I haven't had problems with haters, but I've seen my fair share of it. Let's all agree that we can be friends...

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Thank you very much for the watch! :twilightsmile: I hope you can enjoy my works! Cheers and cheese for you!

I guess that sounds okay...

Copy and paste the story into an email and send it to me. I will edit and send back.

My ipad cant run the IOS required to run Google Docs, and my computer exploded years ago... We aint got the money to buy a new one either...

Alright, so do you write your stories on Google Docs? If so, you can email me the link and I can proofread/edit. liasim2001@gmail.com

I was hoping you knew how.

How? Sorry I'm kinda a noob

Alright, I'll let you access Radioactive...
The password is Radioactive...

Completly origional password.. XD

I'll proof read for you

Thanks for the watch

Comment posted by Dead Nation deleted Dec 3rd, 2014
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