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This story is a sequel to It's Elementary, My Dear Rainbow

Something is going bump in the night in Ponyville, cutting a path of destruction through the quiet town. It's up to the brilliant mind of Twilight Sparkle to get to the bottom of this, accompanied as always by her loyal assistant (and new marefriend) Rainbow Dash.

This is a stand-alone story following the Twilight Holmes continuity established in It's Elementary, My Dear Rainbow. Reading the first story is recommended, but not required to enjoy Sabotage After Sunset. It is followed by Salting Snails.

Editing by Doctor Strangelove and Formerly Committed.

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I did not see that coming... A fascinating twist you got there. I demand more Twilight Holmes, Mr bats.

Aaaaand, you're gonna get featured. Again.

Priceless. :facehoof: :rainbowlaugh: Can't wait for the next one.

I'm gonna adopt this pairing. ^^

“Rainbow shares my love of all that is bizarre and outside the conventions and humdrum routine of everyday life.” She slid open the drawer of her desk. A magnifying glass lifted out in a haze of magic. “She helps me out on things like this; nothing clears up a case so much as stating it to another pony. I’ll get to the bottom of this,” she promised, her words dropping to an indistinct mumble, “The game is ahoof.”

The Sherlock Holmes references...they are everywhere. So here's Benedict Cumberbatch expressing my yes to this story:


They destroyed a statue... with their fucking? Bloody hell.

You're not a damn cat, Twilight.

There seems to be spacing issues in the first two lines of the first paragraph. I enjoyed this, even if the ending was lackluster but it fits Ponyville...

You have started something here, this could be one epic series.

I knew this was going to be good before I even read it. 100% correct! :pinkiehappy:


It cracked me up at the end. The writing is superb and the story flows well. Good work, sir!

Well, that ending was...yeah.

All oddities aside, I liked this. The interaction between Rainbow and Twilight was great, and it made me smile.
Keep this series up, because you have a winner!

Well, that mystery was ANTICLIMACTIC! *Boom Tish*

Yes, I'll take my coat and go...:ajbemused:

Aww jeez!

She brought her girlfriend to work! :raritydespair:

This is just:rainbowlaugh:
Seriously those two as the culprits:rainbowlaugh:

From one TwiDasher to another - bravo! A great second installment, and I like the fresh angle you've given these two.

Sabotage After Sunset, that sounds like the title of a Magic Treehouse book or something.

Well that was.... interesting...

TwiDash are by far my favorite in humur wise, Asome sequal thogh not quit as big of a twist ening as the first one but still good.:rainbowdetermined2: Also when twilight first asked RD to sleep with here that first night the Dawww o meter went through the roof.:twilightsheepish:

I remember Magic Treehouse... Man, that series was the stuff.

What sorcery is this?! I just read IEMDR last night, after it had been sitting on RL list for, like, all the time! I think.
Any case, this was great! I honestly didn't see the Snowmac coming. Not to mention Twilight being adorkable, and Twidash being adorable.
I eagerly await moar!
Also, turns out that "More Than a Chicken" is actually pretty appropriate music for this story.


The extremely convenient kind of sorcery. :rainbowkiss:

... WOW... I... uh... I mean, I suspected it from the beginning, but that was... :pinkiecrazy:

(But :yay: for Twi and Dashie growing closer! Huzzah!)

That was a little more... graphic... than I was expecting at the end... :rainbowderp:

But yeah, 100% called it right from the get-go. My first thought was: "Somepony is just using these various locations for sex, probably Big Mac or AJ."

But seriously, I could have done without the sound effects. I need to sleep eventually, and I like to go to sleep without having to envision something generally blegh. BLEGH I SAY!

Considering how much I enjoyed Elementary, My Dear Rainbow, I anticipate an excellent story.


Oh Lord...
The wet pop....:fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad:


It was good, by the way.:twilightblush:

The game

F*ck you.

This was hilarious, but the Snowmac was horrific. Blagh.


2082356 I wholeheartedly agree. Sleeping at 3 am isn't good for me. Not for a week straight.

Holmes + TwiDash? Sounds like a pretty fair arrangement to me.

Fun little read. Especially Rainbow's reaction. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more from this universe, so I'll be keeping an eye out.

lime green shape with black spots...:fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad:


I dunno what YOU think that is, but it's Big Mac's cutie mark, I swear! :rainbowlaugh:

Destructo Nookie!:rainbowlaugh:

Rainbow is best blanket. :rainbowlaugh:
Very nice story. Can't wait to see future parts.


A-ha, mystery solved!
'Twas the cryptozoological horror most furious of them all: the infamous Beast With Two Backs! :rainbowlaugh:
Should've known when "hulking" and "passionate":were among the words used to describe the culprit...
Well played, Sir. Well played. :trixieshiftright:

Also, TwiDash are adorable together. :raritystarry:

2084975no it isn't!!! it is snowflake's man thing:fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad:


:rainbowlaugh: Green shape with black spots! It's shaped like an apple! This is rated teen; the descriptions are saucy but not graphic! FOR THE LOVE OF CELESTIA, PROTECT YOUR BRAIN!

2089217 saucy? Not graphic? Excuse me, but "wet pop" comes to mind. :fluttershbad::raritydespair::fluttercry:


That's not graphic; it's auditory. :rainbowkiss:

Any horrific sound it conjured was the fault of your own brain. A wet pop could sound like practically anything.

2089284 it was still implied that the shape was racy. You are a troll.


I don't really appreciate being called a troll. This story, along with the previous, is more on the more adult-humor side of things than the normal canon of the show, which is why I rated it teen.

The implication of the shape was meant to be sinister. That line comes at the end of the paragraph that describes what Twilight and Rainbow Dash see without context by detailing something that could be a monster or two, while still vaguely describing Snowflake and Big Mac in a compromising position. It was revealed in the next paragraph that it was the two of them. You'll notice that I don't really describe them after that in any detail, because I was going for racy-teen not blatantly mature.

I'll concede the wet pop was pushing the boundaries of good taste, but I thought it was funny. I can understand if it missed the mark for you, though.

I put a lot of effort into my writing. You're welcome to not like something, and several others have said they thought some of it went a little too far; I was already keeping in mind that discomfort and rethinking the racier jokes on future stories with this type of humor. I am not particularly thrilled with being called a troll though. Tell me I missed the mark if that's what you think; I appreciate constructive criticism and try and take it into consideration to improve my future writing projects. Calling me a troll is not constructive criticism; it's an out-of-hand dismissal that's insulting.

2089683sorry about that. I meant a troll in a positive way. The wet pop was funny. It just scared me. I mean, what if you ran into that sort of thing, when you were walking around. You would probably think the same thing, especially if you knew the two in question. I meant troll in a "what an I going to do with you?" Sort of way.


Ah, the joys of the internet, where tone is impossible to discern. :rainbowlaugh:

And while I find the idea of Snowmac adorable, I imagine their intimacy would be absolutely terrifying to behold.

2089729 yes...terrifying...:fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad:

Oh, sweet Celestia :rainbowlaugh: :facehoof:

Even though Twiluna is my favorite ship, I have to admit that Twidash is eXTREMELY cute.

And your writing is very nice, you have gained another follower, congratz! :D

That was.. interesting.. to say the least.. :derpyderp1:

You're gonna write more of these? Now I have to follow you.:pinkiehappy:

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