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Following the Cutie Map, Applejack and Rainbow Dash head off to Whinnypeg to find a friendship problem somewhere in the convention center. A con is poised to start when they arrive and they check-in as attendees, ready to search high and low among the staff and the con-goers for whoever needed their help. The only real problem is that the con is a couples retreat, everypony is flashing Applejack and Rainbow Dash knowing looks, and the two of them aren’t together like that.

At least, they haven’t been together like that since they were teenagers …

A novella told in three parts.

Editing by JetstreamGW and bookplayer. Cover art by mousse.

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I have a feeling that the Cutie Map planned to have those two come back together? :raritywink:


Kiss already!

Haven't read it yet but it looks really great.
Was this originally written for the AppleDash World contest?

The original inspiration for it did come from the prompt for that, but the "contest" had already fizzled out by the time I started writing this thanks to other projects that were eating up my time. Couldn't let the idea go to waste, though. :ajsmug:

Better then nothing at all!

I just came to appreciate the artwork of the cover. Damn them some good apples.

I am in complete agreement, Mousse's work is always beautiful, and she really knocked it out of the park with this. I got it back from her and nearly had a heart attack. :rainbowkiss:


😭😭😭this story makes me cry, so good

Loved this story! It was hooking throughout from start to finish, from the immersive descriptions of the convention centre (which I have a personal bias for since they make me feel as if I'm on vacation, something I've sorely missed since Covid) to the conversations with your lovable OCs Double and Party, the roller derby gals, many others, and of course the interactions between Appledash whose dynamic was just so fun and lively and humorous. Oh and the poutine too, now you have me craving poutine.:eeyup: The best point of the story for me has to be how you handled their conflict and relationship, your skill really shines through those parts, clearly quite some thought was put into how both their personalities played into the conflict and it was also later resolved realistically. And I'd be lying if I said the Appledashing scenes didn't give me the warmest fuzzies EVER. :rainbowkiss: Not too short, not too long, definitely a story I'm going to want to revisit more than once. Thank you, I'm really glad you wrote this :twilightsmile:

Top tier AppleDash, honestly. On the level of Flapjacks. Nicely built back stories that are revealed in interesting ways. Just enough humor and emotion and in a story that really does hold up and doesn't just feel like an excuse for shipping. Very nice.

She let out a chuckle as Rainbow’s feathers drifted over her cutie mark. “You’re doin’ that on purpose, sugar.”

Eeeeey. :ajsmug::rainbowwild:

In all seriousness, just now got around to reading this. Quite a while ago now, we had the "second chances" appledash contest. This most definitely would have been a podium finisher. I'm hard pressed to say if the judges might have put it at top billing. This was absolutely excellent AppleDashery, without crazy convoluted situations or takes. This just felt very natural to read and learn about their shared history. Loved it.

Aw man, this was super cute! :twilightsmile:

It's so nice to see Rainbow and AJ actually talking about stuff and them being who they are is just so dang adorable.

“So what do you think the map wants us here for, anyway?”

I'm just starting the story, but for some reason I have the feeling that the map just wants them to get back together, that's probably an actual friendship problem but that's my projection

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