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    Fluttershy and Pinkie have grown close, but have long held off moving the relationship from platonic to romantic. Fluttershy has been plagued by intimacy problems and Pinkie is worth fighting them, but some issues don't go away just by hoping.
    bats · 13k words  ·  382  16 · 7.9k views
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I´m all in. Just give me a couple hours to find the time to read this. :D

Fuckin' amazing.

Very hot AND with a plot (no pun)!

~Skeeter The Lurker

(Ok, maybe a BIT of a pun)

Dammit, I've got exams to study for! … Maybe later. When I'm in bed. Hurr.

I am Venficus, and I am faving your story because:

[x] Written by Bats
[x] Written by Peroth E.
[x] Is Twidash
[x] Is cute
[x] is Awesome
[x] Don't usually read clop, yet I am okay with this.
[x] Is not a tragedy
[x] Is well written
[x] Amuses me
[x] The feelings of love were mutual.

How the heck did you get two thumbs down?

Never mind, haters gonna hate.


Aaaaand another Twidash to wake up to! bats, you crazy bastard, keep this going! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:
I like all the underlying issues that lead to the result rather than "oh hey I like you, lets date" that lots of ships end up with. :facehoof:

The tension, the passion and drama this story has it all! :pinkiehappy:

Holy crap! This was an awesome story. I really liked the ending line and the gratuitous amount of well written clop.

Great job!

This'll easily get featured. Fantastic job, mate. Me gusta very hard.

I just want to say. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

It was so sweet and romantic and angry-sex-turned-passionate and I loved every bit of it. <3

All I could think of.

Comment posted by Delta93 deleted May 6th, 2013

Of course someone beat me to it. :fluttershysad:

I was going to ask why the fancy images all said 'Bats' in way-too-frou-frou typeface but ... then I realize who wrote this.



The frou-frou typeface allows me to express my inner drama queen. Pay it no mind.


That was a fun ride!
Though shorter than intended, because I skim clop.

Sorry I took your fire.

... .... ...... .... ... .. ....... . .... ........ .... .. Wow...

No words, just - just let all the feels flow through you.

Damn, i cried two big tears while reading this.

This totally has Peroth in it as well as bats and both made such a great mix of developing story, progressing characters, lovely sex, wonderful feelings and a great approach on something you´d thought everything was written about twice already.
This was really one of the best Twidash fics, clop or not, i got to read in a long time. And it was worth every second, all my faves, all my upvotes, all my love to you two. You made a great story. This really deserves to be featured and even those who dislikes clop could read this sole for all the wild and chaotic feels, the uncertainy and the love of two ponies not knowing what they´re doing but wanting whatever it is that can´t keep them apart from each other. I could write hours and try xxxx words but i wouldn´t come close to what you create with this one-shot.
Thank you alot for putting so much work into this.
Thank you. :heart:

Also i learned like 5 new english words i had never heard about before, so thanks for that too. :rainbowlaugh:


Maybe he's using his name as part of the sentence, and he thinks on Tuesday morning it will need more Twilight.

Well. That was hot.

Between this and several other stories I think I've got a kink for hate-sex turning into love.

Also every time I read "STAB BATS" in your curly-ass type face I had the urge to listen to Bat Country. Gonna go do that now.

2537858 That's a tad cerebral, don'tcha think?

Edit: and the grammatical structure is crap too!


I've been called a dictionary before. :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you enjoyed.


Also every time I read "STAB BATS" in your curly-ass type face I had the urge to listen to Bat Country. Gonna go do that now.

You're welcome.


You think, you could give us a hint in which month of the year a new chapter of growing pains will be uploaded?^^


.....Damn it. Great hint though. :rainbowlaugh:

So they're in love with each other because they had sex. When they could have just agreed to start dating to see where it goes. >_> ...not happy about that logic but, eh, red-hot relationships are always great so there is that, and if one ignores the 'love' word or just assume they have no bucking clue what they're talking about, it's an awesome story about the begining of a relationship. Definitly worth the read. :pinkiehappy:

The minutes stretched out as they silently rode their falling pleasure in each other’s limbs. After a while, Rainbow cracked an eye open and sheepishly mumbled, “Sorry I came in your eyes, Twi’.”



Dash is best mood-killer.

2538337 Gotta love her though. Awesome story man.

This made me like Twi x Dash. lol, Great story.

That last line is so fucking good omg, nice story mate

2538314 I think this comment wins the internet guys. We can all go home now XD

This is good as straight up clop, but as a genuine ship-fic, not so much. Regardless, it's sensual and fun, and you manage to make the clop last much longer than most other authors can.

That was good. Really good.

Seriously guys? No Supernatural fans here? I can't be the only one who thought of this.
Come on... Heat of the Moment by Asia?


Is that the sequel to that vampire book?

I'm getting buried with RiL's! Read & review will come later, sorry. :twilightsheepish:

Um...is it hot in here or is it just me.:twilightsheepish:

“Oh Luna, don’t stop! Oh, Twi’

Glad to see that Rainbow thinks that Luna is best princess as well. Also I had another thought go through my mind when she said Luna as well, "Dashie is there something you would like to share with Twilight?":rainbowlaugh:
Over all, well done.:rainbowdetermined2:

:twilightsmile::rainbowwild: Amazing

At first I thought this would be shameless clop but instead I find a lovely, delightfully steamy, and romantic fic. Sweetness.

Holy shit! Another epic work from bats and Peroth i loved everything about it! Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

you mean like Clopception Plot within a Clop.....:rainbowhuh: how does that even work

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That was a lot of steamy twidash sex. Every time Twilight said "dashie" I hnnnng'd

Nice, the characters were spot on and the clop was well written. Good work.

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